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    And a new headshot to give you an idea of how hair styling can change your look entirely!! Attached the old one for comparison too!!
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    The transplanted hair usually takes one year for complete show up. After the procedure, one should wait atlesat for a year for the second hair transplant to be done in between the newly grown hair. As you have mentioned, the newly grown hair of 7 months are cosmetically acceptable to you, but you being one perfectionist, need more density. It is fair enough. Since it is only 7 months post surgery, there is a chance that 20-30% hair might still be on their way. The math’s of hair says, 50% of the native density of pre-bald hair is enough to provide the illusion of density of 100% hair. So during hair transplantation 50% density is attempted for many reasons: not to induce vascular compromise due to too much dense packing of the grafts, not to induce necrosis of the skin due to multiple close wounds, and ultimately to have a proper growth. But once the hair are grown, if you want to augment the density then you can do so after completion of 12 months of the first transplant. Age have nothing to do with second sitting timing. Please let us know if you have any more queries to be answered scientifically.
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    Hey guys, It's been 7 months after my op and I'm rather satisfied with my results. I now have a hairline that frames my face but still find myself getting disheartened when I critically examine the density in a mirror. From a social distance, I appear to have a full head of hair but up close and in a mirror, it appears gappy especially when I view it from the bottom up. I'm a perfectionist and I've also heard several times that a single procedure is unlikely to give you a very dense result. My question is; assuming you've had a densely packed result from the first procedure, how significant of an impact can a second procedure make when transplanting into the same area? I know native density is unrealistic because of donor availability, but for my age (23), I am really hoping for a result that is as dense as possible. Thanks
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    Thanks for the support, Nick. Dr. Nadimi was great, I didn't get a chance to meet Dr. Konior. I took a look at your thread and it looks like great work. Months 4 through 6 had huge changes for me. I'll keep up to date on your progress. Happy growing!
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    He used to be, now he has over a dozen techs performing the most intricate parts of the surgery while he sits and looks at 9 small screens as if this counts as supervision. You will get a lot if disinformation and shilling for Erdogan so here are some hard facts: 1. There is no finesse to Erdogans hairlines, mine is littered with doubles and triples in the first two rows and you will see this in all of his work. 2. What are you paying for? Erdogan is barely involved in the surgery and there is a very real chance you will get an inexperienced tech team, this is just unavoidable considering how much he's scaled up his operation. 3. Erdogan quotes more grafts than any other surgeon you will consult with, try it yourself to find out. Either they are compensating for lower yields due to unskilled low paid techs, or they are simply trying to maximize how much money you spend there with no regard to your donor and future needs. 4. There are several questionable results and progress reports recently, all surgeons have them, but not of this magnitude, we can only assume there will be even more now that he is even further removed from the process and they have ramped up the number of surgeries per day. Simple fact is, when I open a progress report from Erdogan these days I don't know what to expect, there is no consistency there. In the end it is completely up to you to do the research, I certainly wish I had when I went with this guy.
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    Looking real good and still 12 months of improvements to come. Thanks for the update.
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    @HairsHoping You are doing great buddy. Look at you, such a transformation with just 1500 grafts is amazing. I am happy for you. By this time you might be started getting 2nd looks (I can relate ) I am in the same boat and got my transplant from Dr Konior in Sept(couple of months behind). Met Dr Nadimi next day after my Surgery. Both Dr Konior and Dr Nadimi came to check on me during my 1st day post op cleaning. She is nice. Check out my thread below https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52264-one-mans-journey-to-a-full-head-of-hair-with-dr-konior/
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    Probably up until around 7-8 months, but most of the growth was early within 5-6 months.
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    Some doctors will try to analyze your donor before the operation to look for signs of dupa (diffuse unpatterned alopecia) which would affect the “safe zone” as they call it. If they see some miniaturization going on then at the minimum they need to ensure you stay on medications. If there is too much miniaturized hairs then you are not a suitable candidate. the other thing to do is look at family history to see how the males on both sides of your family lost hair over time and if there was donor thinning. i think even with all the precautions there is still some risk but that’s the chance we all gotta take
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    Dude!!! Sorry I missed the updates! Congrats on pulling the trigger, how is everything going? You're right in the ugly duckling stage..it's s rollercoaster for sure but the end of the ride is worth it! From your last photos everything looked great, would love to see where you're at now!
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    for that many grafts that scar is really fine, good work by path earlier.
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    You'll be looking good before you know it strategiccomboverartist. Nice write up!
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    I’m wondering why the hairs in the front are of different texture. Is it because your donor area is just thicker? Has the hair behind the transplanted area thinned over time? Have u been evaluated in person and what did the doc say? to me your hair looks fine but it’s hard to judge your complaints without seeing it in person if the issue is not multi grafts in the front, could u not try to soften the hairline by introducing single hair grafts right in front of the thick hairs? also, if u go with a good surgeon, chances are they can improve your previous scar if you decide to take more grafts from your donor good luck
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    would love to see your progress. The suspense is killing me haha.
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    I’m sorry but just using half of your head as a donor blows my mind
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    Hello mate wheres the photo in the countryside ?
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    confirmed. that left side is a failure (at this moment in time). save the BS for the hairs to thicken over the next couple months.. I feel your pain Payam. hang in there and do what you can to style it in a way that disguises it. good luck on a touchup in the future. check out Rahal