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    Pretty good! I can go out without product if I want! Day 172
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    Hello everyone, Hope you can help - so after a year of doing my research on FUE procedures in Turkey was almost certain that I was going to go with Dr Koray Erdogan at Asmed Clinic. However, due to recent reviews on this clinic am now no longer convinced. Not really sure what's happened here, as I once struggled to find any bad reviews on this clinic up until recently. My guess would be that due to the growing popularity in this clinic, that they have now dropped their standards, which is a real shame. Anyway I am now back at square one, and am looking for recommendations of who are the top surgeons are in Turkey with consistent results, just like the results of Dr Koray used to be. And I only hope that Dr Koray is reading all the negative reviews out there (including this), with the view of bringing back that gold standard that we all once knew. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Matthew (UK)
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    From what I’ve read, it’s more the person using forceps that matters, if they’re a skilled surgeon or tech, then results can be just as good as implanter pens and vice versa.
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    Thanks brother! I m super happy with the results already. I would be content if i didn’t have any further growth honestly. I mean I hope it keeps growing but I think it’s done.
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    You should really have clear instructions from your clinic about preparing the scalp prior to HT. Don't go by what I will suggest as this can vary from one practice to the other. For us, I usually advise massaging the donor area few weeks before FUE and one month before FUT as this helps with wound healing, skin tension and circulation. It is extremely important for FUT in my opinion but also has good effect in FUE. I stop all topical hair loss meds 2 weeks before surgery including minoxidil. Finasteride can resume normally. I tend to stop all vitamin supplements too as some of them thin the blood. I stop all seafood/ fish oil supplements 10 days before surgery as I've noticed that people who consume a lot of seafood products/meals can have slippery grafts when placing them. This leads to some popping and makes the placement a bit more tedious. As for the dandruff, we test the scalp during the consultation or on the morning of surgery and make sure it is treated well in advance or at least immediately before surgery. There are other instructions concerned with smoking and alcohol etc. Again, your clinic is the one that should dictate what to do or not to do. These are some of my personal ones based both on known literature and some personal observations.
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    There has been clearly some good work by Dr Cinik. Check out the patients review section. It’s all very clear
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    Hi Superflash, Your results so far look ace. I can understand your concerns and feel the need to get the crown done, but it just seems more sensible to at least give them another six months to grow through given that a fair amount were already put there. I'm excited to see how it goes for you over the next half-year - please keep posting 😃
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    Gotcha Dazed...in all honesty, I was wearing hair systems with HCM for 11 years and hated it...then I went through a divorce and started dating again...yet the girls kept staring at my system and no doubt knew I was wearing one. I finally pulled the trigger with my first HT in 1996 and my second in 2001...then I met a wonderful woman and got married in 2002. Had 2 more procedures and now am done....am happily married for 17 years but still care about having my hair...not because it's vanity but rather it's nice to have something important back that I once lost. Life is good!
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    We have pretty much identical results. After comparing mine to a lot of other doctors I feel like iv wasted a lot of grafts as other docs seem to yield denser or similar results using only half the amount of grafts. I too don't think I could return to the same clinic as I don't want to waste any more grafts. Such a tough decision as it is gonna cost a lot of money to put right elsewhere, but can you put a price on grafts you'll never get back again?
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    Yea, I’m sure you’re right, but I asked Diep to ask them to at least post a picture or don’t bother at all, because they’re doing more harm than good.
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    Congratulations. Great choice of surgeon.
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    Donor area is looking very good. Looking forward to seeing pictures 3-4 months from now. Check out my website (below) to compare day to day and month to month expectations. Be patient and happy growing.
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    Wow fantastic job Dr. Feriduni 👏 and great presentation L0Ke