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    Yes, they provide 2 nights free stay if you book their package and also pick up from the airport as well as drop off....in short end to end service. DHT slight;ly differs in for the fact that slits are made first then grafts are harvested and immediately implanted. In transplant terms (solid organ) we call it as ''Cold ischemic Time''....lower the cold ischemic time..less grafts are lost. (same is true in solid organ trans plants eg: more than 4 hours of cold ischemic time for transplanted hearts increases the rate of rejection). This is also the reason that grafts grow faster with DHT...., at least most of mine grew by 6-7 months time. I hope your results turn out great, praying for your results. Good luck.
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    . ASMED SURGICAL MEDICAL CENTER DR KORAY ERDOGAN - PATIENT'S AGE: 29 - NW: VI - Total transplanted area: 150 cm2 - Total donor capacity: 6800 grafts * Temporal, Parietal and Occipital density: 60-60-70 uf/cm2 * Temporal, Parietal and Occipital Hair Diameter: 40-50-50 micron - OPERATION DETAILS: 5012 grafts FUE extracted by manual punch, diameters 0.7mm. Incisions executed by: custom made blades sapphire, lateral slit. Placed with K.E.E.P. * 888 grafts single * 2342 grafts double * 1487 grafts triple * 295 grafts multiple * General average Hair per Graft: 2.24 - GRAFTS DISTRIBUTION: 5012 grafts were used to restore the patient's FRONTAL and MIDLINE areas. - FINASTERIDE: The patient started the medicine 1 month before the operation. * Please note that the "RESULT" pictures were taken by the PATIENT. BEFORE OPERATION OPERATION AFTER 8 MONTHS BEFORE OPERATION OPERATION AFTER 8 MONTHS BEFORE OPERATION OPERATION AFTER 8 MONTHS BEFORE OPERATION OPERATION AFTER 8 MONTHS BEFORE OPERATION AFTER 8 MONTHS BEFORE OPERATION AFTER 8 MONTHS
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    Hello. Although the photos are not too clear, you do seem like a Nw6 with an average or below average donor area. Nevertheless, you do seem to have reasonable and realistic expectations of what can be done. Such cases (especially with a poor donor), are best done in stages. Your first procedure in my opinion should focus on restoring your midscalp. This is because you have some hair in the front and restoring your mid scalp will eventually guarantee a NW5 in the worst case scenario that you even lose your front and do nothing more. If donor is still good, and assuming you stay on maintenance meds for the frontsl zone, I would then consider restoring the frontal zone. I would be very reluctant to do any crown work in your case as it really wont be the best value for money sort of thing. If you can post clearer photos that would be great. Thanks for sharing.
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    Sounds like the doctor you're considering is incompetent or misleading you. I'd recommend sending an online consult to Hasson and Wong and getting their opinion as one example of a top clinic that is skilled at high norwood cases such as 5-6. The graft numbers you're raising are miniscule for the area needing to be covered, and only an incompetent and dishonest surgeon would suggest them. Its highly likely you could get 4-5k grafts via either FUE or FUT in a single procedure if you have even an average donor area.
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    Thanks for posting your journey 🙏🏼 I will follow your progress.
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    55-60 density...What does that mean? I realize it is per square inch....but so much more goes into this. Is that the density in the donor area? What native hair do you currently have? Are you doing any time of medical therapy? Where are you working...hairline? front and top? To be able to help you you need to post photos. 1600 in the crown is a waste of time. You'll see no visual change. Cover? What does that mean? Consider most believe we are born with 100,000 hairs. By the time you are a teenager you have 50,000 and don't yet realize there is any hair loss. Consider that most believe patients can have 5000-8000 grafts. On the average 2.2 hair per graft. So, at the end of the day you are asking 16000+ hairs to do the job of 50,000. It is an illusion. Again, best way to help you is if you post photos.
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    Hi @Wendell How are you? I don't believe that I read it anywhere, but just to confirm, have you had any previous hair transplant procedures? If no, why do you feel that you would not be able to take 5000 grafts FUE? Something to consider if you intend to keep your hair reasonably short at the back and sides. Most Drs will be far more comfortable with the approach of first addressing your hairline and frontal third and moving back to your midscalp and toward your crown. This would be a much more sensible approach and you can of course discuss density desires and concerns with your Dr. I appreciate that it is your crown that is currently bothering you the most, but you have said that you have been losing hair for over 20 years. With the correct approach, if you require two surgeries, then two years on from your procedure you can be in a completely different position. All of this is dependent on your choice of physician of course. With extensive loss you can't afford to make a mistake with this. You will find some great surgeons on this very forum. Do your research and begin requesting some online consults with some of the best Drs to understand what may or may not be possible. Where are you from?
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    Perfect. I am taking finax too. You are basically doing everything you need for you hair then. 😇😇😇
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    6. Stay away from pets and children who could accidentally rub the recipient area. 😂
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    Pics are not that clear, but you look like a NW6 requiring extensive restoration of your entire frontal zone, midscalp vertex and crown. - if that can even be achieved with your donor. Like you, I also had extensive hair loss, and went thru 3 seperate FUE procedures focusing on the frontal zone and midscalp. I had a total of 4500-5k grafts WITHOUT touching my crown . And I dont have anywhere near the type of density you're talking about. Get a few consults with good docs, send in clear pics or do some Skype/Facetime consults. Ethical and reputable doctors will be realistic about what is possible -
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    If you've shown the propensity to lose, you will continue losing hair. If you are to the point of moving forward with a hair transplant it is because there is, perhaps, a great deal of loss. So you move forward and have it done. You forgo all the doctor discussed about medical therapy, including Propecia. and say you worked the temporal points and the crown. 10 years later you'll look awesome with two horns worth of hair in the corners and an island worth of hair in the crown. Offense and Defense. That's what is all about. Medical therapy, in this case is the defense you need to help retain the native hair. And, if you do retain, then you can consider transplants. It is questionable, if meds don't work, to consider moving forward with a transplant procedure. Why? Because of the donor area. The donor is very important. It is finite. You truly need to be judicious with your grafts. Once gone, they will not replenish. Typically, if you can retain any of the native hair you have. that will eventually be key as to what your results will be. Fortunately there are therapies out there, other than Propecia that can help. Rogaine, PRP, and laser. These work in different ways and are thus synergistic. But, if you do experience a side effect with any of them, do the others! But do something!
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    Asmed results lacking density seem to be a reoccurring issue over the last year or so. I have lost faith in them being able to produce a result that compares the the top guys anymore. They need to be compared to the other mills in Turkey if we are being completely honest, which I'm sure they are at the top tier for that sector. My advice would save more $ and visit a doctor who does the entire operation with stick and place methodology.