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    Hey Guys, What are some of the ways you guys concealed your hair transplant? My first procedure I wore a hat for a few months. But the second procedure I used hair fibers. I would love to hear your guys input. Concealing Your Hair Transplant Immediately After Surgery? Read This First!
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    Thankfully, I was able to wear a hat at work so I was able to conceal my hair transplant quite effectively. However, wearing a hat for 8 hours can be a bit uncomfortable and thus, I would take it off from time to time even during the healing phase. So I know some people were able to guess that I’ve had something done. But at that point I really didn’t care. Best wishes, Bill
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    Since my entire head was shaved for my 1st procedure and I had never done that before, I decided to work from home as long as I could - obviously worked that out with my job beforehand - wore a hat alot when going outside. Then just kept everything short and even as things started to grow. By the time I went back to work it just looked like I decided to get a really really short haircut - a little shocking to some at first, but then everyone gets over it, and the self consciousness really starts to subside. Honestly, it was also very refreshing to have a buzz cut and not have to deal with styling etc. Just a breeze in the mornings with in and out of shower, towel dry hair, and get on with your day ..
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    Stress and anxiety are disease. They can affect central nervous and endocrine systems, respiratory and cardiovascular, digestive system, muscular system, sexual appetite and reproductive system, immune system and the list goes on... If worry and stress can affect your body in such extreme ways, and whether directly or indirectly can effect your health and therefore your initial hairloss, I think it makes a lot of sense to consider that stress and worry could impact HT results. Consider the indirect affects. For example, due to being stressed, anxious, insecure, you have little motivation, don't embrace social relationships and spend more time alone. Then due to this you make poor food choices and have low activity levels. Your sleep is poor and inconsistent, your cortisol levels rise. The list goes on but could your poor state of health affect how you transplanted hair may or may not grow? I would suggest that it could have an impact! Give your HT the best possible chance for the best possible results. We spend hours/days/months researching, consulting and choosing Doctors to be in the best possible position, so surely it makes sense to do the same with our bodies. Give it an environment to thrive, complete homeostasis.
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    Probably has a wardrobe full of different wigs to turn Kate on.
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    Great idea regarding the poll. This thread has obviously stirred reactions in several people and there seems a genuine split on support or not with Finasteride. I will head over and cast my vote after this post. I agree with several ideas posted, and disagree with many more. I have personally taken Finasteride for over 10 years and can genuinely say that I don't FEEL that I have ever experienced any side effects. But can I be sure, NO. Sexual side effects? No. Being over tired, unmotivated? On the odd occasion I feel this could put it down to stress at work, family life, poor food and exercise choices. Some guys who have experienced heavy side effects are obviously and quite rightly so, very anti Finasteride, I imagine I would be too. And therefore, due to their bitterness, they need to try and warn everybody regarding their experience. But that is exactly what it is, THEIR experience. Not yours, and not mine. When people say that it is impossible to not experience side effects for several years and then suddenly to begin experiencing effects as nonsense. I believe that to be quite naive. As we get older and our mind and bodies as well as our lives change, which includes weight, metabolism, stress levels, sleep levels, happiness, activity levels, cell degeneration slows etc.. to think that the results and effects of Finasteride would stay the same throughout all of these bodily changes seems ludicrous to me. Every choice we make, everything we put into our mouths, into our body will have an effect. Whether that be a more extreme insulin response after eating certain food types, therefore generating different gene expression, our bodies will them digest and react differently to medication. Never before has a generation taken Finasteride every day for 20+ years. Do we know what it may or may not be doing to our bodies over the long term? - NO. But that also applies to mobile phones, Wifi, standard western diet, constant antibiotics etc. The decision is ours to make. Do I take Finasteride ?- Yes. Despite the fact that it affects my hormonal balance? - Yes. Does this concern me as a health conscience individual? - Yes. So why do I take it? The same reason as everybody else. Hairloss has had such a huge impact on my life, and anything negative in my life, I try to reduce, control, stop. Does Finasteride help?- I think so. Am I making the right decision - Who knows? We are all trying and making the best decisions that we can, right?
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    Well, I would say this for 2 reasons. #1 - When understanding the process of a HT procedure, no Dr will ever guarantee that growth will be significantly apparent at 3 months. Actually, forget "no Dr will ever guarantee", no Dr of any status will say that results should be visible at 3 months. It wasn't so long ago that you were still in the "healing" stage. It is the same for all guys who have undergone HT procedures, we have all followed guys and seen results which have shown ridiculously early growth, and we ALL want to be one of those guys, in that category. I couldn't quote the percentages of guys who are in that category, but it for sure the minority. With the evolution in techniques, experience and HT´s in general, maybe that percentage is slowly on the rise, for sure more than it was 10 years ago, but that doesn't mean to say that it is the norm. So don't become disheartened that you are not in the top 8% in regards to early growth. As we all know, this is a long term commitment, a long term solution, and we are all looking for longterm lasting results. Would you rather see growth at 3 months and achieve a longterm 6/10, or see growth at 6 months and receive a long term 9/10? Society is now always in need of "quick fix" results. We are a civilisation that struggles with patience. Don't you be! #2 - I think that it is fair to say that the majority of guys who consider and ultimately undergo HT procedures spend too much time and energy thinking about their hair. That the majority are insecure of how their hair looks, and for that reason decide to take the path of surgery whilst spending large amounts of money and investing a lot of time in their hair. We already obsess too much about our hair. Most guys these days are reasonably well educated of the process of a HT, and understand the risk/reward in taking the decision of a HT. Even if you were not expecting/hoping for results until 6 months, you would still be obsessing about your hair everyday. Checking for new sprouts of hairs, how is the donor, is the reddening subsiding, shock loss, further loss of native hair, etc. etc... It is a painstaking process. So what positive aspect can worrying at 3 months possibly bring to the table? NOTHING! It can only bring more anxiety, stress and worry, which will completely change your frame of mind and can affect all aspects of your life. Including how you view you HT. You did your research, your due diligance. You made your decision and chose one of the best Drs in the business. Trust the process. But understand the process isn't a 3 month process. I wish you the best of luck and will be positively awaiting your next several months updates!
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    Good question, one Ive never seen on here before.
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    This is a grand slam result, damn man i'm jealous haha. Dr. Bansal and Dr. Sethi are definitely doing top notch work. May pay them a visit some day 🙂
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    Personalty I think temples are a super important part of a successful HT. When looking around at before and after pictures from most doctors it can actually be hard to find any good examples seems only a small percent of doctors are willing to take them on most shy away from them it takes some skill to do them right. I've even had a few clinics that I was seriously considering until I asked for some examples of there temple work and at that point never heard back from them again. That said I just did a video consult with Dr. Bansal last night on Skype. I've done quite a few consults with some of the top clinics but this had to be one of the best if not the very best consult I've ever done she really took the time to explain everything to me and seemed to have a really good knowledge of what needs to be done and not to be done when it comes to accomplishing a nature looking hairline and temples I was left with a feeling that I would be in good hands with her for sure. She said she will be visiting my state of Florida next month family vacation and would meet up with me for a inperson consult. Anyways heres a video I found of her explaining pros and cons of different HT techniques and goes on the explain how she feels proper temple points should be done
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    I have a lot of grey hair and I almost always use Just For Men hair color. I also simply dyed my hair the day before surgery as the Dr said doing that would make it easier for him and we would probably get a better yield because he would be able to see the hairs better. No real issues if you just dye it.
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    wow, this result looks great and it came in very fast. The temple points add to the youthfulness of the hairline
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    Prior to my surgery Dr Bhatti's team used their own dye, haven't a clue what the name was, but worked a treat. When I occasionally dye my hair I use Schwarzkopf Live, comes in all different colours and each box lasts about 5-6 applications. I actually just use the black (no 99) but may experiment with other brighter colours now that I approach my mid life crisis!
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    I've thought about it, but I just don't want to depend on a pill. I mean it's also not worth it for me personally, since 90% of the hair on my head is transplanted. But for those 20 year old with a full head of hair to lose, I think it would be something to look in to. While not ideal, definitely better than going bald or being impotent. Two birds with one stone so to speak.
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    Why are people bumping this thread and keeping it alive you ask? 'Cause we know a total sell out when we see it and would do the same shaming of a U.S. doctor doing the same thing with such exuberance. Imagine a U.S. doctor monitoring from his 'throne' 9 monitors filled w/surgeries and he pops in for quick slit sites and is pretty much a ghost the rest of the time? Sure, there are lots of sleazy plastic surgeons in U.S. that have geared up and created 'clinics' - but it would be my opinion that they either have much better personnel and quality control OR they are being lazy and too excessively profitable that they are undermining their previous good reputation. You are witnessing this w/Dr. Erdogan. He can fix it but he won't do so. Thus - we rant. And people rant all the time on forums about poor U.S. surgeons and clinics (their opinions of the 'processes' involved). 'Tis all we are doing. We also post about excellent surgeons who are much more intimately involved and have better-trained personnel. This is a topic that people like to read. With all due respect; get over it. It drives traffic anyways so it is to your benefit. Oh, and now you can stress to your PAID sponsors that you are even more knowledge after following this thread - so make sure to subscribe to it. Thanks M! peace...
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    Actually HIMS hooks you up with finasteride and viagra so number 1 can be resolved. Coincidence 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    He used to be, now he has over a dozen techs performing the most intricate parts of the surgery while he sits and looks at 9 small screens as if this counts as supervision. You will get a lot if disinformation and shilling for Erdogan so here are some hard facts: 1. There is no finesse to Erdogans hairlines, mine is littered with doubles and triples in the first two rows and you will see this in all of his work. 2. What are you paying for? Erdogan is barely involved in the surgery and there is a very real chance you will get an inexperienced tech team, this is just unavoidable considering how much he's scaled up his operation. 3. Erdogan quotes more grafts than any other surgeon you will consult with, try it yourself to find out. Either they are compensating for lower yields due to unskilled low paid techs, or they are simply trying to maximize how much money you spend there with no regard to your donor and future needs. 4. There are several questionable results and progress reports recently, all surgeons have them, but not of this magnitude, we can only assume there will be even more now that he is even further removed from the process and they have ramped up the number of surgeries per day. Simple fact is, when I open a progress report from Erdogan these days I don't know what to expect, there is no consistency there. In the end it is completely up to you to do the research, I certainly wish I had when I went with this guy.
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    Here is my 7th month mark update. After a long time i used some styling product to style my hair to see how things looks now compared to pre surgery time. The outcome was not so desirable to say the least. Hair looked very thin and the density overall was quite poor as the whole scalp gets very visible. infact i can't differentiate between density on the transplanted area (front and midscalp) and non-transplanted area (backsclap+crown). The hairine have many wide gaps and it seems majority of the transplanted hair in the hairline have matured fully. To sum up: the things are not moving in the desirable direction.