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    Dude - you ARE the MAN! I'm a gonna' go on a MAJOR rant right now - so all you TL-DR 'dear readers' may exit stage left at this point. TYIA. Major cosmetic surgery that is botched should be 'shouted from the rooftops' and to be brutally frank (and yes, I am in the legal field and licensed in 3 states as well as Israel) it is horrifying to me that a foreign surgeon cannot be SUED up his ass for Compensatory {expectation & consequential}/General/Punitive as well as Aggravatory and finally Restitutionary Damages. Dr. Erdogan is a reckless unfortunate well-known MILL surgeon operating in Turkey. I stand by this written statement. Unequivocally so, in fact. So sue me, eh? Oh wait - that's what Dr. Erdogan says (not to your face) when he and his staff 'ghost' a persistent and rightly so PISSED-off U.S. patient. Shame on him. And if I am given a 'timeout' for my written statement - no matter. I'll take the charge. It's really no skin off my sack as they say in Jersey. And yes, my last surgery was in India w/Dr. Suneet Soni (4.5K FUT & 500 FUE) in March '17, previous to that surgery in Great Neck, NY w/Dr. Feller 2,243 FUT in March '04, previous to that surgery two surgeries w/Dr. Mark Pomerantz in Chicago, IL (700 and 1100 FUT 'mini and micro' grafts) in two sessions '93 & '94 and finally my 1st initial surgery w/the stupendously arrogant yet 'dim' Dr. Matt Leavitt (100 and 120 minigrafts) FUT in Detroit, MI in Dec. '90 and Jan. '91 Of course I will get more surgery - 2 to 3 FUE procedures and I will utilize 'beard' hair in the process because although I have complete coverage and NO visible thinning my hair is Asian-esque BONE straight and my hair-caliber thickness in Microns is embarrassingly low - thanks Mom & Dad. You fucked it all up when you capriciously concieved me without thinking about genetic predispositions in 1966. Flaccid and weak lack of forethought, but I digress. So, I know of where and when I speak. In fact I would say I am the most informed hair transplant consumer that I've ever known personally. I am obsessed w/hair - it is who I am. Since I get a modest amount of feedback in these forums I will post my last 2 major surgery 'before/after's and my 'current situation' in great and nauseating detail later this spring when I have more free time. SLR photos - professional lighting - wet/dry combthrough videos. Scar and donor area combthroughs and both just-washed hair (wet) - towel-dried hair, no-product dry and styled hair as well as w/a touch of DermMatch concealer. I will walk the walk because I admire everyone here that posts photos and tells their story - it takes alot for me to respect other men - this is hands-down the very best hair-restoration website on the planet. Simple as. For this I owe - a mitzvah if you will for my fellow brothers (in spirit) that suffer from this terrible progressive illness that is passed down from inferior genetic donors (our parents). In the far future hairloss will be a relic of the past that time has forgotten. Until then 'by endurance we conquer!' Peace & Degenerate Blessings...
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    it's my decision on who I feel confident with and who I choose to go with for a HT. Thanks to Payam's post I wont ever be considering Dr, Koray as it was a real eye opener. And while no doctor has a 100% success rate there's some doctors out there who are willing to put their money where their mouth is by offering some sort of warranty incase the HT doesn't go according to plan. Far better than having Dr. Koray's assistants work on me while he supervises from an office chair looking at a television screen!
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    Staying away cause of one sub par result? Who’s to say it’s just not payam’s hair/body responding well? Better stay away from all HT doctors as none have 100% success rate.
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    Extremely natural close-up of hairline! Undoubtedly the patients good hair calibre really helped with this result!
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    Some are very fortunate and one visit does it. This is my first (hopefully only) I’m hitting 56 years old and sitting close to a NW3 suppose I have a chance of getting it pretty close because the rest of the savings is being spent on my wife treating herself to a new watch. So in effect this HT is costing me close to 30k€ I have to admit some of the FIN sides are starting to creep in but I’ve had my children and should another appear a HTwould be the least of my worries. Good look in your quest of satisfaction.
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    I agree 100%, Sean. I'm a lawyer, so I made sure to sign an edited version of the arbitration agreement that allows me to bring certain claims if need be. At this point, I just hope I get more growth so I don't have to take any alternative action.
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    No mate, I will post my month 11 in ten days, no news until then except that the clinic is still ignoring me and i am trying to figure out how i can wear my hair to conceal my hairline while not exposing the gaping maw of low density on my left side. I think a crew cut might work with a fringe and toppik, kinda scared to cut my hair and too embarrassed to face my barber lol, she's probably expecting me to have a full head of hair now On a positive note I have consultations with two very good surgeons this year, hopefully they can tell me something about how many % growth I had as well as options for the future, I just hope like hell the scar tissue isn't bad enough to make surgery too risky. It will be a long wait until I can put this ordeal behind me but at least there is a plan now.
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    BLM, appreciate the humor, at times there’s little enough on the site. No problem posting my journey probably be in at least a couple of weeks after the surgery when I’m in receipt of all the pics & data etc. The strange thing is in preparation of the surgery I had the hairdresser shave most of my head and it didn’t look as bad as I expected, strange old world. Cheers
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    I seriously wonder if a lot of this talk of side effects of finnasteride is more mental than physical You guys need to realize that a lot of sexual arousal is mental. If you have some kind of anxiety or fear, you will not get hard. I used to think I had some issues with finnasteride side effects - I realized it's mostly mental. If I can get very aroused now, I can get very hard. I personally wish I started using finnasteride at 24 to 25. I probably could have saved my crown from expanding as much as it has
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    There are a few very vocal people who are happy with their results on this forum (even they had to go back for a second procedure though, oddly enough). However, I think the latest results from the last year or 2 speak for themselves. Regardless of the constant bickering between the happy patients and unhappy patients, look at the results posted by real people and make your mind up that way. However my advice would be to not look at anything that is more than 2 years old, the clinic doesn't operate the same way it did back then. They don't operate the same way as they did even a year ago in fact. New clinic, many more patients per day, lots of new techs etc. Go with whatever your gut tells you. Look at recent patients pictures posted by the actual patients. They have nothing to gain and are unbiased. Once your grafts are gone you won't get them back, don't make your decision lightly.
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    The timeline that Shera posted is a good reference point, but like he said, there's really no set formula for how fast your hair will grow and how quickly you will see results. It really does vary person to person. While what you're describing may not be ideal, it's not necessarily indicative of anything wrong, so stay positive and optimistic. It is relatively early, but I would go ahead and stay in communication with your doctor anyway just to be certain. Post pictures here if you'd like... Your results may be better than you realize and some outside perspective may help ease your mind.
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    "During my hair fiber days." LOL!!!!! Good one, my friend.
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    looks good at the 5 month mark, but damn, at 39, I wouldn't have gotten a HT with that already nice looking hair pre op!