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    This forum has helped so many including myself navigate the waters of hair restoration. But some aren't so lucky, it's an important topic, because hair transplant surgeons aren't created equal. This community has battled free-speech lawsuits for the protection of patients before patients had a voice. Thankfully, now we have a voice and we're able to share our journeys and experiences with one another. Share this video with friends, family and social media. Who ever may be considering a hair transplant.
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    Don’t stress yourself the crown is very often behind the hairline. My crown took the full 18 months to really mature. As others have said for 4.5 months you are well ahead of the curve which is very indicative of an excellent result!
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    Looks good and fine. Was this other doctors name Iman Idiot M.D.? Lol
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    Thanks for the reply. Dr Diep did a great job on you!
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    Farsan i think its looking brilliant especially the hairline
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    4.5 month post op update - Asmed- Dr Koray Erdogan hey guys it's been a little while this is my 4.5 months Post op update. Bare in mind that I had a lot of native hair as well so might be an idea to check out my pre op photos at the start of the thread. Hair line is way ahead of the crown at this stage. In fact alot of the hairs in the very extreme of the hairline did not shed. There is np sign at this stage of any multi hair grafts at the very front so happy about that.I'm feeling small sharp or spikey hairs on the crown although I can't physically see them at this point. I spoke to another doctor last night about this feeling of spikey sharp hairs and he said that's not a good sign (very surprised as I thought that is sprouting) and that I should tweeze transplanted hairs out that are not growing otherwise I'll get pimples. Don't understand that at all. It's only 4.5 months. In normal room light it looks good but then under light it looks very see through and actually the other doctor said it shouldn't be see through at this many months which again I think is horse shit. By the way this other doctor was not my doctor. Let me know what you guys think particularly Melvin would love to see what he thinks as well as Spex. Wet:
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    WOW! Excellent looking density and coverage for just 2,100 grafts, you must be thrilled.
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    Sure here's one dry with shampoos hair no product And another although angle not matching but hope it helps Thanks
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    Congrats Cosmo, great results. I wanted to ask if you are taking any supplements or medication?
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    Fantastic 10-month results! Love the hairline design. Congrats! I too am a bit concerned about his techs doing all the extractions, but, I think if it’s a small dedicated long-term team that he utilized and not many teams like for 5-9 concurrent daily procedures then I would be okay with that given Dr Lorenzo’s consistently good to great results.
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    Here is my 7.5 month update. i was really not liking the gaps in hair and I could make it look good using concealer and time. I debated shaving it and decided to do it. I shaved to a 2 guard on top and a 0 guard fade on sides. I made a post asking for advice but no one responded. I’m also including one shot zoomed in to see if you can see any new hairs which I think I can see coming in. Also to note the barber couldn’t see any scaring or anything even on the zero guard. i will also include a photo of what it looked like before buzzing in a future post. My wife hates the buzz cut but I don’t think it’s so bad.
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    Incredible result with just a little over 2000 grafts. Your pre HT situation wasn't so bad. I think you absolutely did the right thing to wait until you're 40s. I know it was hard for you, I can feel the pain in your words. But all of that is a thing of the past. Congratulations, you must be thrilled. And only 8 months in. You will have much maturing to experience yet. I have a lot of respect for Dr Lorenzo and his results. But it is interesting when you wrote Dr Lorenzo's techs did all the extracting I did not see him in the extraction process at all he just drew on my head prior to going in where to get the grafts from Other Doctors are getting absolutely grilled for this right now. Job well done to all involved. Enjoy your new hair brother!
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    I took these pics early this month but didn't have time to post. So here are the six month results. Im happy with the growth so far.