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    Option 2 with Feriduni .. if he was successful the first time .. then why change that .. don’t waste years of ur life with multiple operations .. get the most of what u can get done right now .. get that frontal band n crown fixed .. that should give u good coverage even as u diffuse in the middle as u age more . Ur hair does look pretty good right now however .. I like that frontal row of small hairs u have on ur hairline ,, it will really help with the transition of transplant hair . Giving it a softer n more natural look ..
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    This is something most people need to consider in their initial research prior to any transplant procedure. When we look at all the stunning results posted from any clinic, we think that those results will be achievable for ourselves. When in reality the clinic can only do their part: donor management, graft excision, and hairline/temple/crown design. Rahal and his techs have a good reputation for this from what I've read and seen(10+ years researching). They use magnification and state of the art equipment. Mike- the lead tech has many years with Rahal. Each persons individual physiology is what dictates how those grafts will take in their new location. Can your body recover fast enough? Can it produce new blood vessels and networks to support new follicles in dormant scalp? How does your skin heal incision wounds? What kind of scar tissue? This is why we see varying degrees of early success and should never judge our own progress with others who may have used the same surgeon/clinic. Other health factors can contribute also; smoking, alcohol, overall poor health/nutrition. Bman3082: I think comparing your self to everyone else on this board has caused unnecessary stress.( ive seen all literalno inquiries across many threads) The work looks promising, your own situation may require 12-18 months and I would let it take its course. maybe stay off this forum for a while. Best of luck
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    honestly man if you can just wait until im at about 10 months (which would be in June). At that point I'll know with certainty whether it was a success or failure. Like I stated originally, I am still optimistic since ive honestly only been in the growth phase for about 3-4 months but looking at JohnRoss is really deflating to be frank
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    Great result. Would like to see alot more posted By the clinic if they're doing 6 patients a day potentially over 100 a month give or take but on average only post 1 a month.
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    Its things one might take for granted pre-hairloss particularly after the second procedure, simply being able to go about my day without considering hairloss, I vividly remember going to the cinema once to see one of my favourite films prior to any transplants at 22 and spending virtually every minute thinking about my hair or judging the hairlines of those in the film. Another particularly memorable moment was going to pick up a package from the post-office for my 55 year old father as a 22 year old and the person at the counter asking if I was his brother. Even things like ordering a coffee can be a nightmare when you're a 22 year old with a diffused NWV3. I'm sure some people might think it sounds silly and bring up "its just confidence brah" (it isn't), but things like walking down the street or being on the bus and getting smiles or looks from attractive girls, same situation when ordering a coffee etc. Prior to surgery ordering food/drink a girl serving would noticeably look away or refuse eye contact, be visibly unhappy, awkward and unsure of how to handle themselves. Its truly like living in a different world where in one everyone is an asshole and dislikes, ignores or just wants you out of their way, in the other everyone is friendly, respectful and helpful. Same with long term friends, both male and female. They'd be less interested in hanging out, less honest especially emotionally (particularly girls), awkward and constantly avoid eye contact. When you go from having perfect hair at 18, to being virtually bald at 22, and back to being in a similar range to your average 24 year old subsequent to that, the way people judge and treat you based on hair becomes extremely noticeable. So its largely not having to think about hairloss everyday, and secondly being treated as an equal or respectable person by others, such that you no longer feel inhibited by hairloss, when I clearly was while enduring it. Both easily understandable when fundamentally I looked ugly, unintelligent and a sorry sight without hair (and whether anyone can admit it that's the same for most people), with hair I look slightly above average. The reality is that's what it gets down to, hairloss ages you a decade minimum, looks incredibly unattractive, makes you look less intelligent and friendly, often implies sickness or bad genetics, and can suddenly make certain facial features stand out and appear ugly when prior they looked normal.