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    Markee, I just assumed the prices on the H&W website were in Canadian dollars, and, that Americans would enjoy a favourable exchange rate. Looks like I was mistaken. Sorry for the confusion.
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    This happened on the 8th day. I saw the graft itself come out...looked like a root or something lol and then blood started gushing. It was one of those frontal singles that he uses to zig zag with. I'm not too bummed over the loss as it was kind of just hanging out there in its own island in the front.
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    Exactly last time I checked was about a year a go with both Rahal and H&W. Rahal said his quoted prices are in the Canadin dollar and that I definitely can take advantage of the exchange rate H&W said his are not and what you see is what you get . I was hoping maybe something may of changed with H&W so if anyone heard anything different please let us know I'd love to consider them but there prices are over the top for me and almost double what Rahal charges when you factor in the exchange rate
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    You realize Spex is Dr. Bhatti’s rep right? Also, he left on his own accord. I sent him an olive branch by asking to speak to him personally and he never replied. We’re here for patients and we will always represent patients. We cannot coddle the feelings or egos of paid reps. We did not ban him nor did we tell him to leave; he did that on his own accord. We’re not defending any doctors, we are being the voice of reason. I spoke with this patient when he was thinking about removing his transplant after a month. This sort of impulsive behavior shouldn’t be accepted as appropriate or normal. In fact, I’m seeing an alarming trend where patients are anxious about their results and start calling it a failure before the results have even started. We will never concede to this unhealthy behavior. We’re all patients ourselves me @Bill - Managing Publisher and @Pat - Community Publisher we’ve been in the chair multiple times, so we know what it’s like. This is not the first time you throw accusations our way. Our system isn’t perfect and there is always room for improvement, but name one forum that is as actively involved as our forum. I have advocated for this patient and personally sent Dr. Bhatti an email discussing his dissatisfaction thus far. We didn’t hide this thread, edit it or censor him in anyway. In fact, I take great offense that you accuse us of pocketing money for our benefit. I work a full-time job. I work here on my free-time because I’m passionate not because of money. We’re not living in mansions and riding in yachts. We completely upgraded our forum last year. We’ve made several upgrades to our patient websites making it mobile-friendly. We’ve put a lot of time and resources back in to the website to make it user-friendly and improve the user experience. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. We do this so that patients have a place to speak and be heard. Sincerely, Melvin