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    Looks really good gonna be a wonderful thing in a few months What do they charge per graft ?
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    Well said. My first comment assumed that you go to a decent Dr in the first place (we all know the usual top 10 names) that uses the latest manual techniques and lateral slits.
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    Thank you! I'm very happy so far. I am a little nervous about losing some hair in the future. I'm going to be 32 this year. I'll continue to update the thread with better pictures.
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    Hairlines may be able to be refined. It depends on the ethics of the doctor. It depends in the level of scar tissue a surgeon causes with creation of high density recipient sites and so forth. If there is ridging and cobblestoning it makes things scary and some docs recommend complete resection. Lots of variables here. It is best to find a doctor that excels in the true art of lateral slit technique and places grafts safely with safer tools. A lot of what you see online is misleading and misinformation. There are folks that are not upfront and can decieve. You really have to be careful and do your research also outside of forums by trying to find real patients you can meet up with.
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    I had almost no shedding on the temple points. Seems pretty common to not shed as much there. My theory is there is more blood flow in that area. Makes sense since I have read repeatedly that the back of the head is slower to regrow grafted hairs than the front because of less blood flow.
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    Sounds like he's just trying to steer you in the right direction. I had gotten in touch with Rahal's clinic and spoke to his rep when I was researching doctors for my first procedure, but as I dug a little deeper I had started to see enough negative results/experiences that I ultimately eliminated him from my list. Again, good luck in your search.
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    There have been many of them, especially around late 2016-2017 there were a lot of poor growth cases including some prominent posters with issues including one with a botched donor after under 2000 grafts. I had someone PM me about some density issues on one side and graft angles being off literally a few days ago (although the case was done many years ago). Another recent poster here is still only at 6 months roughly but says he sees very little growth. I think you're mixing up how loudly someone complains (Like Payam) vs how many problem cases there are. I know saying this sounds overly negative, but I find it incredible how some people are masters of finding problems with one surgeon but apparently forget how to do a basic Google search with others. Tbh I would also recommend HnW.
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    I wish there more case studies as well. I noticed he (or someone at his clinic) posted a handful of new results a couple weeks ago, and they were all pretty solid. This whole process is nerve racking, because no matter which clinic you are looking at, their published case studies are showcasing their successes. We all know that every doctor has bad outcomes we're not seeing. For Rahal, I get some comfort from the fact that very few people have negative opinions of his work (the same seems to be true for H&W). If he had a lot of bad outcomes, there is no doubt that at least some of those disgruntled folks would find their way here or to some other forum, and be bitching up a storm.
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    Just wanted to at least add this last photo.