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    No wonder you're happy bud, excellent growth up till now - it can only improve. 🙂
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    Yes I know, I did see your recent photos. It’s looking awesome. It was looking good anyway but with the longer hair and more density now it looks so good.
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    I have just had my transplant 3 days ago with dr Pradeep Sethi. I can confirm that they don’t have two different pricing structure for Indians and non Indians. They do offer different packages depending on which doctor you choose for your surgery. They will be publishing price on their website in next few days.
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    Exactly, I was talking about Keser and not Erdogan. @youngheart
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    MattJ, Let me first commend you on your diligence in educating your self regarding MPB both in the short and long term. You appear very mature for your age. Many young men want to just jump into surgery because they panic and want an overnight fix. I do not sense that irrational approach in you. Having said that, may I offer a few insights? Obviously you already know that much more hair loss is undoubtedly in your cards as you age. I agree with Shera for you to consider low dose finasteride under a doctor's supervision. As he stated the dosage and frequency of ingestion can be adjusted especially in the initial consumption...and finasteride has a long shelf life which is something that can be graduated over time. Not everyone gets the side effects so you will never know until you start it. In addition, minoxidil simply buys us more time but does not inhibit DHT which is the culprit that destroys hair follicles...this is why low dose finasteride is a much better option IMHO. Are you too young for a procedure? IMHO, it all depends in the amount of education that one has regarding their own case, whether their restoration goals are realistic, and how they approach their restoration including effective medications. You stated that you would keep a higher more conservation hairline which is wise, remaining patient to see how your hair loss progresses over time. You still need to have your donor reserves evaluated and a long term plan documented. Should you have FUT or FUE? Many guys who know they will need at least 5,000 grafts and more in their life times go with FUT... yet if you go with FUT for the majority of your work, you will need to wear your hair at longer lengths to hide your donor scar. Just remember that surgery is always there and should be a well informed option, not an emotional immediate fix. Wish you the best in your journey my friend.
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    So far I have seen Juan Couto, Arocha and Rafael de Freitas as having excellent results. I probably wont have a chance to go with Juan Couto due to the waiting list, however are their any other doctors that rival their capabilities. What makes Juan Couto so good?
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    The price is different depending on the severity of your hair loss and how many grafts you need. We’ve had a lot of trolls come one here and try to unfairly malign Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal. The price is easy to get, but it seems you’re just here to stir the pot and create problems. If that’s your goal then you came to the wrong place.
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    @RecessionProof no, after the first concern of “bumps” and washing more, that is all I’m doing. I do live in Florida so the humidity may have an impact. According to her instructions I can start foam minoxidil in a couple days which I will do...
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    If it were me and unrelated to this, I would buzz it shorter and go for a younger clean buzzed look. Statham comes to mind. You seem to have masculine features from what little we can see and the length you have now kind of highlights the balding for no really good reason. You won't ever get a full head of hair. You probably have enough to get just enough to have a thin frame of natural looking hair where you hilighted. In some men that can make a difference. You seem to honestly have a pretty good head shape and I am not sure you will gain much improvement in your overall looks by doing the HT. With a weak donor area there is only so much the can be done. And some fuzz on top often changes the look. But isn't an improvement and not worth the effort. You are younger. But I see lot's of older guys get HT and can only manage some wispy coverage about 1-2" far back on the scalp and while they seem to love it (like they felt naked on top before) the reality is they looked younger and more manly with it just buzzed off. In your case....with thin hair...you will need probably 40-50 grafts per cm2 to have passably thick hair. If you have a weak donor then maybe you have 3000 grafts at most. So maybe you cab cover 68 cm2? If you spread it too thin...you end up with a really un natural look. What looks worse than bald is sick. Ans sparse too far spaced hair looks unnatural and sickly. You don't want that look! As a guy with no horse in this race I think you probably would look better if you buzzed your hair off. But only to really tell is next time you cut your hair...save it and then draw a new 70cm2 hairline and fill it with the clippings. Truly the best way to get a rough idea on what you might look like and then decide for yourself. But yes, you could probably get the red area semi full, but wispy. I just am not sure that would be an improvement. Depends completely on face shape. Strong masculine features looks so much better bald than wispy or horseshoe. But small jaws and narrow features, even some hair keeps you from looking like your ill or an alien. Just depends really.
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    Should we dedicate a thread to work through some of your emotional wounding issues? I missed the part where I specifically said it was the result of a single procedure. You may want to give rereading that thread a shot and then you can decide if your error in judgment was a product of cognitive bias or dyslexia. Your cognitive bias and subsequent digression into anecdotal evidence was the principal reason I wasn't inclined to trust your judgment.