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    i'm looking at rahal myself, in addition to others, but idk there's something holding me back. i just don't see enough patient reviews and detailed talk about his procedures, like you do with others. also, there's been a rep chasing me down for a consultation since visiting the site, (where as another doctor i've consulted with, straight up said we don't need your money lol). i know he's considered world renowned and recommended on here, but i just don't know, i've read mixed reviews.
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    Hasson and Wong, Konior, Rahal, Diep, Gabel and Shapiro bro, especially if money is not an issue. Also depends on the whole FUE vs FUT thing due to some being good at one over the other.
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    You are an advanced Norwood 6 or 7. I would estimate 5000-6000 grafts. 2500 will not do much at all. Do not worry about Erdogan's techs doing most of the work. It is better that way. They do it day in, day out non stop. And if it were me, I would rather they did the extractions and implanting. As long as he does the incisions and overall hairline design. In the end there is only one thing that actually matters - the results. Try not to get bogged down in too much of the little details. See which clinic cranks out the most consistent patient posted results and go with that. As for lotions and potions, each to their own, but frankly IMO the shampoos and minoxidil are a waste of time and money. They will do very little in your case as you have lost so much. Finasteride is still singularly the most important, effective, and cost effective thing to take. But considering your case, 5000 - 6000 will cover your whole area and you wouldn't need to take any of it. Just my opinion and good luck!
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    It's been two weeks! I have dandruff. I got a haircut! I love how it looks before the shedding.
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    It’s great you have aggressive goals, but I think you may need to scale back your expectations a bit. In terms of length, I cut my hair at a #1 on the sides and it looks good. Someone who’s had a hair transplant or is educated would spot the scars, but I don’t really care. That said, I don’t think you can cut your hair to a #0. That’s the point where the genral public would notice. If you really want FUE, plan on at least three surgeries. If you have the time and money go for it. I just want to make sure you’re fully informed. Some guys aren’t and regret not having gone strip first. I don’t regret it, because like you I’ve always worn my hair short. But theres no doubt I spent more money and time going only FUE.
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    I don't want to give you empty hopes, but this guy went from this: To this: So everything is possible. Go and try.
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    There's a big difference between what your sides appear to be kept at in your actual photos and the couple "dream shots" at the end. The end shots show what looks like a 0 guard. That might even show with FUE. The HT example looks like about a 4 guard, as do your photos above. Those would accommodate a FUT scar. I was able to have my FUT scar not show at 12 days p/o with the staples freshly out at a 4 guard. I once was afraid of FUT because I thought I wore my sides and back shorter than I really did. 3-4 guard is pretty short, and that's with a fresh haircut.
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    Some clinics have informed me that hairs extracted from the chest fall after being implanted in the head in 3-4 years. Answer: In most of the times most of the chest hair dont grow after transplantation the way scalp or beard hair grow. I mean may be 30-50% planted chest hair show up. (Also to mention here that it is very difficult to extract the chest hair and in the process of extraction some 30-50% get transected or damaged, even in expert hands.) The chest's hair has a very different nature and anagen phases of the head hair. However, in many cases, it gets the same nature of the head hair and gets softer and longer in an only case opposite to the Orentreich’s theory that the transplanted organ keeps its original nature. Answer: It is difficult to predict whether "Donor dominance" or "Recepient dominance" is going to happen to the planted graft! But the chances of "Donor dominance" is more. Does the chest's hair fall from the head when it sometimes fails to take the same nature of the head hair, or may it fall even if it takes the same nature of the head hair? Answer: The telogen phase of the chest hair is much longer than the scalp hair. The anagen (growth) phase of the chest hair is short. Once the chest hair fall they would take long time to grow back, unlike scalp hair. How long does it take for the chest's hair after transplanted in the head to take the same anagen phases of the head hair where there exists a very big difference in the anagen phases between the head hairs and the chest's hair? Answer: As mentioned earlier, the chances of chest hair becoming like a scalp hair is less. Is the reason that the crown area, where the body's hair is usually transplanted, is the least area irrigated because of the little collateral circulation which leads to poor follicular nutrition in this area and therefore the hair is more likely to fall from it even for non-hereditary reasons? Answer: No, not a valid reason.  Or is the reason, otherwise, because the hair implanted in it, even if takes the same nature of the head hair, may also take its genetic susceptibility to fall? Answer: The genetic susceptibility to fall under baldness is only for scalp hair. As mentioned earlier, the chances for growth and then sustenance by the chest hair is less. Ethical and scientific doctors would advise not to go for chest or other body hair, beyond scalp and beard. Please let us know if you have got any more queries. Dr Pradeep Sethi www.eugenix.in
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    These results are insane! I’m so jealous 😆.. Congratulations you must be so happy! 😊
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    Depends on the barber. I use to go to a supercuts and had to stay around a 4. But since I switched up my game and went to a stylist in the city I can get down to a 2.5 3...a good barber is key if you are going for a shorter hair cut
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    It sounds to me as though you are one of those people who will never be happy with their hair. You had 1000 grafts into a very dense and thick head of hair, probably unnecessary to begin with, and now you are obsessing over your result. I think no matter what you do, you won't be happy and will continue to obsess over your hair. Your hair looks fine. Go live your life.
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    I am new here and bumping an old thread. But new people here read lots of old posts and this was an important one and has good info from an active and busy Dr. I have been considering a HT in Turkey and all signs pointed to Dr. K being a top shelf choice. I still think he is a great choice today from what I can tell, but things have changed and it is very different than what he posted here. First, though his website AEK says he performs all the surgeries himself, that is simply not accurate. Evidently at one time he did. But now he sees 2-4 patients a day according to the person I communicated with at his office. The price is very reasonable for a technician performed procedure in Turkey by a smaller and higher end operation that I feel AEK is. But don't be confused. When I was about to book, I double checked to make sure Dr. K was doing the graft extraction per his own impassioned words here. I was informed he simply supervises procedures. If I wanted him to actually do the extraction it would be at least 5,000 euros vs the aprox. 2,500 euro price I was quoted. Again, I feel all of these prices are fair (they charge for procedure now, not per graft or hair) Assuming they can do the 4-5k hairs (they go by hairs, not grafts) in one session they claim they can...great prices for an experienced Dr. or a higher end technician done job. I was offered upon expressing my concerns that Dr. K would do the incisions for me at no additional charge and I appreciated that. Maybe he just could not fight the tide of the business model in Turkey. IDK. But he is operating against what he suggested was a bad idea here 4 years ago. I am still considering Dr. K if I do decide to go down the part of a "technician" performed FUE surgery. If you want to go the route I can't seem to think of a better possible value when other top Turkish Dr.s are following the same model with amazing results. With all the great information I have gotten here and still doing research in fact. Actually that's how I found this thread again and thought it was really important to know Dr. K seems to be a solid option. But has a very different business model that may be great for some people reading this. I have yet to decide on a Dr. Communication is great at his clinic and I truly get the feeling he would not hire just anybody. With so many clinics and technicians working in turkey, I would assume there are many experienced technicians and one would think they would be found at a place like this and not the hair mills where I suspect they learn as they go..