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    Yeah they have a very strict policy when booking the appointment .. no le way when things go wrong .. if u used ur debit or credit card , u can get back ur $1000 through them .. tell them services were not provided.. I got my $1000 back from my bank , when their clinic didn’t want to refund me or give me a shorter reappointment ..
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    That's why we need clarification ..as far as I know.. as things stand it's part of the criteria for continued recommendation.
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    Let’s keep this thread on topic. Why are surgeons recommended that don’t post anything ever
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    I also think it would be interesting to have more doctor involvement on the site. Perhaps audio or video interviews that ask the interesting questions that come up from time to time. The doubts that we have about certain topics. And more educational knowledge coming our way. I have really gotten interested in everything that has to do with hair transplantation, so it would be great to have more doctors participating in these type of discussions.
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    Great topic. I think another issue at hand is there are hardly any doctors actively participating in the forum with members. If you look at a few years back doctors would frequently come on and help answer a few questions and this rarely happens anymore.
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    Fantastic choice, great hairline, as for meds I swear by rogaine, fin, msm and biotin, give them as much advantage as you can, and no stress 😀
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    Looks brilliant. You will be happy about having the temple work completed. It's an area I wish I had looked at. Frames your face so well. Take good care of those grafts for the next few days.
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    i've narrowed it down to 3 who i'm interesting in using for when i pull the trigger on some hairline restoration. Nadimi is at the top of my list thus far, but sadly there aren't many patient reviews/photos of her work. I'm actually following and waiting on results from a few of you on here who have used her to help guide my decision. I've seen some great work from Rahal, but there's a few things i've noticed on results posted that lead me to believe not all his work is great, and there's just something too "informercial-ly" about his website. Not to mention low-lighting on results posted by his clinic (don't mind me, i just speculate a lot). Dr. Gabel is another doctor who i've just come across, and most reviews i've seen about him are mostly positive. I'm still doing my homework on him though, but he seems to be widely considered one of the best in the field. any input from anyone would be awesome
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    I'm sorry to hear that mate, thank you for sharing your experience and for helping those of us undecided on which HT surgeon to go to. Dr Diep has slowly been sliding down my list of HT surgeons for awhile now and sadly your case is another example of why. He is good at hairlines, seems solid at FUT but his constant butchering of these donor zones that I see just doesn't cut it (pardon the pun) for me. Stay positive bro, Dr Nadimi's work will make the world of difference : )
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    Another case of Dr Diep's donor extracting really leaving a moth eaten like donor area... did Dr Nadimi give you an idea of how many available hairs you had left in your donor after the first procedure?