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    I don't know if its just me noticing HT scars or if a tide has turned on the stigma about them, but I work in NYC and see way many more guys who have just completely shaved their head and are sporting a linear FUT scar on the back of their head without any worries. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, and when you get to a point where you really don't care about what others think, that's real freedom. There is no need to be ashamed of our scars - its a part of who we are, our struggle, journey, etc.
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    Yes, it does cause scarring. It is visual and can be concealed a little if you grow beard hair out longer, so, it will be less noticeable if it is under the jaw vs jawline and above(cheeks). Also depends on the punch and tool too. I had welts and noticeable issues. Do not believe the hype and bullshit of scarfree area or very minimally noticeable bs. Sometimes you have to tell it as it is if you've gone through it, it is a service and ethical standpoint to inform other folks of what you were not fully informed of. So, if you go through with this, yes, it is an option for repairing a scar or like donor or rear of the scalp with the mixture of other hairs. It is definitely not natural looking to be hairline hair. Ive asked quite a few folks who mocked me in person and they told me how ridiculous it looks and how overall I need to be repaired to look natural overall, aside from the beard hair. You definitely do not want others to go through what you have gone through. That should be the viewpoint of those that try to help others. Best of luck.
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    Update: Nelson and Dr Sethi gave a quick response. Confirmed the correct date of surgery and all the tests will be done in Gurgaon, India upon landing. I am happy so far with the response times and looking forward to December.
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    I think this is a good point. Like, we know the scar is from a HT, but a few years ago if I was to see a linear scar on the back of some dudes head, I would have thought: "oh, a thin scar, I guess he had an operation or something" - then literally not give it one single thought. Especially if he had a great head of hair. Everyday people don't actually care about scarring.
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    Progress Update - Day 21: Three weeks! It’s beginning to look a lot like shed-mass Over the last week things have really settled down. Most of the time I forget about the hair (which isn’t always a good thing… more on that shortly) but there are still some things I’m doing differently as I’m still conscious of the healing process. Sleeping – I settle down to sleep with my head on an extra cushion which keeps the recipient area away from the pillow. However I’ve been getting some back-ache from the position and I keep waking up in a normal sleeping position anyway so I’m now going back to sleeping normally as I think that’s fine by this point in the process Gym – I picked up with the gym again this weekend and now I’m back to full-steam ahead. It’s amazing how much strength I’ve lost in just a few weeks and my 5k rowing time has increased by about 45 seconds which is terrible…but not really the point. I’ll get back on form soon! Showering – I still lather the shampoo onto the shower sponge and gently massage the foam into the recipient area (the donor area I just treat as normal). I do this every morning but also after the gym too as I don’t really want sweat sitting on my head (I understand it’s bad for the new hair?). Maybe washing twice a day is bad so I think I'll move to doing it just post-gym Eating – I’m making a conscious effort to eat plenty of veggies as having a healthy diet can only be good for recovery. However, have also developed a KitKat addiction which I don’t think is hair transplant-related Changing clothes - being spring in the UK, naturally it’s raining and freezing so I’m often wearing hoodies which I’m still taking on and off carefully Meds - I'm taking Finasteride daily with no side effects as usual (unless maybe the KitKat addiction is a side effect?) and will start using Regaine as of tomorrow This weekend I was doing some cleaning and managed to hit the crown of my head really hard into the corner of a desk. I kicked myself for the whole day for not taking more care. A small red bump came up on my head, but luckily no blood. I think it’s too far past the transplant to dislodge any hairs but I hope it doesn’t damage the follicle in any way. In terms of how it’s looking…it’s not a great story. It’s definitely beginning an awkward looking stage and I think this is partly because the native hairs are happily growing strong, and the new hairs are shedding (I notice about 8 hairs in my hand each time I wash it). I feel like it isn’t shedding very fast but I guess lots of hairs will come off in the bed / at the gym etc. I’m definitely not loving how it’s looking but I guess this is all part of the process. I’m planning to trim my hair around the sides and back, and to gently cut the original hairs close to the transplant to try and even it out a bit. I usually buzz-cut my hair which I would LOVE to do but I know I can’t shave it for at least 3 months 😒 Here’s some pics of how it’s doing this week – I preferred it when it was full of scabs! With flash: Without flash: With KitKat:
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    Top docs like Dr Couto - booked 3 years in advance - are using the implanter pen with top notch results The tech driven mills are using the older lateral slit method since the doc can only do a very small portion due to time constraints, as they need to rotate patients on the same day, so that is usually only the incisions job
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    I don't think that this was the main goal. if yes then are 4500 grafts for the frontal third definitely to much. Especially the hairline should be denser.
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    the goal was to match the hair density of your native hair. IMO, your new density looks the same as your other non-transplanted hair. anything higher, is not realistic.
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    I was assured by my doctor that beard transplantation (i.e. from neck to scalp) results in negligible scarring to the naked eye. just to put it in perspective: the doctor considers FUE scarring to be definitely visible, so the fact that a distinction was made between regular FUE scarring vs. beard scarring should indicate how subtle the beard scars would be. I was thinking about it, and it makes sense: it's a part of the body that is usually very supple and we often cut it while shaving- and yet we rarely see those scars.
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    This is a very nice study indeed. Nonetheless, it does not aim to compare forceps with implanters. Its objective was to assess the various injury levels of grafts placed using an implanter, which is quite slim. Remember that if a practice is used to one method, then they are likely to produce less damage using that method.
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    I agree 4500 grafts should yield much better results and this is not a top result by any means. However I disagree regarding him not having a huge difference to his pre op status. I would say his hair looks MUCH better now than pre-op. You can tell when comparing the wet before/after pics.
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    https://www.swisshairdoctor.ch/fileadmin/content/newsblog-haarverpflanzung-vonalbertini/2017-05-fue-haartransplantation-implanters/Hair-Transplant-Forum-Implanter-FUE-Artikel-Juni-2017.pdf According to this study, the implanter pen method is superior
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    The thing to always keep in mind is that BH is miss and hit regardless of the area of the body it is harvested from. The most experienced and ethical BH surgeons will tell you that beforehand. This is why a smaller trial session is recommended before committing to any large numbers.
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    I would also concur that most of it is marketing hype to draw patients in. JJ is spot on and let's face it...the patient has to analyze and compare documented long term results regardless of the labeling.
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    Sorry it sounds very hard but in my opinion there isn't a huge difference to your pre op status. 4500 grafts should definitely looks like a full head of hair. I hope that your hair get thicker and leave you in a better position.
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    Very good growth for only 5 months. Your hairline looks much better then mine after 8,5 months .. This will be a absolute nice result
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    I asked this question around a month ago and the general consensus was with anything where you are cut open you will have a scar or scars. It's all dependent upon healing characteristics of the person etc.
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    Not much of a change imo He could have gone for a much lower hairline and more aggressive temples with such great hair thickness and donor
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    Hair looks great for mid 40s. I wouldn’t touch HT. Save your money. Most normal folks who aren’t obsessed with hairloss wouldn’t even notice your thin spots.
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    This is probably the best response I’ve seen to medications ever good stuff 🙌🏼
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    I do think it all comes down with what works well within the team. It is not an easy thing to switch to a new implanting technique if the previous one is working well and the team is experienced in it. Implanters do have a faster learning curve though and can offer a safer option for new or less experienced techs. I personally like some implanters out there that offer the combined use of premade sites, an implanting device and the use of forceps at the same time. But again, each practice goes for what works for it.
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    i’m more interested in the implantation method. forceps seem to be old technique but can still produce good results. It just makes sense to use a “pen” or something similar to make sure the graft is protected upon entry of the scalp and not bent/squeezed/damaged when placed. I’ve raised this topic before but didn’t get much conversation besides “focus on the results”
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    This is a very “hot” topic!! Thanks for bringing it up. I do think that a lot of the modified names are purely made up for marketing reasons. Hair transplant clients come in two categories: the really well researched and those who are not. The well researched would know the main difference between the procedures and the fact that there are several extraction and placement techniques that can equally produce great results. It comes down to what works well for the surgical team as a whole. As for the non researched group, (which is consistently growing as HT surgery is becoming more and more main stream due to some cost cutting providers) they will simply go after any name advertised. We often get enquiries asking for a HT procedure that I haven’t even heard of. This phenomenon of new names is made to target this segment. I dont think anyone on this forum belongs to this group.
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    Personally, I feel there’s a lot of marketing that clinics do to try and bring in more customers. As long as the end result is good, survival numbers are high, and donor is not compromised, it shouldn’t matter. I don’t think there’s much difference. I’ve seen excellent results from clinics using manual punches as well as motorized. I’ve seen excellent results from clinics using implanters/pens as well a traditional pre made incisions. Same can be said for stick and place as well as mega sessions where grafts are extracted in one step and implanted after. I think what matters most is going to an ethical surgeon who will be realistic with expectations and who also has surgical and artistic skill. Their surgical team as a whole must have talent as the doctor is only a part of the entire process.
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    Hi, I have been reading about FUE. What I found about your topic was the so called modified FUE (mFUE) but not everyone is talking about mFUE. I dont know the reason because I am just a humble HT candidate. For me as a teacher and a HT CANDIDATE I think in my case it is good because I have many locks of hair like african caucasican hair and maybe as my hair growth pattern is like that a fut strip is not proper for me. So I am planning to talk to my doctor about having FUE first and then that mFUE or FUT as convient.
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    • When I first did this, more than 10 years ago, my head was bandaged immediately after the procedure.  The next day the gauze was removed. 2nd procedure, the wrap was no longer used.  I guess they figured out that it was not needed after all.  3-4-5-6-7 procedure - no wrap.  You can now wear a cap, leaving a space between the head and the inside-top of the cap, (nothing touching the grafted area to avoid dislodging a graft).   The way to avoid embarrassment is just tell them you had it done!
    • 0,9 mm 3 days no wash, just spray saline on the recipient area After 3 days, start washing only with water not directly poured on recipient. From day 7 gently wash with ph 5.5 delicate shampoo    
    • Whether the extraction tool is motorized or not isn't really the question. What determines the nature and extent of FUE scarring and donor damage are the punch sizes used, the extraction pattern and spacing within the donor, and the extractor's skill. 
    • Which method do you guys think results in less damage to the donor area like less scaring and lower transection rates? I think this is the most import aspect of this for me and remember someone saying manual fue was better in this regard. What's the consensus on this? 
    • Future patients of our clinic know that in case something goes wrong about the regrowth, we offer a free touch up as it was offered to you. You showed concern in all the potential side effects of the medicines you were prescribed. Finasteride (depression after only 2 weeks of usage is inconsistent with the drug mechanism of action). In addition not only you just lasted 2 weeks taking Finasteride, you also stopped Minoxidil once and for good after you had been taking it for 6 months before surgery, losing all benefits you gained thanks to the medicine. You lamented side effects even from a mild saw palmetto supplement. You behaved so bizarrely that dr. Pekiner started to have strong doubts about you following the other post operative instructions. While we are sure you did not take the prescribed drugs. Long message of his team only started to appear after you began to shoot bad words at the clinic in public forums trying to blacken dr. Pekiner's reputation and frighten potential patients. The facts are that the patients treated just before and just after your first and second surgery are all doing or have done perfectly fine. I just published two of them: Something went wrong only in your surgeries and we don't know exactly what happened. We are sure you did not take the prescribed drugs to fight androgenetic alopecia (Finasteride and Minoxidil) and dr. Pekiner has heavy suspects you did not follow the post operative instructions either.  You are sure instead it was all dr. Pekiner's fault, but the 4 patients treated just before and after you, show that the problem is in your case only. Do you have proofs dr. Pekiner performed something wrong? You don't have still you keep on shooting at him. I am repeating myself, a successful surgery requires collaboration and trust between the patient and the doctor, following the post operative instructions is fundamental. It is also possible there is something wrong in your physiology but it is impossible to determine exactly.   There is not an official guidance but it is commonly accepted in the hair restoration world that around 50 grafts per cm2 is the threshold between medium/high density and dense packing, even if that is just a conventional term, because it also depends on graft size. Mostly about taking care of the recipient area, taking the prescribed medicines, not doing heavy activities and not wearing a helmet for 1 month etc. Every clinic provides a list of how to behave after surgery, more or less things are the same for all. I cannot list them all and explain why every point is important here it would take hours. Grafts are anchored way before 7 days post op, but this doesn't mean you can treat them like normal hairs, not at all. Well then you have been badly informed, nowdays most of the top notch clinics implant at 50 grafts per cm2 and more in every case in which a norwood 1 to 4 must rebuild the frontal part and the existing hair behind is at native density. Same story for crown reconstructions. I have never seen a clinic asking a patient to come twice to implant 30 grafts per cm2 square in the first surgery and then 20 grafts in the second one on the same area. Following this principle, clinics who perform mainly frontal reconstructions at high density (lets say Keser's DermaPlast since we spoke about him before) should simply not exist, since they perform only dense packing (50 to 65 grafts per cm2) on daily bases. We perform dense packing in around 50% of our cases. What you say is logical in special cases like transplanting hair on burn scar or damaged tissue, where you have to re-vascularize the area and try to soften the tissue. There is no clinical reason to limit implantations at 35 grafts per cm2 on healthy skin. ...how come, because this is basically a vindictive topic even if it is disguised as an informative one.     Yes, finasteride would help. Dupa and retrograde alopecia are nothing but just having DHT sensitive hair follicles inside the donor area and sparse around the occipital sides (that is why it is called DUPA) and/or above and beneath the donor area and on the periauricular area. You can see patients with initial miniaturization on donor while at norwood 2/3 level, and patients at norwood 5 level with perfect donor. DUPA can begin at a early baldnes stage or not be present at all, there is not a rule. This why Finasteride is ofter considered an assurance for long term maintainance. Example: This one is a doctor Pekiner's patient, norwood 5 level, donor is perfect   This is a norwood 2 patient, he has diffuse miniaturization on all donor and surgery had to be postponed after deciding to raise finasteride dosage.  
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