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    This is a very “hot” topic!! Thanks for bringing it up. I do think that a lot of the modified names are purely made up for marketing reasons. Hair transplant clients come in two categories: the really well researched and those who are not. The well researched would know the main difference between the procedures and the fact that there are several extraction and placement techniques that can equally produce great results. It comes down to what works well for the surgical team as a whole. As for the non researched group, (which is consistently growing as HT surgery is becoming more and more main stream due to some cost cutting providers) they will simply go after any name advertised. We often get enquiries asking for a HT procedure that I haven’t even heard of. This phenomenon of new names is made to target this segment. I dont think anyone on this forum belongs to this group.
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    All individuals experience hair loss differently. We frequently see patients with small changes or confined areas of thinning who almost feel guilty coming in to see a hair transplant doctor because their friends, partners, and family continually tell them that the hair loss is "nothing" and they should just "forget about it and move on." However, it is a big deal to these patients and the psychological stress and distraction from the hair loss often prevents them from focusing on bigger, better things. The patient in today's presentation falls into this category; he is a male who, most outsiders would probably agree, had quite "good hair" in general. I do not think the average person on the street would ever think he was thinning. However, he came from a long family of males with "perfect" hair, and, although his hair was still "good," his hair was simply not as "good" as it used to be. He had some pretty classic thinning throughout the entire frontal band, and really just wanted to thicken it. Long story short: despite the minimal amount of hair loss he had, this was bothering him and he was ready to take care of it. I discussed the reality of the situation with him thoroughly and I did believe he could "beef up" that area, and I also felt confident that it was unlikely (though not certain) he would progress to advanced hair loss. Regardless, we decided to start him off as an FUT to hedge our bets and leave his donor in good shape in case he did need a significant amount in the future. We ended up utilizing 2,100 grafts to place his hairline back where it originally was (frontal hairline only, no temporal hairline work needed) and densely pack the frontal band. He visited us 6 months later, and I was very pleased to see that the worry and distraction his hair loss caused him had vanished. Here are a few "comparison" shots of his case. Below is a detailed comb-through video which includes footage of his incision line. I highly recommend all interested patients watch the video. Remember, hair loss is about identity; if you feel off, distracted, or stressed by any changes in the scalp, it is okay to see a hair restoration doctor and discuss your options. There is nothing wrong with taking care of this, despite how some may make you feel. Thanks for reading and watching. Dr. Blake Bloxham Feller & Bloxham Medical, PC
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    Honestly, it looks good. It looks better than what I have on my scalp after the surgeries by top docs and now with damage. That itself should tell you how well you are doing. Congrats man. looks really natural and you are holding on well. Next year I think it will probably keep getting better. Thanks again for sharing this as it will definitely help a lot of folks.
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    @jj51702 How are you? Dr John C did indeed train Dr Bisanga initially in around 2003. Since then Dr Bisanga has obviously worked extremely hard in building his honest reputation in becoming one of the most respected and elite physicians in the field. Im sure over the last 15 years both Drs have not only obviously evolved in their techniques and understanding, but also have their own artistry and subtle differences in approach. This is what makes every surgeon unique and makes each one stand out from the other. Otherwise every surgeon would be offering the same professionalism, care, and quality of result and it would just be the financial aspect that would differ. In which case patients would naturally choose the cheaper option. I wish it was this simple. But unfortunately not. Every surgeon offers their unique approach and level of experience and quality. This is where Drs Bisanga and John C will offer unparalleled experience and knowledge, their own personal approach and unique touch, and with the mission statement of the new clinic in Athens, competitive pricing.
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    Why are you only taking it 3 times a week? It only has about an 8 hour half life. Did a doctor recommend this? I would suggest taking 1mg everyday over taking 1.25 just three times a week. If you only want to take something 3 times a week then switch to dutasteride. It's half life is 5 weeks.
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    That is 100billion percent normal! You are right on track, and with Cooley just relax and enjoy man. Honestly stop looking until about 6months out
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    @bobbleboy Congratulations on your recent procedure. All looks completely normal. I would say most guys experience a full shed and I remember my 2 month post op situation. After experiencing heavy shock loss I looked significantly worse than I did pre HT. It was tough for a few months. But by month 4 I was on my way. I was fortunate to be an early grower. The need for patience has started. Happy growing brother!
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    4 Week Update! So all has healed up well. The stitches are out and the donor strip no longer feels tight. As you can see, shedding has begun as expected. Gotta say I got kinda attached to those transplanted follicles haha. But excited for new growth! Gonna be wearing a hat for a while longer, as it's in the awkward adolescence stage.
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    Thanks man. Here are some close-ups with somewhat less harsh lighting (no concealer).
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    Completely agree with you man. What I once hopelessly thought was unrealistic and way out-of-reach for me is now feasible and a reality and for many it can be as well to get done if they desire it, and at various cost levels that put it within reach. To me it’s not about vanity, it’s about being happy with and within yourself.
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    Yes this does seem like the beginning of Male Pattern hair loss in the crown /vertex region. Your best bet is to slow down progression using at least one or a combination of approved treatments: 1. Finasteride 1 mg once daily (you can have alternated day treatments but this reduces the full effect of treatment) 2. Minoxdil 5% daily 3. Low level Light therapy.
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    I understand your concerns petroholic, we are all pretty much in the same boat and trying to hide this awkward look as much as possible for the next 6 months or so. I also work in the corporate environment, even when you wear formals, a flat cap looks nice enough for any office environment my friend. I am wearing it whenever I go to the office just a few days in a month ( fortunately, I run my office stuff and personal business mostly from home ) . if I go to the office 10 days in a month, I have started going to another office location which is way less busy location, less people around more and more. so practically i am just facing office people/my boss 4 days a month for next months and my boss is cool with the flat cap look..... she even said I look trendy in this so this is an option you should explore within your organization. I never had to ask, neither I will for any approval... when few close friends and co workers including my boss wondered about the new look, i simply said that I decided to shave my head to fix my diffused thinning stage as they are aware, and I am trying some serious scalp therapies and medications, initial is shedding/redness phase due to minoxidil... so a flat cap is much better with a smile on my face and no one bothered me anymore with other questions. its no ones business even at work to restrict you to not wear cap for sometime, it could be infection, religious ground, on humanitarian ground, no one should ask you about the flat cap.. or deny the right to wear it.... PLUS it really suits overall office attire. But if you can't really do it due to extremely strict policies, or ask to WFH for a few months , then buy hair fibre and dermmatch. Conceal your hair with dermmatch first, then sprinkle a little caboki or toppik and you are good to go without a hat In my opinion, dont buzz cut every month if you are planning to wear hair fiber and concealer as little length is always required to overlap and cover your scalp/redness and then brushing it all together will hide any awkward bald areas during growth phase. You have good amount of native hair , so it should be easy to cove naturally and look nice with fibers, it will come with practice ....
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    The ABHRS does not accept any surgeon. First, they have to present 250 cases completed (or a completed fellowship), and before/afters of patients. Then they have to pass both and oral and written exam that has been psychometrically tested. It is the only examination of its type dedicated just to hair restoration surgery.