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    I pointed out this situation about a year ago that a lot of Docs are not posting monthly examples of their work ,not picking on anyone Doc but I pointed out to the Mods that Dr Bloxham had stopped posting on here which was quite surprising as he used to be a very active contributor before and immediately after being recommended on this site .
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    Analog, you have at least 4 different threads asking the same question. If you want to bump a thread simply ask the question again on your old thread. We receive complaints that you spam the forum with several threads asking the same questions.
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    Dr. Bernstein in NY does plug removal and sutures the holes closed. I've seen some photos on here of work that Dr. Gabel did, where he removed plugs, and it looked good.
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    Dr Bloxham still posts results, he just doesn't contribute to advice or answering questions anymore. Some of the others don't even do that, with any great frequency. I agree I completely with you. Recommendation shouldn't be a one time grant. Standards should be consistently held high and monitored in case they fall below the limit set. Let's see what @Bill - Managing Publisher and @Melvin-Moderator say
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    No it's not realistic to return to work the day after surgery
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    I wasn't picking on one doctor, she just so happened to be the first on the list of recommended doctors as she is based in Arizona and it is done alphabetically and lo and behold! she doesn't post results every month. Her results aren't exactly mind blowing when she does post them either. She posted some before and after pics in September and the only comment on the thread is asking her where the after pics are hahahaha. There seems to be poor policing of the site's own high standards which then reduces the quality of the site's recommendations. Clinics pay a montly premium to be recommended here because they feel they are buying quality and there is a lot of traffic in a very active forum and (potential) patients come here because they are getting quality advice and recommendations. There is a symbiosis. If the quality of the recommendations is reduced through poor enforcement of its own standards, it undermines the whole process and patients may stop coming to the site and doctors may stop thinking they are getting quality value for money which means patients stop coming to the site...... It is not my business model to worry about, just an observation. I think after Feller/Lupanzula Gate, Feller and Bloxham as a clinic made the decision to stop posting here. It is a shame because their information and advice was very good and they were very helpful. I wonder if they still post on other fora or if they stopped altogether.
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    Probably is real but I have never heard of him (although I didn't even consider Turkey as a possibility so apart from the usual 3 suspects from there who everybody knows, I have no idea). The problem isn't the doctor per se, it is the person representing him. It all just seems a bit suspicious. Some guy's first post is to ask a very, very niche question to bait "John" into saying his surgeon uses that or something. I'd avoid. Not worth the risk.
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    Very good result. What is the result time frame? Why compare wet before photos to dry post photos, not a proper representation to be honest.
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    I think this is an often overlooked point and one worth repeating as I've noticed similar benefits in my professional life. I know in another thread you made the comment that people don't think twice about buying a $15-20K car but treat a hair transplant like it's a luxury expense only afforded to rich people, rather than an investment in oneself. In my case, the confidence I had from my "full head of hair" (largely Dermatch and Toppik smoke and mirrors) allowed me to push much harder during a recent salary negotiation at work because I was confident enough to interview other places and leverage offers against each other. I ended up getting over a 20% raise which more than paid for my procedure. If we simply define anything that can or will provide future income as an asset I think there's a strong case to be made for a hair transplant being an investment in an income-generating asset rather than a luxury expense. Not to mention all the other, non-financial benefits that a hair transplant has (e.g., more confidence in social settings, better dating options, etc.) Rant over.
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    I am sorry, I disagree. They may be rumors in the literal sense of the word purely because there is no proof but they are on several different, unrelated fora with several different unrelated posters posting the same complaints. I have also had a surgeon recommended on this website tell me things he has heard too. This should raise eyebrows. I have read of two separate cases, one of this forum and one on another, where he has told patients whilst they are mid-procedure he would throw extra grafts in the trash if the patient did not pay extra money. Highly unethical if true, but as you say, no proof so just rumors but I would still think twice. Secondly, he seems to get protection status on here when people post pictures of other patients' donors. I remember one thread about him in particular had pictures of an absolutely butchered donor and rather address the concerns, the pictures were removed despite the pictures having come from another thread on this forum anyway. He uses too large a punch in my opinion and also shows poor judgement like taking all of the FUE grafts from one side of the patient's donor. In fact, that thread actually has several more seasoned posters here sharing concerns about him. He does get good results but so do other clinics with less controversial stories about them, true or otherwise, and that in my opinion look after the donor sites better.
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    Haha I bet you're loving that swipe life with your new mop! Better invite Dr. Diep to your wedding lol. I was going to hold off on dates for a few weeks but this girl matched and opened me on bumble so it wasn't really an option to delay cuz of the 24 hour limit thing. Feel like these apps would be awful for a NW4+. Whales and single moms only.
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    I scheduled around July 2018 and got an appointment schedule for June of 2019. However, a cancellation came up so I managed to get my appointment in May now haha so 1 month earlier i guess it doesnt hurt. I just wanna do this thang and enjoy my life with a sweet af hairline while im still young af lol
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    @shookwon33 @Melvin-Moderator 4 MONTHS 2 WEEKS POST-OP
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    I started losing hair at 17! I remember being on the bus home from college, before even being aware myself I had any issues and someone commented on my receding temples! I became acutely aware of it at 18 and grew my hair forward in an attempt to cover it, as it thinned, it became more obvious that it was a bad comb forward! at probably 21 i could no longer hide it and would find myself not going to places where I couldn’t this wear a hat. I even wore a hat in the house to hide it from my parents! At 24, I decided to shave my head to see how it looked, but my hair was so thin at the front that it looked like I had no hair on top and no disearnable hairline. from then up until my first procedure at 26/27 I withdrew socially and wouldn’t go anywhere at all without my hat even though I used concealers every day! looking back I feel I wasted 10 years of my life being so paranoid about my hair. I also used to look at people and friends with hair and experience extreme jealously and ask “why me!?” Looking back now that seems silly, but it affected me that much. at 27/28 after my first hasson procedure it’s no exaggeration to say my life and my confidence completely changed, my hair is now far better than at 18, and I regularly get compliments on my hair, people asking where I get it cut/how I style it etc, no one is aware I had a transplant... not just for the the quality of the work (although that’s a big factor), but also the lengths I would go to to hide my hair loss pre surgery. Now at 38 years of age I have people thinking I’m in my 20’s, and a few months ago I got carded buying alcohol!lol the friends I used to be so jealous of having hair are all now balding to some extent and are now envious of my hair!lol in all it’s no exaggeration to say that if I hadn’t had a HT/‘s then I wouldn’t be where I am in life or as happy as I am because I’d still be as paranoid about my appearance and attempting to hide it and myself away from everyone! Not to sound like an infomercial but Dr. Hasson and his team completely changed my life and I will be forever greatful
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    Having hairloss is definitely difficult especially at an early age... but it’s just something we have to deal with .. just like having to get a job n paying our bills , n taking Care of our fAmilies and our own health .. it’s the journey of life .. it’s just another obstacle .. but as long as we don’t let things overcome us, it be alright .. just got to take steps to overcome things .. as long as u have control of the situation or acceptance of it .. then it’s not as bad as it seems .. p.s. 2 years ago when my hairloss was noticeable . N I kept receding n thinning , n I didn’t know what to do to stop it .. it was my most depressing times about hairloss .. but once I educated myself by researching online n on this forum .. I felt like I had control , n know what options I have to make things better is when my hairloss n self esteem got better .. hope u guys do the same