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    Interesting I have defused hair loss and was just recently diagnosed with low Hypothyroid and put on thyroid meds
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    If he mentioned them in this thread as having low intelligence then yes that is the point where your attacks on his character are valid. Disagreeing with his opinion on Asmed or his own hair transplant being subpar is not where your attacks hold legitimacy. You seem very worked up by this thread and reply to every comment he makes even though you believe his character is questionable... that seems like wasted energy.
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    just click on my profile ,then attachments should able to access photos if you click on my profile then click on "see their activity" then click on "topics" on the left hand side then you will be able to click on my post 3.5 years post FUE ,pretty much shows pre -op to 3.5 years post op
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    If you go on your account settings, you can change your subscription settings. I also believe there is an option at the top of the thread to unsubscribe if you are subscribed. In the future though, please ask the question as it’s posted above and don’t be using unnecessary profanity.
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    I'm flying next monday to Dr. Cinik. I hope everything goes fine. Did he do the channels opening?, were you satisfied with the procedure?. I'll open my thread once I come back and will share how it went. I guess you're 1 month away for getting results, but I think that it will be good considering your surgery photos. Regards
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    Thinking about going to Dr. Cinik aswell. Im 32 and started losing hair about 10 years ago and it bothers me everyday. Was looking for clinics in denmark where im from, but they are really expensive. So i startet looking in turkey, greece and belgium, and have seen great results from Dr. Cinik, and his prices are 1/3 of here in denmark. Did you pay the extra price for the exclusive package, so that Dr. Cinik performed the channel opening? I just got the estimated price from them, and there is 500euros difference if i want him to perfom the channel opening. They told me that it would make no difference whether he does it or his employees do it. Looking forward to following your progress.
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    Thanks for the update. Could you show some pics of the temple points? How is growth there?
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    Jean, name calling is totally uncalled for, there’s no reason to behave in such an aggressive manner. I understand tensions are high and you may find some opinions disrespectful, but under no circumstance should you resort to cursing or name calling. That’s not how we conduct conversations or discussions on this forum. Everyone, I know there’s two sides, those of you who feel one way and those who feel another. I will be discussing the response with Bill and Pat, honestly I found his response yo be enlightening and what he said made sense. However, I would like to know about the other surgeons. Just so you know, we do not recommend clinics we recommend doctors. So, we don’t technically recommend ASMED clinic we recommend Dr. Erdogan, so anyone who is visiting our site and choosing Dr. Erdogan, should be having incisions made by Dr. Erdogan regardless. Also, it could be that those surgeons are very talented and may even end up being recommended at some point. We need more information. Be patient. Also, Payam how can I demand answers from Dr. Erdogan, when I’ve asked you now three times to update us with your progress and you’ve ignored me every time. How is this being fair?
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    Because it's mostly copy paste of his previous responses, except the part where he admits that he doesn't even do the incisions anymore, but it's "mostly for turkish patients" so I guess he will get another free pass.
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    Ok lets talk about being an adult. Payam, you're the guy that on one of the other major hairloss forums goes on every Erdogan thread *literally* saying things such as that they "will be butchered" (direct quote) if they go to Erdogan (who has literally hundreds of positive patient reviews online, more than any other surgeon I've seen in the past 5 years and is the vice-president of the World FUE organisation with constant innovation in the area). You're also PMing people along with HT012 (who also made fake accounts) telling people how bad he is. You also say he ruined your life the procedure makes you miserable. You're also the guy that spent ten thousand dollars on a procedure with a clinic with hundreds of reviews available online on sites like this, and didn't spend FIVE MINUTES reading one that said techs did the extractions. Almost every review of ASMED here mentions it and this fact is a quick Google search away, does an adult book a ten thousand dollar surgical procedure without reading a SINGLE patient review? And top of that you're the guy that lies and make misleading comments about the clinics correspondence which clearly doesn't mention Erdogan doing the extractions anywhere and explicitly mentions a surgical team doing parts of the surgery. You outright were suggesting in the first 2 months and even first few days that your procedure was probably a failure. You said you were at 6 months when you were barely past 5 for no particular reason other than probably cause a bigger stink. After that, you organise consults with surgeons with multiple year waiting lists (so you can complain for longer rather than actually fixing your problem) and whine and complain about your correspondence with the clinic. Complain about your correspondence with them after posting on another forum that anyone else who goes there will be "butchered" and that the procedure "ruined my life". Any other clinic in the world would either have blocked your number or be taking legal action. Supposedly they ruined your life and yet you do nothing to fix the problem but whine on the forum. Is this the adult option? Does an adult whine on a forum and book consults for surgeons with 4 year waiting lists about an easily fixable issue that they supposedly have the money to fix rather than actually addressing it? No name calling, just reality Payam. "I mean not a single one of the other 3 guys who did surgery the same day as me are happy ranging from density issues to unnatural looking hairlines, this is what happens when you have the FUE factory approach Asmed uses." If this is true Payam, why are results of 90% of the surgeries at ASMED that are posted by patients upfront from day one ranging from acceptable to very good? (and someone did a statistical analysis here of this too) When I first researched clinics I roughly tallied success rates and continue to note that which I see among top surgeons, ASMED still are among the highest. You can't compare results of a doctor like Nadimi with literally less than 5 FUE results against ASMED with hundreds and hundreds; but again that goes to the above points, most certainly an adult wouldn't do this, but maybe someone in their 30s that hasn't yet reached adulthood or learnt the basics of statistics might do so. " despite the fact that Asmed uses far more grafts than any other surgeon in the world" That is outright false, another one of your subtlely dishonest points that slips through for people who don't know better, I've seen you comparing hairline cases where Erdogan does a full temple point reconstruction to the graft numbers of another surgeon only in the hairline and without adding density to thinning areas behind the hairline either. Its not that you're too braindead to know or see this Payam, you're just being dishonest and hoping that people who don't know any better or noobies will think you're right and vindicate your little crusade. "how many patients speak about needing a touch up due to multigrafts in the hairline" For the record, the only person who had this as a primary concern was this guy, and this is what his hairline looked like: I guarantee you if any other surgeon produced this result, or you saw this on the street without knowing it was a hair transplant, NO ONE would think it looked unnatural or that it had an issue with multigrafts, PERIOD. It isn't a serious issue in your case either, people aren't shoving their eye socket into your hairline Payam, no one in the real world is looking at it with an extreme closeup in harsh lighting except for you when you take a photo to badmouth the clinic. Before I was harsh but gave you the benefit of the doubt that maybe you weren't deliberately trying to come off so childishly, after seeing your posts on the other forum telling everyone you could about being butchered and that they'd be butchered if they went to the clinic ((again you explicitly used this term multiple times) its obvious you're just a vindictive, childish person.