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    If you get the applicator I would suggest spraying from the mid scalp towards the hairline versus spraying from the forehead towards the hairline. Also keep in mind that the fibers always look better ( more natural ) when there is more native hair present. Often I have patients that just want to add some density be means of hair transplant to assure that the fibers with look better.
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    My father? He still thinks that I went bald due to some external force like "hair gel". He still can't believe that I would go bald while him and my brother who is 42 still have nearly full heads of hair. That said, he thinks the same way I do, that how I look now is how it should've have always been, which I think many can resonate with.
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    Your attitude determines your altitude! Maintaining the trust that the client had in a doctor in the first place is priceless. Good clinics charge higher not only for the good work they do in the initial surgery, but also because they would usually provide excellent aftercare and followup. It is always important to convey the message to the client that his satisfaction and our satisfaction are mutual. Ofcourse everything should be documented and good photos help in establishing the reason for any lack of growth etc (whether lower than expected density or ongoing native hair loss). But in general, free touch ups or a free number of grafts is extremely normal in a justified situation. I know for a fact that such attitude pays off.
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    I cannot answer for other doctors. No doctor can guarantee hair growth. There are to many things that could influence the results after the patient leaves the office that the doctor has no control over. However, even though my patients sign a consent form that clearly states we can not guarantee hair growth if they have positive results and just have an area that did not come out as well as the other transplanted areas I would offer a free touch up. Or if they want to add additional hair to the entire previously transplanted area that I would offer some free additional grafts for the area that did not come in as well.
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    https://www.eugenix.in/cost-of-hair-transplant.html So the prices are very competitive and the pricing is very transparent. With Exclusive package you get two days of stay and food complementary, I guess beyond two days you can extend the stay with reasonable price. So now tell me how is this double the cost of other clinic, this is exceptionally great price for such wonderful clinic whch has as you all admit exceptional results in high Norwood cases. Temples, Whorl on the crown and Hairline are aesthetically important areas. I like the overall theme, it is all well explained.
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    I am just glad that they have posted their cost on website this will get rid of confusion some members had. I think they have tried their best to be as transparent as possible and clarified what services one will get if they choose any of their three packages. I had surgery with Dr Sethi and I can tell you even though he has completed hairline design, 100% slits and local anaesthesia he was monitoring my surgery from his office and was visiting operation theatre every one hour to check my progress. He did some grafts extractions too in my case.
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    Any HT at 6 months won't look good if you keep it under an inch length. Start growing your hair out. You're at the stage where there will be more consistent hair growth. Finally, let's be realistic. You have no before nor any after pics of you from the front; as someone would see you. Find a pic of you that someone took 5+ feet away before HT and now(6+ months post). I'd wager you look a lot different post HT, and would look even more so with longer hair. I wouldn't be disappointed, I would look for ways to improve my situation. Shift your efforts to things you can control. At least try growing your hair out, just see what happens after 3 months of letting it grow! Also, change your requirement for a successful HT. You were never going to un-bald with so much area to cover. This HT success should be measured by the attention it takes away from your balding. Again, this is measured by a front profile view of you (as others see you). And, by the way, if you notice you look different from the front, make a conscious effort to keep your posture up (will also make you look and feel more confident) and look people in the eyes. Some of us feel self conscious and look at the floor/away. Highlight your most attractive appearance by making it the appearance people see. Avoid your less-than-flattering appearance by recognizing what actions and behaviors you do. No one will care about the aerial view of your head if you don't show it! There is no need for pessimism. You're on track, and looking much better/improved over your prior situation. I only hope you consider some of the advice here.
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    Thanks, Melvin. Yes, I get asked questions about my hair all the time. I have been lucky genetically, and there really just is not much hair loss in my family. I have 3 younger brothers and all of them AND my father basically have mops; perfect density but all with wavy, thick, coarse hairs (opposed to my much finer hair) which looks great. My dad now has a little bit of bilateral temporal recession, but very slight and hard to even appreciate with his hair type. The only real hair loss in my family was my paternal grandfather who had very unique isolated crown hair loss -- perfect hair in the front. Now, that isn't to say I don't have other genetic things in my family I would like to avoid (heart issues, dementia, etc), but I have been lucky on the hair front. However, I would absolutely have a hair transplant if I needed one. And not just because I am in the field; I would get one because they work and work well. I presume I would lose in the front, so I would do a dense pack frontal band via FUT aimed at pretty much keeping my hairline where it is now and allowing for some temporal recession.
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    Good post thus far. I think this is an important topic, albeit one that many do not want to discuss. I don't think anyone wants to go into any medical procedure thinking it may not "work" as expected, but this is even more true for an elective and cosmetic procedure. Although it is elective, it is important to remember that it is still surgery; there will always be variables and human physiology is unpredictable. Thankfully, hair transplant surgery is an EXCELLENT procedure. When you compare it to the entire gamut of cosmetic surgery, it is probably the most consistent, effective, and natural when performed by an experienced team using modern techniques (IE: true follicular unit grafting, appropriate dense packing, small tools and proven placement protocols, et cetera). However, it still can "fail" or not work as well as we would hope. And I think it is important for all patients to understand and truly accept this before "taking the plunge." There is always an aspect of "risk" in life, and the results of an elective procedure are no different. A lot of very good reasons for sub-par growth are listed above. A few important ones that come to mind: -Inappropriate graft handling This includes the grafts being physically mishandled during removal, preparation, and placing, and grafts sitting out for too long. This is typically avoided by using a clinic that has highly trained in-house technicians who have performed a LOT of surgeries together. -The wrong procedure for the wrong patient I do not want to turn this into an "X vs Y procedure" situation, but some patients are simply not as well suited for FUE. Certain follicles are just more fragile and less resilient than others, and they will not do as well with the FUE process. - Inappropriate surgical technique or too much delegation Making recipient sites using too large of tools or putting them too close together in certain patients (inappropriate dense packing) can overwhelm blood supply and result in poor or no growth; making recipient sites too small or not trimming grafts properly and trying to place "chunky" grafts into small slits can do the same. Handing important aspect of surgery off where they should not be handed off can play a role as well. -Physiology This one is likely the "hardest pill to swallow," but some people simply grow better or worse compared to the average. The good news is that touch-ups typically take care of this.
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    Interesting indeed. I do know of a doctor, in particular that did work and grafts did not grow. Every case! Would then do a repeat case at no cost and that too, did not grow. Incompetent? I don't think so. But something was causing the issue. Staff? Perhaps. Time of harvesting? Were the incisions made too deep or shallow? How about placement? Many points to make but the most important, the patient was truly screwed. No donor left. It is imperative when you consider this subject, that you do the research. Ask to look at photos. HUNDREDS of them, not just a handful. Consistency, results, density...what will the doctor be doing? What will the staff be doing? ASK.
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    @youngheart https://www.eugenix.in/cost-of-hair-transplant.html Dr Sethi has published the price on their website
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    Actually when you first posted your pic, I had the same question - Too much area to cover, not enough donor. It's not the doc's fault to be honest, it's supply and demand. You had two choices - Either cover the front region with proper density and leave the midscalp and crown OR go over the entire area (which you chose). If you grow your hair out it should still give you a better look than before. And if you use some hair fibers, it will give an even better look. Best of luck!!
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    Funny that you are the only one saying this Melvin. I believe the OP has more than enough cause to be worried; the number of grafts used is likely over half of total (max.) available grafts for his lifetime. For this to be 60% to 70% of the final result is not ok. I have honestly seen 4 month results with half this graft number look denser. As a completely unbiased, independent party; I must admit that your opinion of this being acceptable appears dubious. Anyone that is genuinely considering using Asmed needs to see this review (and the other half dozen lack luster results over the past year) and add this to their due diligence. I've got no bone to pick with anyone but I do believe that we need to reconsider Asmed as one of the top places to go anymore. Erdogan is no doubt fantastic, as his past results can attest, however, Asmed has basically become a tech driven cash cow from what it appears. Good luck OP, I hope that for your sake the results improve over the next 6 months.
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    Thanks for your comprehensive post. Do you live in South America? Have you consulted with Dr. Tykocinski of Brazil?