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    Yes indeed. A great FUT clinic. Regards Spex
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    Am I a Nor-wood 5 or 6? NW 6 I am looking for an age appropriate hairline so What can I expect from FUE in my current state? FUE with NW6 leaves you with limited donor. I figure you could get an age appropriate hairline (high and receded) but still frame your face nicely Can I get a FUE without taking any medicines? what are the pros and Cons? Yes you can get a transplant without taking meds. In fact, finasteride and minox won’t do anything for you at this point since you essentially have no hair on top. Pros: *maybe* strengthens your donor hair Your thoughts on combining FUE with SMP (may be a year later) Probably a good strategy. Looking at your donor hair and the area you have to cover... This is just my personal guess but you may be able to get 3000-4000 grafts which would give you a hairline and very light coverage moving towards the crown. SMP could lower the contrast of the skin vs hair so yes it’s a good idea Inputs on surgeons who does all the procedures themselves vs. surgeons who let their technicians do most of the work Youll get mixed feedback here. Focus on the results of the clinic. If you’re adamant on the surgeon doing it himself, make sure to double check Setting expectations for long hair vs trimmed look with my situation What does your donor look like grown out? You may need to wear your hair slightly longer if you get any sort of procedure done (FUE or FUT) Any other suggestions/information that I should know before taking the plunge Have realistic expectations on your results. You are behind the ball as far as donor supply goes. That can only take you so far
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    I would wait 12 months and even try to grow the hair longer. If this does not come out good we should demand a explanation from the clinic or refund. Paying that kind of amount and not getting paid what you paid for is in my opinion not okay.
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    FUE actually isn't suited for virgin donor. You damage the donor area and deplete them more. It's actually better to do FUE on your last few surgeries if you only have a certain amount of grafts left.
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    PA, There are almost always things that can be done to improve the incision line scar. Typically the best approach is a combination of FUE and SMP. Some doctors like using beard grafts, but I've found that the largest multi-haired follicular units (sometimes trimmed a little less than normal) work best. It is important to remember that FUE growth is more variable from the get-go, and growth of any kind into de-vascularized, altered tissue like scar is variable as well. So sometimes FUE into scar works well and other times it simply does not. I tell all my patients this, and I have absolutely had instances where it really does not work as well as we want or we need a few "passes" to make it work. I find that SMP is an excellent approach, regardless of whether or not you are adding FUE. Check out Erik at AheadInk for some good examples. Most people benefit from a combination of both, and using both typically results in a pretty darn good improvement in the incision line. Since you were asking for examples of FUE into scar, I'll post my personal favorite here: this is a guy who had multiple surgeries where the doctor took different strips each time and poor results. He then started to come to us and achieved great results in the front, but the back was always a challenge because of the previous surgeries. However, he was always more interested in growth in the front -- as he wore his hair long in the back -- so he asked us to always be as aggressive as we could with the harvests and not worry that the back was a bit of a bit of a jungle. So, after all was said and done, he decided that he wanted to do some FUE into several of the scars in the back. The worst was a scar was a patch on the right where a few scars sort of came together and the vascular supply was pretty decreased around the area. I did a fairly dense pace with multi-haired follicular units into the scar, and here is how it looked 9 months later: Excellent growth for the tissue we were working in, and a great cosmetic improvement all around. I think the important take away from the "FUE into FUT scar" discussion is: there are always options to minimize and improve the scar if you want to go shorter, but, believe it or not, most FUT patients don't feel the need to do anything after. Most don't focus on the scar at all, and most are left with neat, discrete lines that are perfectly covered back there. But it is reassuring to know that the scar can always be further concealed down the road if you want to. So it is great to have this option for those who want the best growth and best usage of the donor AND the ability to go a little shorter down the road. Dr Bloxham
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    Payam, glad you got professional opinions to validate concerns. Remember, true lateral slits and attention to proper angulation can also help with the sparse areas as well. I am hoping after all this is done with, you can successfully move forward. I am in a very tough spot where my hairline in front where it was grafted looks totally unnatural and far more see through. One takeaway is this, at least your scalp is not too scarred and I think a touch up in the right hands will correct this. Thanks for sharing your updates and staying strong. Best wishes.
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    What is in everyone’s opinions the top 5 best hair transplant surgeons in the world? Here is mine: Dr Couto H&w Konior Rahal Ferudini
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    The board is full of surgeon reviews, so you can look at it. Depends on your case, what is your NW? (pictures will help) and do you want FUE or FUT? Does location matter? etc For me I rate H&W, Rahal, Hattingen,Konior among the best
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    Here it is brushed back with some hair product so you can see difference when I style it if I use a little concealer it really helps but really didn’t want to start using it but maybe for 1-2 months to get through this phase
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    Phil, We’ve been speaking privately but I want to add some additional input here. I now understand your disappointment but it seems to me that your disappointment as related to the ongoing progression of male pattern baldness and not the hair transplant. By your own admission, the small area you are concerned about that makes up maybe a roll or two of natural hair follicles never had hair transplanted into it so it is not permanent hair. There is nothing that any doctor can do about that. By the looks of your hair prior to your second procedure, the area you are concerned about now had a lot of hair. So Dr. Devroye Wouldn’t have been able to place hair there at the time of the procedure. But now that you’re losing that hair, I can understand you’re disappointed but that’s not a disappointment as a result of the procedure but disappointment as a result of losing more natural hair because of the progression of male pattern baldness. The end of the day, I would be a little disappointed and upset too but not the Dr. or the results. I would just be upset that male pattern baldness is an enemy that requires ongoing treatment. Of course, you have a choice. At this point, you could either let that hair naturally fall out and keep your existing transplanted hairline which in my opinion still looks great or, you can get another procedure with Dr course, you have a choice. At this point, you could either let that hair naturally fall out and keep your existing transplanted hairline which in my opinion still looks great or, you can get another procedure with Dr. Devroye or another doctor of your choice to lower your existing hairline back to where it was originally. The second option comes with additional risks. If hair loss continues which it seems like it is doing that now, you may lose more hair behind the transplant area and as a result, require yet another procedure. And if you use too many grafts re-creating a low hairline, you’ll have fewer grafts and reserves for future work that may be needed due to more hair loss. in my opinion, I would speak to Dr. Konior and Dr. Devroye way, both of which are excellent doctors and get their opinion about what they think you should do moving forward. Some of your decision making should be based on how much toner how are you have available for future work in the event you need it behind the transplanted area. I am really sorry you’re disappointed but I don’t see this as a flaw of the procedure bought a disappointment that hair loss is progressive and continues despite hair transplant surgery. Best wishes, Bill
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    Fully agree that the headline is totally misleading. Should actually be something like "Dr bhatti saved me from a FUE failure "