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    Waw, nice Deb. I can see your face with a big smile.
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    I had my touch up procedure in May 2018. I will upload pictures in about a week. That would be 10 months after second touch up.
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    Thanks. What an improvement between 6 and 8 months !
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    Gutted i wanted to see what kind of growth you had a this stage considering your final result . If you find anything close to 5 months can you PM and them?
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    Hello do you have any photos of you at 5 months ? amazing result in my opinion
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    Ive herd of it. That sounds so stupid lol. But if it did help regrow hair i would do it.
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    Sometimes elaboration is needed for the benefit of the members. You have to remember that consultants, (ex-consultants) are not doctors and it is best to let the doctors speak for themselves.
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    I was quoted 1500-2000 grafts, so i exchanged enough for 2000 grafts prior to travelling. As i think it may have been difficult to exhange money in turkey and know your getting a good rate. I wasn't keen on the idea of carrying that amount of cash everyday, so i gave it to Dr Keser on the first day for safe keeping. He only used 1700 grafts so refunded me the excess.
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    See, I made a thread on this. I have no idea why people are afraid to disclose their surgeon... Anywhos, growth looks good.
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    @CosmoKramer Congratulations on your results. Looking at your pre HT photos you really have come a long way. How were the 5000 grafts distributed over your scalp? Were grafts planted in your crown, if so how many? I think that not naming the Doctor/clinic has created the opposite affect to what you intended. Instead of concentrating on your results, everybody seems to be asking regarding the Doc/clinic. Keep us updated as things mature.
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    Looks good. How many days did the 5,000 grafts FUE surgery take, and who was your surgeon??
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    If you aren’t happy then you aren’t happy and I’m not going to dispute that but I think your hair in the second and third photo looks amazing. Looking at where you started I would say it is an amazing cosmetic improvement. Your frontal lock looks very dense. I like you wanted a little more density in the hairline. I guess i’ll find out what the outcome of mine is in a few months. Considering you are four years post op I personally think it’s looks great.
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    I am unhappy only with the hairline. It is not noticeable to most people, but it bothers me. There is a very clear doll hair effect in real life, with 1 CM gaps in between the hairs. A combination of Dutasturide, Oral Minoxidl and a 4500 HT has served me well however as you can see from the photos. I need a higher quality camera to make the issue that bothers me very clear, but it is similar to the complaints posted on this thread.
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    Looks good mate where did you do it ?
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    Looks good so far Mr. Mysterious lol
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    It looks very good. Obvious success so why withhold the clinic/doctor name?
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    How do you turn off notifications for a thread?
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    Just a pointer, he's not 6 months in as everyone is saying and as he said, in that photo he's less than a week after 5 months in. Look at the date in the thread heading. When I said this poster is a liar this is what I meant, there's a difference between being anxious and agitated (as I am being 3.5 months in and anyone who has had a transplant has been at some point) and outright making things up to stir the pot, especially seeing as everyone automatically assumed the 6 month number was correct which is unfortunate. In no world is 5 months and 6 days 6 months.
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    Payam when all said and done 5 months is way to early to make any judgements on whether your transplant is a success or not . I have uploaded 2 pics, I had my transplant on the 6/1/ 2015 so the first pic is 5 months 1 week post op ,second pic is just under 4.5 month post op. Jesus man tranquilo if I thought they were the finished results I wouldn't have been happy ,in reality the hair was only beginning to grow and thicken ,will upload a pic soon to show how my hair look now , I Have plenty of pics on here showing my progression tho not in a linear thread as such . Third pic look a lot darker than it does on my phone see if I can upload a clearer one
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    Please do not make the poor guy crazy when he is the most vulnerable. Judging by OPs posts directly after surgery (and consistently) crazy was probably an issue well before this thread was posted... Basic things like OP reporting his 4 month results over a week before his actual 4 month mark clearly show he's happy to be dishonest in the name of complaining too. Taking antibiotics for mild follicilitis, calling for electrolysis on the hairline a week out from surgery, complaining that the shampoo he was given was garbage, randomly getting off finasteride and then complaining about a shed as if its somehow the surgeons fault. Nightmare patient.
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