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    I don’t get this kind of thinking. Sorry not trying to be combative, but people keep saying it and it really baffles me. Would you prefer patients hide the transplanted areas or present them in the most flattering, dimly lit, combed over conditions or do you actually want to see the transplant? It’s just odd that a lot of people say this. You either want to see clear, high quality, well lit photos of the transplant or you don’t. I for one would rather see what I’m in for, rather than a touched up version...
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    If you like his work above everyone else's, I wouldn't really let travel put you off to be honest. End of the day, as you've mentioned cost isn't a major factor for you, I'd suggest travel shouldn't be either if it means going to someone who you feel will give you the best chance of a great result.
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    Loo looking really nice! This is going to be a great result! Congratulations!! Mark
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    You mean to say that people should use a phrase along the lines of “the illusion of high density” rather than just “density”, as any area of scalp with hair inherently has a density, whether that density is great or poor.
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    Finasteride should be your first port of call. Your still young with clear noticeable, thinning/hairloss and the first aim should be to try and prevent any further loss and if you are a good responder, may even thicken up what you have at the front. Would probably stay on fin for a year and than evaluate where you are. Zinc, biotin and saw palmetto won't do much for male pattern baldness.
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    So sad to see ur hair thin out like that .. don’t waste anymore time n go on finsasteride .. the quick progression of ur hAirloss is the DHT is ravaging ur scalp right now .. if u don’t slow down dht u on ur way to a high norwood .. get on it n save ur crown .. u still have good donor hair characteristics .. but that frontal third of ur head is going to disappear in a few years ..
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    Definitely, it’s funny cause I did a meme about this the other day for our Instagram lol
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    Admittedly, haven't reached out to Nader as of yet. The crown certainly has improved. Just really awaiting at least 1 year before I can firmly believe whether I will need (likely) a 2nd go around.
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    Forget about distance. Guys from Australia have traveled to Vancouver which is literally the opposite side of the planet. Results last a lifetime remember that.
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    Payum I feel for you however just remember this is not a complete disaster. The donor is probably well intact and angles seem fine. It's a question of adding density yes it's still unacceptable density but trust me when I tell you if you go to the real top guns who really care for the patient and attention to detail is second to none and spend the whole time with 1 patient , then although still nothing is guaranteed - at least you give yourself the best possible chance of a good result. This next step is vital, you have a lifeline and one more chance to put it right do not let price even be a consideration. However, before you even consider another surgeon make sure you get at least a partial refund you can go through here or I.a.hrs (better) but what ever you do not go back to them no matter what they say. Once you lose confidence in a clinic no matter how good they are or have been it really is dumb to even go back there. Look at planet steven he ranted so much about how disappointed his experience and result was and still went back there! And he won't be happy when his second result comes through I assure you although he is very OCD and really isn't a good candidate based on his mental status.
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    Payam, So sorry that this is causing you some anxiety. I briefly read that one of your concerns is that your hair transplant looks unnatural and it makes you feel self-conscious. Have you had an opportunity to visit another reputable clinic who could offer you some advice on receiving a repair? Getting feedback from a top-tier clinic on the quality of the work may also help you in receiving at least a partial refund that could go towards getting this fixed so that you can move on with your life. The good news is that your hair loss is not widespread so the focus should really be on finding a clinic that you trust and one that produces results that mimic nature. There are many options available so try to stay calm and focus on the solution.
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    Personally I would not want a fatigued Dr working on me alone for 10 hours a day. Lets say the doctor does 2000 odd extractions on his own. The grafts are then left in dishes and out of the body for many hours. Do you expect him to trim, prepare and sort them too on his own? Then he has lunch. Then he comes back and does all the incisions on his own. He will need to constantly stop to keep an eye on the grafts and make sure they are kept in optimal conditions. Following the incisions he then starts implanting the grafts all on his own. Not only will he be very tired doing this but the grafts will have been out of the body for far longer. Now imagine the doc does this 5 days a week. No thank you. Doesn't make any rational sense to insist on a doctor only procedure unless its a small case. Some of the top clinics have techs that have been working for them for 20 years, they are highly skilled and arguably more skilled at implanting than the actual surgeon himself. I would rather have this tech doing some of the work as they are true specialists and very skilled. Of course, if you go to bosley or wherever then you may get a travelling tech who is likely inexperienced. But you aren't doing yourself any favours by wearing blinders and insisting on surgeon only transplants.
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    a lot of people on this forum are unconscious biased one way or another. i agree with you 100%
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    No, I want to see the whole area and styled. Not just the obvious bad part brushed apart.
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    Hi Obaid, You are 25, your whole scalp going back to your vertex shows an aggressive amount of thinning for your age and I would guess you are heading for a high Norwood, 6 or 7 perhaps. It is possible judging from your sides that you have some diffuse thinning but it may just be harsh lighting already pointed out. The only thing in my opinion that will help slow down and somewhat recover this rapid loss is Finasteride which you are reluctant to take. Once its gone its gone. If the whole visibly thinning area was to go you will need 5- 7000 grafts to give the "illusion" of a full set of hair. Your donor area will be fully utilised and will be left rather thin to the extent that you may have to have SMP in this area to disguise the thinning. You do have the option of using body grafts to compensate for shortage of scalp grafts. If you decide to go initially down the FUT route then it is likely that your scar will be visible after the surgery with short hair or once you have had further surgeries to fix further progression of hair loss. This is the harsh reality. You need to understand that without meds you need to be prepared for multiple procedures and have realistic expectations of what you can possibly achieve in the short and long term. You could have a dense head of hair initially following surgery but I think you will face an uphill struggle in maintaining this density long term unless you have an abundance of decent body grafts that you are prepared to use or you reconsider going down the medical path to help sustain your native hair.
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    I see your point there Corbinite. It's quite rare as already mentioned in your previous thread to have grafts implanted in the donor area. I think you are going to have to improvise with this. The first night following the surgery you are going to have to sleep upright with your head forward, you could do this by doubling up on the flight pillows to create that buffer between your donor area and the back of the chair to ensure you don't squash/dislodge the newly implanted grafts. For subsequent nights you could again sleep in the chair using the same technique or you could play about with kids swimming rings to see if you can use these to sleep without rubbing on your implanted grafts. 2-3 nights of careful hardship and then you should be OK to relax a little more as your grafts will be firmly embedded. It's probably wise to stay a few days post surgery before flying back.
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    I'm not sure why you think there would be no advantage. If you go to a clinic where they're using only techs then you have no clue how much experience each individual person has. If someone who lacks experience does a crucial part of your surgery like extractions then there's a chance many of your grafts can be transected. Extractions require a lot more skill to do than implanting. I'd rather have a doctor who I know has over 10 years of experience rather than some random person.
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    for me, even having a "thinning" look after my hair transplants is way better than where I started - which was near complete baldness - therefore while I could achieve a denser look with products such as hair fibers, etc... I really don't want the extra hassle or fuss. In fact, just being able to shampoo, towel dry and add some gel and be out the door is an exhilarating freedom from the exhaustive time previously spent trying to cover up my baldness from comb-overs, hairsprays, etc. My HTs, while definitely an illusion of coverage, have given me a great relief, and that's what I'm appreciative of most.
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    I had so much faith that I was going to the best place but the recent results are nothing like I expected. We went too late I think a lot has changed there over recent years. Just hoping that if I have to go back my second surgery will be given adequate attention by the best people. It’s draining having to go through this, I don’t want to have to go through it this way again.