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    @Toms Any Dr worth their salt will take care of you. Of course, there is sometimes a grey area regarding unrealistic expectations. That’s why the inperson consultation needs to be thorough and it’s essential to clarify what can realistically be achieved with the patients current situation and amount of grafts that will be used. Of course future loss is also an important factor regarding the patients long term appearance. But if I felt or heard that a Dr would not “assist” it’s patient if the expected results are not achieved, I would not consider the Dr. I believe this to be an important part of the patient Dr relationship and trust.
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    It sounds like you have not yet had the procedure done? If so, don't let that discourage you. Most of the top docs stand behind their work and many have their contracts addressing lack of regrowth. But not all them do so it's imperative to discuss this before any procedure is scheduled and you want to get this in writing.
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    Healed perfectly no problems what so ever and kept on my meds as usual. The only thing the doctor wanted to see was my last hba1c test results but I dont think I would of been rejected just monitored more often, All went fine.
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    I have performed surgery on many patients with controlled (no insulin) type-II diabetes and hypertension. I typically like to speak with the patient's physician before officially scheduling the procedure, ensure they are taking all medications as instructed, I use a little less of any medication which can raise blood pressures (and monitor pressure throughout the day), and really pay attention to how the skin is responding to the density at which we are transplanting; by doing all this, it always seems to work well. I do not believe this would preclude you from FUT or FUE surgery. As Dr. Charles said, have the doctor evaluate to determine that you are a good candidate for FUE in general. Best of luck.
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    I do not think there is any risk difference between FUE and FUT in patients with your medical conditions and above average donor hair.
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    Hi 555future, I had fue last year as a type 2 diabetic and had no issues during or after, no blood pressure problems though hope this helps.
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    With all the groups I've worked during my career I have yet to encounter any doctor that will not move forward with a hair transplant procedure if/when dealing with the conditions you've listed. You were specific to mention FUE, but I don't think this is an issue. FUT, FUE , are just different techniques. Like Dr. Charles indicated, a lot will depend on what the donor area looks like and the medical history. Do you take aspirin? A lot of patients don't think of this as a medication....but it is. I've seen doctors suspend the procedure because of it. Typically they would like you to be off 3 days prior to up to 2 weeks prior to the date of the procedure. It is important when you visit with the surgeon that you tell him all the medications you are taking.
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    I have never seen any data that describes the efficacy of Finasteride using less than 1 mg daily. It does have a short half life so it is cleared from the system quickly. That is why it is recommended for daily use. If I have a patient that is concerned about potential side effects and is asking me if every other day is better I tell them I would rather have them take 1/2 mg every day than 1 mg every other day. That way there is a steady level of the medication in the body versus having some one day and none the next.
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    When Merck did their studies, they found 1mg was what was needed to maintain hair retention properties. So, Propecia as a 1mg tab came into the market. The problem arised when Merk lost the patent and doctors started giving out prescriptions as a 5mg tab and asking patients to quarter it. This would be as close as they would get to the 1 mg. So here are a couple of issues, First, the tab does not come pre-scored. This means that you are not getting 1mg daily. The dosage is varying daily. Some days you may be getting more and some days less. Is this an issue? Perhaps. (In my view you are still getting something. And, with the blessing of the doctor). When the subject of side effects come, I find doctors scrambling. This is typically because they are truly trying to help the patient, They''ll suggest taking the tab every other day, in some cases every third day, and sometimes just laying off the med and resuming some time later. I seem to recall a doctor saying that the effect of the med lasts 24 hours? Don't quote me on this, and perhaps doctors that participate in the forum can give their view, but if this was the case why not prescribe it differently. Taking the med every other day then does not become so far fetched. Lastly, the power of the mind. If I was to give you a piece of candy and tell you that you would experience a side effect, do you think you would? If you are quartering the pill, and we know the amount of medication is changing daily, what....taking just a bit more or less would cause you to experience different things? Here is a suggestion..... Many believe there is more testosterone with the medication, than without. (Apparently the body then figures it out and regulates itself, so this is very short lived). So, when I take it, (and have been doing for the last 20 years), I think I am going to perform better. So far I've never had an issue. And, if you never did, you never will. I do have a question. For how long have you been taking the medication? When did you start experiencing all these different effects? If you say...withing the last 2 weeks...then OK, talk to your doctor. If years, still talk to the doctor, but I would start checking on what else could be causing the issue. Have you had blood work and a physical?
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    All hair is in it's own cycle so at different stages you'll have all different spurts along the way due to the cycles. Spex
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    Thanks @Lennney! I appreciate the compliment and comment! Yeah, it’s been quite a journey, slow at first but now time is zipping by with progress that I’m really happy with, and for me it was well worth it all, no regrets. Haha, will do, I’m in NYC so plenty of good barbers around to choose from. What help me style a bit easier my naturally wavy hair is I use a natural biotin hair conditioner after shampoo and leave it in for 5min then use a comb to style and let air dry and occasionally use a little matte clay. i agree, for my age I don’t mind a thin looking crown/vertex area it’s age appropriate but there’s always that hair greed that kicks in when you are already pleased and think it could get just a bit better 😂 Thanks again! Looking forward to seeing your progression updates!
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    Looks great! Hard to believe how far it's come from pre-op days! I think that style would look great! Make sure you find a good barber in the mean time. Even if there is minimal progress with your vertex area, I think you can style your hair to minimize the appearance. Plus, most people don't get to see that part of your head, or don't really stare/notice anyway. I mentioned elsewhere, but I do think some thining is fine. It makes it seem like you're mortal, and balding like the rest of us (general public). I think keeping that (at least for now, until it gets much worse) section a little thin will be fine. Enjoy your progress, you're unrecognizable from the eyebrows up!
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    You’re welcome! Who was your surgeon? How many grafts did you get? Have a progress thread?
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    Okay thanks, that helps me a lot! I had my 3-month growth spurt already, and now I see my 6-month coming through. Thats good news because I already have decent coverage from #1 and I still have 2 more spurts yet to fully come through and mature. That makes me a happy camper 🙂
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    Hi Raj, Thank you for sharing your HT journey so far and thank you for choosing Dr. Bhatti/Darling Buds Clinic for your procedure. I am sure that you must have put in a lot of thought and research into making the selection for your HT Surgeon. After all, that is most the important decision when it comes to hair transplants. I have tried my best to address the issues and concerns that you have raised in your write up. My intention is not to prove you wrong but just provide some clarifications from the Clinic's side. No offense meant to you or anyone else. We wish you all the best with your HT results. Full disclosure: Dr. Bhatti does wish to expand his business into other surgical streams like Orthopedics, Maxillofacial, Neurosurgery, etc, while focusing on HT only, himself. This is a 2 year project. The ground floor and the top floor of the hospital are dedicated to hair transplants only. The hospital has a potential total area of 175,000 sq ft of which 20,000 sq ft is devoted to Darling Buds Clinic where Dr. Bhatti is the only doctor associated to our Clinic. Dr. Bhatti's daughter, who is an MD, has joined his practice and manages the Dermatology Dept of the hospital. The hospital also has a full diagnostic lab which is run by Dr. Bhatti's wife Dr Amulya Bhatti. It also houses a state of the art PRP lab. My responses: RAJ: So i am done with my FUI and on my second day of recovery in India.I would like to share my experience. My procedure was scheduled for 24 April and i was told to come a day before for some blood work and consultation.I was given few choices of Hotels and i found one at my own which was really close by.I got to the Hospital on 23rd afternoon and i have to say that the place is built in a remote location which is pretty run down place.It makes you nervous that if you are in the right place.There are some confusing signs and mixed names of the hospital (Darling buds and five rivers).Well i was already feeling like shit as i got caught by a stomach bug and was having cramps and loose motions). California: Raj, since you/your family is/are originally from India, I would assume that your expectations would be realistic as far as what many cities in India look like. Also, you would know that the street sign/name systems in India are not comparable to the Western cities. Just to make things more convenient for all of our Patients, we do offer a complimentary pick up from the Chandigarh airport and also pickup/drop off from the Patient's hotel to the Clinic. Not sure what that did not happen in your case. I can understand that since you caught a stomach bug right after reaching there, things might have looked bad from your perspective. Traveling while sick is never fun. I am sorry that you had to go through the HT procedure while you were not feeling well. RAJ: Once you enter the building out of four floors or more only two are finished and rest under construction and a total mess.I waited for half an hr or so to see the doctor and i was told i dont have good donor area and my crown will not be covered which i understand.The doctor seems very tired even i was feeling sick.We did not have conversation or eye contact and he literally finished in five minutes which was bit disappointing.Most of my questions were answered by these techs who almost look underage but they are very courteous and professional.At this point i wanted to get the hell out of there and go to the hotel. California: The hospital has a potential total area of 175,000 sq ft of which 20,000 sq ft is devoted to Darling Buds Clinic where Dr. Bhatti is only doctor associated with the HT Clinic. The hospital project is quite big and like any other big construction, it does not look pretty. That said, the HT Clinic does not have any construction going on. Calling it a "total mess" might not be a fair assessment. Regarding the 30 minute wait to see the doctor, that does not sound excessive to me. I am used to waiting for 30-45 minutes (at least) every time I see a doctor in California Bay Area, under my PPO medical insurance. As is validated by hundreds of Dr. Bhatti Patients, he is a very humble person, easy to talk to and very straight forward. He does not sugar coat. Dr. Bhatti makes it a point to have an open and informal discussion with this Patients during the pre-op consultation. This includes drawing a hairline on the Patient's forehead and asking the Patient to think about the hairline placement, at ease. Also, the donor availability and the realistic expectation are discussed. Not sure why you thought that Dr. Bhatti looked tired. Again, I do realize that you were not feeling well yourself. That does make everything look bad. The technicians working in our Clinic are definitely not "under age". They are young females (mostly registered nurses) who have been with the Clinic for many many years. They are knowledgeable, experienced and very good at what they do. RAJ:My procedure was done by the doctor which includes cutting your hair, harvesting and making cuts. and plantation.First day harvested from the scalp donor area.Prcedure started at 7.30 and i was told to be there 6.45 but no one was there till 7.15am. California: I do apologize that you had to wait. Have brought this to the Clinic's attention. Again, the norm is that the Clinic driver picks up the Patient from his/her hotel and brings them over to the Clinic. I am sorry if that service was not offered to you. Could be a rare case of mis-communication from our side and if that is the case, we will make sure that it does not happen again. RAJ: Second day harvesting done from beard and chest .There was a Sikh Doctor who had some sense of humour and he held my hand and i had my first conversation (Sorry i am not used to this kind of customer experience dealing with robots like people) and was told to come next day as well to open the bandage and other paperwork.Most of the staff is very friendly and they are young girls who are fresh out of medical nursing college living around chandigarh.They were soft spoken and hard working California: With all due respect, the teams working at the hospital are very friendly, courteous and professional. The staff at our Clinic is like one happy family. You have said so yourself in your writeup. The "robot like" people comments does contradict that. Last time we checked, we did not have any robots working in our Clinic:) RAJ: So my transplant looks pretty good and i have minimal pain.Oh by the way on the third day when i went to open the bandage and everything was explained by on of the girls we were told that Dr Bhatti will come and talk to you.He was sitting next to us in his Office and i just wanted to ask him some qyuestions about PRP and therapy etc.We were sitting for more than 45 mts and doctor never came to say even bye or thanks. California: I am happy that your HT looks good. That is the main reason for traveling thousands of miles.....to get a world class HT at fraction of the cost (as compared to the Western countries). I am sorry that you felt less cared for at our Clinic. Every Patient in our Clinic is a priority and we try our best to make them feel special and well cared for. I am not sure why the Doctor did not come to talk to you. Did you let the staff know that you had specific questions for Dr. Bhatti? Dr. Bhatti does usually make it a point to wish a good bye to the Clients (unless he is tied up in the OT and not able to come out) RAJ: At this point i got the picture of the whole system. overall. 1.Place is run by one man show who obviously cant be every where and with no coordinator the doctor seems overwhelmed.There is only one email and you can not reach doctor. California: A "one man show" is true but only as far as the procedure itself is concerned. With the world wide fame that Dr. Bhatti has earned, he could have easily opened franchise clinics all over India, which would have been so lucrative. The reason that he has not done so is becuase he wants to perform each and every procedure himself. Obviously, for the other offices, he would have had to hire other HT doctors to perform the procedures. He chose not to do so. I sincerely believe that that is very good thing for all Dr. Bhatti Patients. Dr. Bhatti responds to each and every email himself. He had offers from his staff to answer the basic questions, but he wants his Patients to have a direct access to him. Always. RAJ: 2.The place is not what the pictures show at all including inside and outside.Its a construction zone.Its on a outer circle of Chandigarh with nothing around.There is construction inside which i am not sure even they are working on it. California: Again, there is work going on on the project but that does not make the entire hospital a construction zone. Construction can look like an eye sore and can cause some inconvenience but we try our best to make sure that our Patients are affected by this as little as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you or any other Patient. RAJ: 3.Dr Bhatti is very good in his work with no peoples skill. California: Thanks for acknowledging that Dr. Bhattis is good at what he does. That is what matters to most Patients. Regarding the "peoples skill" part, that is a personal assessment/interpretation. Being a Dr. Bhatti Patient myself, I was pleasantly surprised that he did not talk down to me like most "big shot" doctors in India tend to do. He was kind, courteous, sincere and honest and that helped my nerves to calm down. RAJ: 4.If You advertise a place world class you gotta be on top of everything.As in your thoughts you are much better doctor and charge more than others,Your patient deserve better service from you and a clean place.You cant have construction zone in half of your premises and still using your old name in your bags.No courtesy of thanking your patient who flew to you from a different country is not acceptable. California: Again, I am sorry that you felt that way. Dr. Bhatti charges more than "others" because he is a way better doctor than the "others" and for most Patients, the Doctors skills, experience and the past patient results are what matters the most. The Clinic is always clean and Dr. Bhatti has a very strict protocol in place when it comes to cleanliness, hygiene, sterlization etc. When I got my procedure done at the Darling Buds Clinic many years ago, I forgot my phone in the OT (they let me carry my phone in there because I wanted to take some pictures). After I changed out of the OT clothes, I realized that I had forgotten my phone in the room and started walking back into the OT. I was stopped by a nurse who told me that I did not have the OT attire on me. I asked her to get my phone for me and she said that she was not dressed for the OT. I got pretty irritated but she would not budge. She said that there was no exception to the protocol that the Clinic had in place. She asked me to wait and called another nurse who was dressed in the OT clothes. Then I got my phone back! I have been in the US for almost 20 years now and have not experienced this level of "strictness" and "adherence to protocol" in any US Clinic or hospital. Regarding thanking a Patient before he/she leaves, I never got a thank you from any doctor in my life. On the contrary, I always make it a point to thank my doctor. They do say "bye" to me. Dr. Bhatti does make it a point to say good bye to the Patient's and wish them a safe trip back home whenever he is able to and available to do so. The fact that he was not able to wish you a good bye was definitely not intentional. My apologies that he was not available at that time to do that. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. We are with you through out your HT journey. Always, just a phone call or an email away. Best regards, California
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    I find that temporary shock loss in the donor -- with both FUT and FUE -- is very common. Thankfully, it is almost universally temporary. Sometimes it can "linger" a bit and make patients nervous, but everything should grow back. Permanent shock loss in the recipient zone should be pretty much avoidable. If you do not work in hair that is inappropriately thick, use small tools, use high magnification, and pump the tissue up with a little saline, then you should significantly decrease your chances of experiencing shock loss. Remember it is surgery and anything can happen, but it is typically avoidable. I also believe trimming the hair helps, but I know others do feel differently.
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    Progress update: Day 9: Scrub the pain away So yesterday didn't go very well. I covered my hair in moisturiser all day, then sat down to see what I could carefully scrub off...and I lost my nerve. I was caught between wanting to remove the scabs (because that's what you're supposed to do) and trying to protect these new grafts as much as I could. I scrubbed a bit with a soft toothbrush and very little crust came off. After a bit of time (and removing about 5% of the overall scabs) I gave up. I was a bit dejected as I thought it would come off so much easier. Mentally, this part has been the hardest for me in this whole procedure. Up until now, my success has been in Dr. D's hands, or in my own hands through the act of 'simply doing nothing' - e.g. not sleeping on the head, not touching it, just leaving it alone. However, now I feel really responsible for how this turns out and it's worrying me to scrub too hard. Today, day 9, I decided to just get on with it. I can tell the scabs are ready to come off. I'm ready, the head is ready. The sanitary towel strapped to my head is ready. I moisturised again (with the paintbrush) and this time washed my hair, scrubbing the donor area a bit rougher and working on the top part a bit tougher. I dipped the toothbrush in water and shampoo and used this to scrub - it glided over the scalp a lot easier than just with the moisturiser alone and after an hour or so of being careful - I'm done! There are still a few tiny areas which could be smoothed out but in general, it's all gone and it feels so much better. I'd bought a baby hairbrush and this helped to gently buff the areas, and with the help of my mum we managed to get it all off. A good number of hairs came with it too (I really don't think they were the full graft as there was no bleeding and there didn't seem to be a bulb on the bottom of it), so I feel confident that I've been quite successful here. Some scab removal tips from me: Moisturising definitely was needed to soften the scabs but actually scrubbing was easier with water and shampoo Having a variety of brushes helped - the paintbrush to put it on (and to work off some of the tougher scabs) and the baby hairbrush, particularly to buff the donor area to help remove those scabs I'm glad I was cautious and didn't go full-steam ahead until I was really ready, so don't feel you need to remove everything in ONE day I read SO MANY blogs, articles and website about the scab removal. Some said to do it on day 7, some said day 10, some said to wait two weeks. It's really hard to decipher what the right answer is but I came to the realisation that it's very individual. I feel that my healing has been quite quick compared to others, and something told me my grafts were quite secure today. Once I'd started, I just kept going and I'm glad I did The little toothbrush was the best tool for removal so definitely invest in one of those (I think mine was £4 from Boots). I chose one where all the bristles were the same length as having an uneven shaped toothbrush head may be good for your teeth but would mean different pressures are applied to the head and you'd end up aggravating different areas I think that's all the advice I have, some pictures attached here. So glad that bit is over now as now it's back to a more normal life. It isn't so obvious I've had a HT now (especially from a distance) and I'm still so pleased with the outcome. I've included one close up picture in which you can really see the individual grafts and I think it'll look really thick in a few months. I'm so pleased to see lots of hairs still in there but I'm aware these will all shed during the ugly ducking phase. Anyway, for now I'll enjoy the look! Partway through scrubbing with lots of scabs remaining: The donor area, after scrubbing: What was coming off my head, on a tissue - a mix of lotion, scabs and some hairs (but I think without the root): Close up of the front of the head, part-way through the scrubbing process (you can clearly see each hair): After all scabs removed:
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    Progress update - day 3 Yesterday I travelled back from Istanbul to Bristol in the UK. Unfortunately, my flight was indirect so I had a couple of hours to change planes in Copenhagen. I woke up at 5am for my airport transfer which was organised by Armamed - and the driver turned up at 6am sharp as agreed and I had a whole 7-seater van to myself. I paid around £20 at the hotel for my room-service charge which is incredible considering that was for four meals (and five desserts - don’t ask). I’d read a lot about people’s journeys back to their home countries and I wondered how I’d feel about going out in public with my head looking like it currently does. I’d read that there are lots of people in Istanbul airport who have clearly had HT surgeries and I wouldn’t feel out of place, but that wasn’t the case at all! There was only one other guy who had a HT - but his skin was quite a bit darker than mine so the redness wasn’t so noticeable, and one other guy who seemed to have had a rhinoplasty. Aside from one person who may as well have taken a picture, no-one really seemed to care at all, and before long I stopped feeling self conscious and stared back at anyone who looked at me and they looked away. The journey was long and tiring, and I slept on both flights a little. I’d specifically pre-paid for speedy boarding and extra leg-room seats so I could be more comfortable and chose the seat next to the window so I could get off each flight last (and slowly) and I wouldn’t need to get up should anyone in my row need the loo. However, the curved wall of the plane meant that actually my head was very close to the wall and on the first flight I bumped it (very lightly) and reprimanded myself for a good 15 mins while I assessed the damage - no blood so I don’t think I disturbed any grafts….I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I have to say that any staff I interacted with seemed to be really accommodating towards me. For example, when I was transferring in Copenhagen, the nice lady at the security stage found my full bottle of water that I’d just topped up at the tap (silly me) and kindly offered to go off and empty it for me so I could re-fill it again. I then bought a sandwich at a little shop while I waited for my gate and the really nice guy there saw my empty bottle and went and filled it up for me. Maybe people from Copenhagen are just super nice but I was so so so grateful for their kindness during the long journey when I was feeling a bit self-conscious and worried about the head. Once I’m healed I’ve vowed to take a trip back there as I’ve never been. I got to my parents’ place about 5pm and they were really impressed with the result to date, and I have to say, so am I. I don’t want to jinx it, but it all seems to be healing really nicely. Pictures at the end of this update, but it’s nicely dark red as the scabs are forming. In terms of how it’s feeling: I’ve noticed it already itching quite a bit, which I didn’t expect so soon, but I think it’s a good sign. I read online that just spraying filtered water with a spray bottle (from a distance) can help this. I did that a bit, but I don’t know if I should be doing it so I may not keep it up. There seemed to be a lot of swelling in the forehead yesterday, but that hasn't developed into a full face swelling which I’m surprised at. I dunno if I’ve now passed the swelling stage or if it’s still to come but it certainly wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I’ve now begun washing the area myself and washed it both before and after the journey as I didn’t want pimples developing on a greasy head. I’m super-nervous when doing this, but I fill a bowl with lukewarm water, squirt in some of the shampoo, froth it up, then carefully dab the foam onto the recipient area and with a little less care onto the donor area. Dr. D said I could dry the recipient area by just using a piece of kitchen paper to carefully dab, but I’ve been letting it air dry as it only takes a min or two to dry. I’m using a patting motion with a clean towel to dry the donor area now though. I’m still on the course of antibiotics, but I stopped the painkillers as I don’t need them. I’ve begun taking finasteride again though. You may notice in the pics there seem to be some white bits on my head - that's either dry skin flaking off or bits of tissue (I'm sure it's the former) but doesn't seem to be an issue. I googled it and it seemed to say it was common after just washing the hair (which is when I noticed it) so I won't worry about that yet! Having only slept for about 4 hours in total over the last two nights, I was exhausted. I decided to sleep on the sofa, stretched out, and my Mum and I made a nice bed where I wouldn’t turn over. Lying on the donor area is a little uncomfortable so my mum taped a sanitary towel around the back of my head (world’s most awesome parenting) and this worked a treat! I also tied my wrists again to my dressing-gown cord and looped it through the waistband of my underwear so I wouldn’t itch (see pics, enjoy laughing!). Aaaaand I slept SO well. I barely moved in the night, and slept right from 11pm until 7am with only waking once to check my position and use the loo. I’ve been moving reeeeaaallly slowly around the house (my parents’ place has plenty of things to bump your head on and me and my two brothers are all really tall) so I’m confident that being overly careful won’t lead to any more bumps. So for now, I’m in really good spirits about the whole thing and optimistic for the next few days of taking it easy, resting, and eating all my Mum’s food. I’ll update again tomorrow but I don’t think much will happen between now and then!