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    Hey mate, Congrats on the progress, really happy for you! Your hair actually looks fantastic, so bravo. I was wondering, do you do anything specific with the roller technique wise? And also, do you only roll on areas that had no hair? Thanks dude.
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    Week 6 Update- So update after 6 weeks /1.5 month Most of the transplanted hair have shed as you can see in the pics. I am in the shedding phase now or the dreaded ugly duckling phase. But I am holding through Quite a lot of hair came out with the clots only between day 15 - day 25 on shampooing only.Whatever were left had shed between day 25 and 1 month . Now cannot see any shedding Followed the post op to the T. But the transplant did not go undetected . Returned office after 2 weeks with a bandana . Removed the bandana after 5 more days . But even after 20 days co-workers were able to notice the straight hairline and tiny scabs . Many commented whether I had got a Hair transplant . Had to deny and blame it on an allergy. So my next update will be at 3 month I think.
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    Just over two months update - could really do with getting the sides cut but hey ho things seem to be progressing as expected👍🏼
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    It is said that you can't do FUT after FUE, although I am sure you will find some doctors ready to do you FUT if you have done FUE prior Don't know the technical reasons for it tbh So, if you start with FUE, you are most likely ruled FUT out
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    Hi. There no argument on that. But it different technic between them. Eugenix only do DHT. So its take time. And they giving you nice density and that only came with no. Of grafts. If you need more then 3500 grafts then they can do in 2 days. Because in DHT takes time. So price comparison with technic as well. And thats gives you best results. I am not here to promote them. I also wanted clear your doubts. And I met there so many patient during my visit on day of my HT and after that. I did contact then on fb and WhatsApp before my Ht.. They all gave me positive responses. So i made mind with them and i am happy with it. After me there so many guys gone there with my references and they allmost Nw5 to Nw7. They also happy with density and results. Yes they are expensive then others. But they deserve that as well. As per there results and dedicated work. Doctor himself keep in touch with you after Transplant. Every 2 weeks they ask you your pics and if you got any problem they may discuss. Even after 6 month i will go for my second round for my crown area. Its need max 1000 to 1500 grafts only. But will do with them only. You may Google them its only once clinic who is done more then 1500 plus transplant for Nw7. Its not easy to do that. And some of them even reputed doctors as well. I respect your comments on him. But i wanted to clear your doubts as per my experience. I like darling buds but only problem was density in his results. And seen difference between both clinics. If you need density then you need more no. Of graft and its more money that for sure. But no problem. Will like to see your pics in future. And all the best for your results.
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    Time to share some pics taken by Dr. Bhatti during live operation in OT and shared with me on request I tried to post a close up showing grafts popping out but unable to do so.... with max lens software, however clinic told me they don't simultaneously extract grafts with each punch anymore. they use Invivo method, to avoid exposing grafts for too long outside the body, they mini zed downtime to 3 hours that's the least and best possible way In another pic taken right after incisions, when I zoom in - looks like lots of my native fine hair were left untouched so microscopes were used as it gave me peace of mind because my super fine hair should be saved from shockloss/cutting during incisions as each hair is important at this stage I wondered why after so many punches ( approx. 3000 ) , no one is taking any grafts out ( tons of nurses were around but doing other things) , so Dr. Bhatti explained and sent me his written reply ( with his approval to share on this board) Doctors wanting to observe the procedure in one clinic were unsuccessful since they were told they came late and the procedure was already over! We did this technique in 2009 the first time but since have abandoned it like many clinics the world over since the procedure is fatiguing both for the doctor and the patient and the procedure cannot be done in a single day. As you know if a procedure is stretched over several days, it becomes painful since the healing process takes effect the next day and local anesthetist does not act as well. We started using the INVIVO preservation of grafts in which we do not extract them simultaneously with the coring (harvesting) of grafts but do it together at the end so the Out of Body Time is shorter. This was I have been able to decrease the ischemia time of grafts to less than 3 hours which is the best that can be done
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    Enjoy the next few months bud!
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    You look right on track my friend, next few months will produce a flourish of new hair.
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    This is amazing. I'm definitely showing this to a friend of mine who's been battling hair loss but isn't ready/suited for a hair transplant at the moment. Congrats on the incredible progress.
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    looking good bro. pretty amazing. i hope mine starts to kick it up a notch again to where I was. hoping you hold strong with what you’ve gained
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    Thanks! I think it's key for success. There are many, seemingly one-time cases where positivity had extraordinary health benefits. At the worst, positivity won't harm anything. At the least, I lift my mood.
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    As a patient representative for Dr Bhatti I find it very frustrating that one of our patients cannot just simply tell his story without the constant unhelpful intervention of posters who favour other clinics. For the umpteenth time you only have to refer to my own thread written as a patient nearly 5 years ago to appreciate that and frankly nothing has changed since. In the end the forum misses out. You may have noticed that barely any of the UK guys I send over post their stories on this particular forum. The reason being I advise them not to because I feel the negativity that their posts will invariably attract from posters affiliated with rival clinics may put seeds of doubt in their heads. I need my patients to stay in a positive frame of mind. Having sad that I hope everyone will now think twice about making posts detracting from HLPToronto's own story. It’s his thread, respect it!
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    It is your problem mate because this is HLPToronto's post and we are supposed to talk about his experience, not yours!!! If you want to tell your experience please open your own tread and everyone will be very happy to see your pre/post pics and read it. Just common sense mate 😉
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    @Ashishmehta we appreciate your nice promotional post, next time please do it in your own tread 😉
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    Payam, I have read the thread and honestly you’ve been given good advice. Although, some members can come off harsh, the truth is at 4.5 months it is waaaaaay to early to call a procedure a failure. The hairs are just beginning to sprout and most of them are thin and colorless. Think of this process as reverse balding, when you go bald the hairs miniaturize slowly and become thinner and thinner until they disappear. Well it’s exactly the same but in reverse. Unfortunately, hair restoration is a process of shedding, growth and maturation and some results don’t fully blossom until 18 months. Stay calm and try not and focus on your current state, track your progress by month not by day. Warmest regards- Melvin