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    Just wanted to provide an update to this post, I spoke to Dr. Diep's office today and this was resolved in a satisfactory manner and I now have a date for the scar revision procedure. I am very appreciative of their quick response and helping to get this resolved.
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    I wanted to share my hair transplant journey, which I started on December 18th with Dr Cooley. My experience and procedure is very similar to Merlin, who had his 1 week before mine. I have been very grateful to communicate with Merlin during this process! Like many, my hair loss has been going on for years, since I was 19. I first noticed the receding, then got comments about looking a little thin up top when I was in my late 30's. I tried Rogaine for a few years, but wasn't very consistent with it, and was excited to get the transplant in December for a better solution to my thinning. I started taking finasteride (1/3 tablet M,W,F), and Rogaine around the procedure. In hindsight I wish I had taken the Fin much sooner to help slow the progression. I also started taking a multi vitamin, sulpher, and biotin at that time as well. For what it's worth I also take flax seed oil and collagen daily. Hair placement - When I with Dr Cooley the day of the procedure, he recommended that we go for a more mature hairline, and use the rest of the grafts to fill in the crown. When reviewing my pre and post op photos I am very glad he suggested that, as I wasn't aware of how large the bare spot on my crown had become. The procedure went as others have described, and I slept or listened to music for much of the time. I only felt very minor discomfort at the very end of the procedure, about 9 hours in. I used the spray and kept my hair covered for about 2 weeks, and think this helped to allow things to heal well, and minimize the itching and scabs. I did have some shock loss in the recipient area, and donor areas that started about 1 month after the surgery. While alarming, and very odd looking, all of this has now recovered as Dr Cooley and Brandi said it would. During that ugly duckling phase, I wore a hat as much as possible and just tried to grin and bear it knowing it was temporary. It was not awesome, but well worth the end result I am hoping for and starting to see. Graft Count: Singles - 811 Doubles - 1871 Triples - 1433 Quads - 25 Pre Op and Day of Surgery Photos Below - I will add progress photos as a reply. Thanks!
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    Lots of wisdom provided...and very informative...
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    Erdogan loves using high graft numbers because they know at least half will grow so can say there was some iporovement in most cases. Not much consideration is given into future loss just their bank balance. It is why they have so many surgeries. I would never get a transplant there.
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    This just looks like a case of shock loss to me...which can happen. If it still looks like this after 12 months then yes, you have a problem. How is the recipient area?
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    I know this is an old thread, but for the record to Bayer seem to have good reputation here in the Arab world. Seen few cases from patients sharing their experience on youtube, was very good results (one of them was NW6 IIRC, which is impressive for FUE restoration) Doesn't seem to be known in English speaking world, but OTOH it is vice versa, names like Asmed or Cink aren't known here either. Speak volume about role of marketing
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    Placement with forceps is very a-traumatic and effective in the right hands. In fact, I personally believe there is no better way to place than with certain types of forceps in the hands of a trained technician with lots of experience. I have only seen one study which compared placement with forceps to implanter pens, and, from what I recall, the conclusion was simply that implanter placement was not inferior to forcep placement. There are absolutely some great doctors who use them and believe in them, but I do fear that some clinics use them simply to get around training and retaining quality staff. I also have some concerns about implanters which I have never seen answered conclusively. But, to answer your question more directly: no, forceps are not harmful for grafts.
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    I was struggling figuring out the best way to take a picture of the back of my head by myself lmao but I finally realized I could just set my phone on timer mode and turn around so here is what my donor 6 days post op
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    It looks like great progress with you bro! Wouldn't imagine how some people try that kind of misleading information with too much negative details!?
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    😂😂 cracked me up that comment. I had the same problem and unfortunately my head was red for 2/3 months, I was lucky I could wear a hat due to outside work to cover the redness but in meetings I had to tell people so in the end I just told everyone. Just get it out the way and after 1 week no one will be bothered, happy growing.
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    @jj51702 Come on man, No need to be negative. @Dazed has been a longtime member of this forum.
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    Progress is looking great @MarshallUK! 👌🏻
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    Thank you everyone for the feedback! After reviewing so many people's stories I really wasn't expecting much until 7 months, and very pleased at how things are progressing for only being at 5 months. I found a picture today from April 12th below), and the difference is pronounced. The new hair was basically a shadow then. When you see something every day you don't really see how much it's changed. I recently got a haircut and some friends commented that it looked good. They asked if I got a new lady, remarking how nice it looked, not knowing I've had a HT. It was pretty cool 😊 Hope everyone has a great night - thanks again.