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    I agree with @Lennney, it’s already done and the only thing you can do is positively hope it improves up until the 18th month mark, and if it helps your emotional state, to consult with whatever surgeon you might also be considering for a repair and book something down the road to look forward to. i think you’ve done a good job of showing your results and don’t be disused by others, your testimonial here will in fact help others if it hasn’t already, I’m glad you’ve kept your updates coming and posting photos, good or bad it’s helpful. Pulling for ya!
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    I know we are getting off topic here, it should be about this patient progress. But I just want to say that I'm glad we can have this open discussion about a clinic and raise questions where need be. Unlike the bald tru th forum where I was shut down and denied access to a thread where a patient was complaining of his asmed result. I dont know if they deleted the thread or just denied me access to it. I didn't say anything abusive or bash them I simple raised questions just like I've done on this forum over the past year. Infact a doctor recommended on that site chimed in and was telling some home truths about the clinic and they still blocked the thread its ridiculous. If it wasnt for this forum no one would ever see or read some truths about certain clinics. I agree moderation is important and personal abuse and just blindly bashing a clinic without a structured argument is uncalled for. The doctors recommended on BT - you cant even find complaints or issues raised my patients on the forum it's a complete cover up. I agree alot of what Kobren says but he complains alot but only he is allowed to bash people. Control of information is what we expect from governments- not forums which are suppose to help vulnerable people like us. Thank you Bill.
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    Well Done HLPToronto, we got the almost same story and worries. You did a great research and studied the market well. I was into 5 doctors (3 in Turkey and 2 in India), however I chose Dr. Bhatti for my future OP in August because he listens very well to the patients and discuss all the matters from A to Z unlike my previous experience with Rahal where he drew a hairline and sent me straight to operation room. I wish you all the luck in your progress. Keep up the good post. I am so impressed with your writings, very informative indeed. Dr. Bhatti is a very challenging doctor in repairs as well, he never say NO. Reminds so much of Dr. Umar in utilizing donor (scalp + beard). Money is never a big matter to him compared to customer satisfaction. Indeed an Asian HT gem.
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    I want to also add that once we all get to 12 months the next stage should be a very well thought out and detailed as well as well researched stage. The next stage is the most important stage because if there is another sub par performance by what ever clinic, that would lead to a life time of depression and misery. Im telling you this because when you increase the amount of surgeries a day quality will inevitably drop and so you get hit or missed alot more no matter how well trained a tech is it's not her name on top of the door. Yes if you are lucky enough to get a really good tech who is constantly monitored by the doctor that's a great match.Dont cheap out guys get consultations from truly ethical doctors who do all the work , right all the wrongs that were done before and get it right this time whatever the cost is - because it will cost alot of money - if you cant afford it then dont do it try and get by with hair fibres till you can afford it.
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    My coordinator contacted me at 6 months asking for photos. I think they must have just remembered me as they said they follow what I write on these forums. I havnt sent anything to them because well what's the point? They will never write that oh it dont look good or that's a bit worrying. They will tell you like they tell the hundreds of other patients to wait at least 12 months and some circumstances they'll tell you to wait 18 months. I agree with you that in your case they should have better after care communication but let's face it whether your progress is good or bad they will tell you the same thing and if it the end of 12 to 18 months it hasn't changed much they'll simply offer you a free touch up so it's a pointless exercise unless you actually lived close to the clinic and could have the doctor inspect your progress which is pretty useful. What's done is done the surgery has happened and nothing can change what may or may not be the outcome, all you me and the other guys can do is wait 12 months, re assess the situation and decide what we want done and by whom.
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    Oh I see, then the way your donor was harvested and now looks makes sense especially if the surgeon rushes the extraction with a motorized tool. Still, donor could improve. On the bright side, you’re pretty damn lucky not to have any crown hair loss issues given your age of 40 since it looks dense, so thats a plus. 👍🏻
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    @kw877 agree with your comments you made
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    It' not great, but I don't think it looks horrible. It may still improve over the next few months if you have some shock loss. The #2 length doesn't really look bad at all, at least from the picture. If it's really bothering you then maybe try letting your hair grow out for another month and then buzz it down again and see if it looks better by then.
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    First of all if you get a touch up done dr Erdogan will not be there for the entire surgery, he just doesn't do that its not his business model. He puts a lot of trust in his own abilities to train his techs and will stand by them. It's not like this is a one off where you can say ok generally his teams are excellent and chances are itll be better next time. Your exact issues have been a growing trend at Asmed over the past year, yes there are the odd really good results but it really is hit or miss there now as to how the results turn out. Physisions will say it is elective and cannot guarantee what will happen which is true however, when your issue is replicated on quite a few patients recently then that excuse no longer applies. There is a problem there and we can never know exactly what. Weather it is mis handling of grafts, aggressive extractions or just your physiology, none of this can be proved and they sure as hell wont put their hands up and say it's their fault so they'll offer you a free touch up but whatever you do its crazy to go back you've got one chance now to get this right and it can be corrected and you'll be laughing at the end. This next step the most important surgery you will have, choose your clinic wisely, make sure they check all the boxes, make sure they do a Lot of corrective work, and are present throughout and dont have multiple surgeries. Yes these other guys are alot more expensive but do what ever it takes to get you back in that happy mode. If you cant afford it then dont get it done, bide your time get plenty of consultations and make an informed decision. Just realise this can be fixed easily and you will be happy again.
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    @kw877 I feel for you man. I agree your hair looked good pre-op but I 100% understand wanting to not hide it anymore and be free from all the feelings all of us know on this site. Its unfortunate... hang in there. What are you thoughts on next steps? Wait the full 12 months... Would you go back for a free touchup? Or would you look into a different surgeon?
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    How short do you wear your hair? It’s sensible to start with strip first and then go to FUE.
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    Considering you're supposed to be in the ugly duckling stage, that's amazing growth. You must be well pleased
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    Hey Sean, that makes a lot of sense. As you said, I've also heard that this is the most logical way to proceed. I will ask the surgeons, but I thinking of using FUT initially, to get the best grafts for the front of my hair, then potentially FUE later on - or maybe even more FUT. The scarring isn;t a concern as I've always liked having long hair, i.e. the shortest it ever gets is a 2, and is quite long on top. Thanks again for the advice everyone.
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    @Sean I have followed many of your posts and discussion for years and always held big respect for you. Regarding Rahal, I never personally considered FUE back in 2012. I felt the results seemed inconsistent and it was at that time around a 80/20 split in favour of FUT and so that was the majority of the results that I was subject to. I spoke with Rahal patients with similar loss and patterns to mine, spoke with Dr Rahal and after several years decided to schedule surgery. As you can see in my documentation I achieved early growth at around 4 months and things progressed very nicely, and I was ecstatic. I applauded the clinic and the Dr and spoke about my experience. Fast forward almost 7 years to today, I have experienced further native hair loss where I would say that almost all of the hair in my frontal third and mid scalp is transplanted hair. My hairline isn’t good. It look great with native hair, natural, single hairs and an appropriate design. Now, whilst the position is fine, it looks to lack density, some double hairs in the hairline, and looks pluggy. Not at all natural. I do feel disappointed with my hairline. But I wasn’t aware that this was the case for several years. Having said that, my quality of life took a huge improvement along with my confidence and all aspects of my life and continues to do so. So was it a success? Yes. With a few hundred grafts into the hairline I should be able to achieve a appropriately dense and natural hairline. I’m sorry I don’t quite understand the next part? “ Amazed at the work “my” docs do ethically.” I have no relationship with Dr Rahal so are you referring to Drs Bisanga and John C? Wishing you the best.
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    Great Videos Scotttheis, Good luck moving onto the 5th month Journey which I believe is a total game changer for most folks. Good results as I could already see based on your before/after pics and relevant videos...... Good to see another mate in Dr. Bhatti's fan club.
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    Really looks good . I think you will have similar good result like Luke.
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    Good replies from Melvin and Sean. Yes, you can remove grafts via FUT after having an FUE. The issue is not so much getting the grafts out of the strip. As Sean stated, it can make dissecting more difficult but a trained FUT staff should have no problem with this; the issue with doing FUT after FUE is simply that you will get a lot fewer grafts out of the strip. Let's say you have a virgin density of 80 graft/cm^2 in the donor region. If I take a strip of 30cm x 1 cm, I will obtain approximately 2,400 grafts (remember that this is just a simple example and not precisely reflective of nature). Now let's stay you had an FUE first and a responsible doctor took around 25% of the grafts throughout the area which will be strip harvested later on. This means your density now dropped from 80 grafts/cm^2 to 60 grafts/cm^2 -- because in FUE you have a drop in grafts without a change in surface area; and keep in mind that this would be a responsible harvest. So if we now took a 30cm x 1cm strip after the FUE harvest, you would only yield 1,800 grafts with the same incision line scar (IE damage in the donor). The other issue would be if the first doctor was not responsible with the FUE harvest. When this happens, the yield from the strip becomes very low and there may be issues with covering the incision line because the donor has been significantly over-harvested. The beauty of strip is that you remove both grafts and surface area in one attempt, so you do not reduce the global density of the donor. This is what allows you to do multiple strip procedures with a minimal amount of scarring and then still do good FUE harvesting from all around the incision line (assuming you are not going to be an extremely high NW patient). It is typically best to do it this way -- FUT and then FUE -- if you are looking to do a combination of both. You absolutely can start with FUE, but just make sure you are not harvesting too aggressively and reducing the benefits of a potential strip up the road. Hope this helps. Best of luck with your decision. Dr Bloxham
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    No that's fair bobble, you don't have to risk doing that, at the end of the day he's on my list of surgeons so when I send my emails I'll get to know the cost at that point, thank you for the info.
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    Does anyone know the cause of delayed/slow growing hairs? Is it because they died, or is something inhibiting them from growing? trying to understand the physiology of it. I've saved up for this procedure for 8 years, and just this month, I've finally saved enough (about 8k euros) and just had an online consultation with ASMED, literally right now was about to send them my deposit and book flights... but then something in my instinct decided to pop in here and read the comments (haven't been to this forum in 3 years LOL) and to say the least, I WAS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED. Up until 3 years ago, I haven't read a single bad result from ASMED, and I've placed them as in the top 3 clinics that I would give my business too.... I don't know what to do now LOL... Should I just hold off until you guys go thru the full 12 months? We aren't getting any younger.. hehe
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    Nice to hear from you bro. Yes I think that too. Currently I don't think that I will go back to asmed. Even when its free. As a NW 5 are my donor reserves like gold for me. I can not afford that they implant me additional 1500 grafts in my frontal third with a bad growth rate. I will wait after 10/11 months and when its get not better I will contact other surgeons. You are right. Konior is a master, but Koray is it too. Otherwise we hadn't choose him. My exception was that I will better pay more money and avoid to have problems after this procedure. Now I see many 1000 €/$ hair transplant from "nameless" surgeons with much better growth. In my research time were bad results from asmed absolutely rare. Honestly I'm now seeing more subpar results as good ones. There is still hope for many of us, but the chances decrease month after month.
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    a lot of sub par asmed results lately... sorry to everyone. hang in there. wait the 12 months as hard as it is
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    Very sad to see, buddy. A touch up will be inevitable in my opinion. Asmed will most certainly offer you a free touch up, but you might just be better off with someone like Konior. It might be expensive, but it's likely that then you won't have to worry ever again about your frontal third. Anyway, lets hope for the best for the coming 5 months and some improvements that leave you with a better situation. Personally i haven't seen any new growth for months, so i doubt that we will be blessed with new hairs popping through this late in the game.
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    I had my surgery at ASMED last week. Everything went great while I was there but then again it's only the results that ultimately matter which I won't know for another 8-12 months. . I should have asked to doctor what he thought about all these people complaining. It certainly makes me nervous for my results. I wonder to what degree it is affecting potential ASMED customers from not going there. I would think Dr. Erdogan would try to interject in some of these posts to make it look like he cares.
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    Is Asmed still being recommended on here because there's been some way below par results recently
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    Looks like a great improvement with a relatively modest amount of grafts. Congrats you must be very happy
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    It looks great. Your frontal hairline looks completely natural in your photos and the hair coverage on top is thick. This was money well-spent, and your result encourages me to get my own FUE procedure in the next few years (my hair looks about as bad as yours does in the last photo you posted).
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    Hi Munich, 3000 grafts in ASMED and this is me after 7.5 months. I'm in a much worse condition. I can even say that I am the worst result I have ever seen by ASMED after 7 months. Waiting for a miracle here...