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    A few have asked me to post a picture with wet hair so here you are.
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    in the same boat as you kiwi... obviously still sticking it out on fin but eventually I’ll need to come to this decision myself. And this was a question I had well before I had seen my results from fin. I think ultimately it comes down to choosing a surgeon you trust the most. If you don’t act on it, it will never get better. would you rather not doing anything about it and wonder what if? I am in the mindset to tell/ask my surgeon to act like he’s working with a clean scalp with no hair. because eventually you need to realize that native hair won’t be there
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    It’s a very difficult question to answer as everyone’s situ is different . Be prepared for shock loss. It could be temp but could be perm as depends on strength of hair! Taking finasteride to help strength situation is advisable as the stronger and more resistant you can make your native hair that you plan to HT into and around the better. Also so skill of the surgeon helps too !! Regards spex
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    Holly shit man. This is such an amazing result! I am so happy for you man. Genuinely one of the best results I’ve seen. Insane transformation. I can’t even imagine how much your life is going to change.
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    Dirty, nationalistic hitjob article trying to lump the bad ones in Turkey together with the elite of the same country. As if it's the nation of Turkey that performs the transplant. Show me the British equivalents of the elite in Turkey such as Erdogan, Keser and Demirsoy. I haven't seen anything in Britain that delivers consistency in a way these guys do. I'm open to be proven wrong, though. As always, doing your research is key. It matters little where a great surgeon is based.
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    did u personally hear this from him or is this speculation?
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    Thanks for feedback! I too hope that there are enough grafts. I've heard on this forum that Dr. Bhatti is more conservative than some other docs here, so I am not surprised to hear that. Given that I am just under 30, I am glad to have a sizable reserve of donor hair for future thinning/balding. I have at least another 2700 grafts for the top of my head when I need it (and I will !). I know my temples have more space between each graft, but I am not so sure the density is off on the hairline. I look at the early photos of the hairline, and it seems about as dense as it can be. Dr. Bhatti definitely put the majority in the first half inch (1-1.5cm), which will hopefully be enough to create a dense hairline. I know I've seen other members post the 12 month pic and they complain about density, particularly in the initial hairline. They complain about it being too "thin" so it still seems like they are thinning (can see through the first layer). I think the dense front area + the fact that the hairline starts lower on my head will mitigate any density issues. Anyway, I am excited to be on this journey. Each week is better than the last!