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    Can he get someone to count the hairs per cm sq? I’m just saying does not look like 65.
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    A lot of people love to say Dr. Diep destroys donor areas but in reality after say the first few weeks the holes really contract back to normal and there are really no signs of any visible scarring. I recently had a consultation with Dr. Diep on why he uses .9-1.0 mm punch sizes and his thorough explanation makes complete sense and leaves me no doubt in his skills, experience, and knowledge. In addition, with literally all of his patients videos where he shows the donor area it literally looks untouched....
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    Honestly, most natural hairlines are crooked in some way: Some more, some less. Mine is too, and the one from the "hair god" is as well:
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    Lol we have almost the same routine haha. I never put fibers on my hairline, it looks unnaturally dense if I do. I like that you can see the singles in the hairline it makes it look soft. I mainly concentrate the fibers in the crown and on the crown edges. I sprinkle a tad in the midscalp just to thicken it up a bit. With hair fibers my hair looks as good as it did in High School, which is amazing considering I used to a norwood 6.
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    PS I would wait 15 months before you schedule a session to refine things. With my hair transplant I noticed an increase in density after 12 months, basically the hairs mature and thicken. Things start to flow, hair starts to settle. It's around this time you can judge the final final result… And a great time to tweak things
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    I considered myself a NW2.5. I don't know that my caliber is extraordinary at all. I think it's pretty medium, I just dont have a lot of miniaturization so it looks pretty solid. Super thick caliber hair is awesome, but it's also harder to get such soft result. I had around 2200 grafts and it was strip. At the time, when I was researching about 9 years ago, FUE was just coming into it's own. The results were not as strong as they are now and the visible scarring was worse because most docs used a 1mm punch. I also have a scalp condition that prevents me from shaving my head, so I was OK with Strip. Dr. Konior was very picky about the caliber of each hair and where it was placed, meaning he split of 1s and F1s (fine 1s), which allowed for such a natural result by meticulously placing for the most natural result. My results may be out of the norm because there are so many variables for each if us, but there is nothing extra special about it either. Anyone who is lucky enough to have have minor loss (so far), want better hair, commits to medication, and does extensive amounts of research to pick top doc can get a similar result I believe.
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    I don't have a problem with the work itself, but I really wish clinics would stop trying to make it appear better than it is by misclassifying the severity of hair loss. This gentleman was a NW 5A and was nowhere near a NW 7 as it states in the title. I'm posting the NW scale just to show what I mean.
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    North America - Konior and H&W. Do FUT along the same scar as mentioned above.
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    SOME FINAL IMPRESSIONS... In the last 3 months, I must notice that I had good hair and bad hair days, days when I wanted to get a haircut because it looked ridiculous, and it was getting harder and harder to maintain. I forgot how greasy my hair is becoming after just 2 days when grown longer. Also, since nowadays longer but very 'usual' hairstyle isn't that popular or common, I get conflicting comments about my hairstyle. Family suggests that I look better with shorter hair, some others say it is great and makes me look younger. Anyway, I decided not to listen anyone's suggestions, and grow it out a bit more. Objectively, I know that shorter hairstyle with pompadour or spiked up or whatever probably makes me more masculine or trendy, or commonly better looking (especially for the ladies), but how to explain to people that this shit is something that I figuratively cried for for the last 12 years of my life, since my receding and diffusion made any attempt at sporting longer hair left me looking ridiculous and dissapointed. So I want to see where can I go from here until it gets to the point of 'too long, too much' (no way there is such thing as too much hair, especially for us former baldies and our not so fortunate, still balding brethren). I am continuing with finasteride rigorously, and am aware that someday my hairloss might come back at me, the reason more for me to enjoy this comeback of abruptly halted youth (I literally lost 6-7 years of my life obsessing with hair. It is of course, only my own fault, nobody else is responsible. But I also learned so much during my fight back). While it lasts, it lasts. I did almost everything I could to reverse the 'curse' that was really bothering me. Although not a perfect overall result (because we all aspire for the perfection, and perfection is not achievable in this industry due to the limitations of donor, we all know), this is the densest and best hair that I had literally since I was 19 years old, and it is all just my hair. And I am really pleased with it. Ofc there are some minor gaps I would like to fill in some more, but I think I've come to the point that anything more would be just waste of the remaining resources. If I want to thicken the crown I just have to put minimal amount of fibres and it looks great.
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    Well to be fair, Dr. Rahal said that in order to get a natural hairline, the grafts are mostly 1 units at the front. Also, my hair characteristics are straight with normal thickness, so my scalp shows more than someone with curly thick hair. But I agree with you, I need more density at my hairline. I tried counting my hairs just now but it was too difficult trying to stay within a square cm. I'll try to ask someone to count for me and then let you know what it is.
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    go with a top notch doctor to do an FUT complete frontal zone repair and restoration (3300-3800 grafts), the hairline does not look too low so I assume they'll just be looking to add density and further enhance it, if I were you, don't touch the crown at this point and get on meds and minoxidil, once the frontal zone is repaired and you can grow out your hair, the strip scar is essentially camouflaged and I think you'll be very happy, otherwise just do SMP into the strip scar, dont waste any grafts trying to conceal it even body/beard - I believe that's your best most efficient option - your case should not be that difficult in the hands of a good surgeon, get multiple opinions thru consults - I'd suggest the following: Rahal, H&W, Cooley, Shapiro, Gabel, and of course Konior if you can wait.
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    Don’t do it .. I’m giving u the same advice as other members gave me last year when my hairloss just started . N I only needed 1200 grafts .. it won’t make Much of a cosmetic Difference .. 1200 wont match the density of ur native hair .. n if u already receding at a young age .. u will most definitely recede further.. then u just be chasing ur hairline ..
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    You already have a FUT scar, so you should look into the possibility of having another FUT by one of the better Drs on this site. They may be able do a FUT along the same scar line and make the scar thinner while also getting a decent number of grafts. I would at least look at that possibility with some clinics before doing SMP or body grafts into the scar. You can always do SMP and/or body grafts later if you still need it.