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    This is quite a change. Really really nice result! Looking very dense and such a massive improvement from the pre ops! Congrats
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    Dht mean Direct Hair Transplant. In normal Fue they do extraction first then they make slits. In that process its take longer time. So extracted hair stay longer period out of body. In that case you may be get 70% to 80% grafts growing. In Dht they so slits first and then they start extraction and transplant same time. So hair stay out of body very less. And because of that success rate is higher upto 95 to 98% And it's gives you good results as well.
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    Lots of interesting thoughts in this thread. Thank you all for sharing. I strongly believe that the right age for a HT is the age at which the following factors come into play together: 1) Developing an identifiable hairloss pattern with a somehow traceable family history. 2) Being a well educated patient in terms of the need for strict maintenance therapy, and having an open mind about being conservative in your restoration efforts, as well as understanding the limitations of HT surgery. 3) Finding a doctor that will make sure you adhere to point number 2 and who will clearly try to meet any reasonable expectations only. I think if these criteria are fulfilled, then there will be no strict age for when a HT should be done. It is often agreed that 24/25 is an acceptable age in most cases, but you still could come across a 20 year old or younger who is NW5 or 6, with reasonable expectations and willing to stick to his medical therapy. He could still be a good candidate.
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    Based on your pattern of hair loss, quite frankly yes you should, at the very least you should start on finasteride to see if it can help slow your loss and possibly strengthen up the hair you still have.
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    Killed it man, informative, professional and honest, keep it up.
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    It boils down to one thing genetics. I mean I was very healthy, exercise 5x a week. Clean diet, supplements etc and still want bald. He’s a fan of Dr. Wong, he’s mentioned to me in discussing the industry who he feels is doing good work. Also, Dr. Umar for BHT. If I had to guess he’d probably go to Dr.Wong. Luckily, he’ll never have to choose cause he’s blessed lol.
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    The real potential problem and what you need to be aware may come later. Lets say you want FUE so you can buzz the sides and back without worrying about a linear strip scar, but you also think you will end up at a high NW level. You decide to go with FUE first with the idea that if it gets really bad at some point in time you will then do a strip procedure to get more grafts. This sounds fine in theory, but let's say you have a few thousand grafts in the first FUE. You later go back to finish it off, do some touch up, add a little here and there, etc. You are not going to switch to strip. You are going to do another FUE of course. OK fine. A few years later when you lose a bit more hair the Dr tells you that you can still get one more FUE and of course you do that. At that point your donor is looking rather thin although manageable and you know you don't want to thin it out anymore as it's already getting see-through. You lose a bit more hair and you finally decide to switch to strip, but by then it's nearly impossible to get any meaningful amount of grafts in a strip surgery and with the thin donor that's left you will not be able to cover the strip scar even if you keep your hair long. If you went with strip first you wouldn't have thinned out the donor above or below the strip, so if you needed to max out the grafts after several strip surgeries, you could still do some FUE strategically from areas to not let the strip scar be visible. I just wanted to throw that out there as something to think about. There's no real right or wrong way as you get more benefits of going with FUE first in the early years, but you get more benefits of doing strip first in the later years. But even then it all depends on how much hair loss you end up with.
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    RAPHAEL84 yes everything you said is correct in relation to using precious grafts to disguise the FUT scar. All the other points with laxity and personal circumstances you raised are very appropriate also. However the overall mathematical gain of grafts would or should be higher overall if one was to go the FUT route and then for peace of mind later disguise the scar with FUE. Choosing your surgeon is critical and one that can carry out an FUT procedure and has a solid reputation of leaving behind only a pencil line scar is a must. Of course personal healing will play its part also. Preparation by the patient months in advance of surgery in the form of scalp laxity exercises can be very beneficial also. So overall if we take into account the above and very important point what RecessionProof stated regarding what Dr. Konior said about using approx 300 grafts to cover a FUT scar. You would and should not need to waste a large number of precious grafts. Thats because he is a top surgeon and many like him that wont leave you with a scar that will need a thousand grafts to disguise. As we know grafts are precious. Again its very important to choose a surgeon with a solid reputation, dont make the mistake and go to the cheapest surgeon and think, "ah well ", you can fix the scar later if it dosent work out , in that case its to late and you would only be fooling yourself , and to put it like this ,using the old saying....... " ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL " As we know everybody circumstances are unique. As we know choosing a surgeon with a solid reputation is a must . Not the cheapest . ...DISCUSS WITH YOUR DOCTOR... ......................Paddy.............
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    I have to say, this is a great result. More should be like this. ‘Why not any clinic before photos?
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    Thanks, I'm also excited to see what the temples end up looking like. I tried to get my haircut today, but the barber I see may be out for a couple weeks due to injury. I guess I'll have to keep growing it for now.
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    Haha you’re not the first person to ask, he’s actually blessed genetically. He’s said if he ever lost hair he’d get a hair transplant himself, but who would he go to 🤔
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    A quick update: I decided to stop taking Fin. I didn't quit cold-turkey but slowly tappering off and now I do not take it anymore. Have to say that the sides are mostly gone. Hard to say whether I'm 100% back or more like 75/80%. The thing is, I feel a lot better overall now than when I took Fin. Glad I made that choice.
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    To be honest I haven't been checking my beard much I just trimmed it a bit shorter than usual so I'll have to let it grow back to see if the density in those spots have been brought up above what it was previously to make it more homogenous and connected to the rest of my beard and I'll get back to you. Dr said I have something like 3000 grafts left
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    OP - As suggested, be open to experimenting with different doses/frequency, but also be mindful not to act too hastily in regards to any perceived sides. There can be value in letting your body adjust to a medication, and often just giving it a few weeks to work itself out is beneficial. On another note, I'm impressed with the maturity that developed in this thread in terms of not only holding each other and the forum to certain standards, but a willingness on all sides to take responsibility and own anything that was brought to the space that didn't serve the thread.
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    It's 8000 grafts before it becomes starts looking thin. Reason why Erdogan and some other surgeons numbers for total donor capacity are generally higher is because I think they feel they can target closer to the 35%-40% mark of total of donor area before they feel it starts looking thin. The Belgian and North American surgeons are more conservative and will probably stay in the 25%-30% range for FUE imo.