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    ... And stop arguing back and biting to every single post that doesn't agree. Stop going in to every Erdogan thread and rubbishing the results. Not because you don't have the right to or aren't justified because of your less than stellar personal experience with the clinic but because bro, it's not helping YOUR situation. People across all of these forums know at this point going to Asmed is cheaper but also risks a much higher chance of a subpar result due to all the aforementioned things such as the number of surgeries, the attention to detail or lack thereof, the techs being more aesthetically pleasing to the eye then their actual HT results at times and whatnot, etc etc etc. The fact the clinic has these types of threads going on every major hair loss forum is proof that something isn't right and needs to be addressed, that's the one thing no one can dispute. You don't see the top clinics having these ongoing threads about them and you don't see them with multiple concurrent discussions regarding their mixed results. Every clinic has average and even poor results, but the point is that the top ones have very few of these compared to their good ones, Asmed does a lot more HT's per day so they have a lot more cases of good and bad, it just is what it is. I suggest you stop biting back though you are turning people against you and that isn't going to help you in a time when you need support and guidance. Relax bro... you've made your point and threads like yours serve a purpose... for me personally who is within a year of choosing his HT surgeon results like yours are why I WILL NOT spend my money with Erdogan and Asmed... bottom line.
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    At this point you have heard it all Payam, the good, the bad... let me just say... I am disappointed in the result you've received and the bottom line is it should have been better for the money you are paying. If you had chosen a surgeon like Konior or H&W the likelihood you would have received a better result is quite substantial which speaks to the fact that sadly a. you get what you pay for and b. Asmed has become a transplant mill which focuses on numbers in and out the door as opposed to quality and focus one to one on each individuals case. This is apparent with the fact you get a roughly 15 minute examination by Erdogan before your surgery and you may not see him again the entire time, that's really just appalling treatment and turns the patient into a number on a conveyor belt. Those that have had good results with him or have vested interest in the clinic keeping it's reputation from 2017 will obviously dispute this and they have every right to but the sketchy results I've read on this forum alone over the last year really speak volumes for the inconsistency this particular clinic now has. Bro all you can do now is accept the subpar result and plan for the future. Chalk this up to a mistake in the surgeon you chose and focus on finding the right one who is going to fill in all the gaps Asmed left, this will be easily done by any clinic with a good track record, you know the ones. Use this as a learning experience and a teaching for your next procedure which will give you the full and desired result you wanted when you went in the first time. Try not to dwell on what has already happened because at this point it will only further cause you stress and anxiety and will not be good for the health of your hair or your person as a whole. You got this bro... start focusing on the next move... this is chess not checkers.
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    I've tried to hold my tongue on this thread, as it seems to have devolved into a hysterical, hand-wringing, anti-Erdogan frenzy that I didn't want to indulge. However, the claims on here that no one has gotten good results out of ASMED recently are flat out dishonest. While I didn't originally want to name names, I felt I needed to do so in order to make a credible point to those who are lurking here (including newbies) who may be influenced by what's been said, about the clear distortions that have been made on this thread. For great results from ASMED in this forum from surgeries that were performed since the end of 2016 (i.e., no touchup was necessary, whether or not the individual decided to take another pass anyway), look at Alexmczane26575, DEB1982, JeanLDD, Jammerz, Vchorro, Sk78, Artofeden, HG1, Vainism, and Ediee. For good results since the end of 2016 (i.e., there was a major cosmedic improvement the first time around but a minor touchup was needed to achieve a perfect result), see Jonyny (who says he is happy now), Pancake, Shuriken, Nathd911, HairDew (who specifically says he is very happy with his hair), Bloodshoteyes, Handski, Ponchik, Scotty9107, Hamburger, and JustJax. Only five people -- you, Webhandler, Planetstephen, Boulderbalder, and Rwethereyet, showed results that could be considered "mediocre" (i.e., they need another procedure of comparable magnitude to the first to achieve the optimal result, by their own account). I did not include HT0416 because his surgery was over two years ago (in other words, outside the timeframe in contention). That means, in this forum alone, and at the time I did my analysis in the beginning of December, there were 10 great results since the end of 2016, 11 good results, and 5 that were "mediocre." So let's do the math here....21/26 = 81% good or great and 5/26 = 19% that were mediocre. None were poor (poor being defined as the hair looking the same or worse than it did before surgery). For a good example of what "poor" looks like, see Sanjar41 and Sufferer12, who went to a clinic in Colorado and had truly awful results, by their own account. When combining results from the French and Italian forums with those of this forum, the results were essentially the same -- 48% great, 33% good, 19% mediocre, and 0% poor (so, doing the math, 81% good to great) -- but with a much larger and more statistically significant sample size. In this forum, it also looks like grantleebuffalo and cali101 will soon be in one of the top two tiers (although I had initially rated them as inconclusive, as their procedures were 5 months ago or less when I did my analysis); we can also add Panos1982 to the ranks of "great" as well. I hadn't included Panos in my initial analysis since his post was put up afterwards. I understand you're upset, as the numbers above would be of no solace to someone who is in the unfortunate minority. However, you clearly are in a very vocal minority of dissatisfied patients. Furthermore, there is plenty of evidence that the clinic reached out to those that were dissatisfied to try to help those patients. Planetstephen is going back for a touch-up this month. HT0416 was offered a repair but declined. You have openly stated you won't go back there, and you're not even at 10 months post-op (when everyone repeatedly told you you need to wait 12-18 months), so what exactly do you expect from them? The clinic says they offer a 90% regrowth guarantee, which means you wouldn't pay a cent if you got a yield lower than that. As far as the technicians are concerned, you make a lot of assumptions about their level of experience and the idea that it was their involvement that led to your mediocre results. You have no idea what caused your results. Your fever on the first night may have been your body rejecting your grafts, for all you know, but you chose to assume that it was the technicians' fault. You have no evidence of this. You make several claims that you were misled about the surgeon's degree of participation in the surgery. Nowhere on the ASMED website, or anywhere else, does Dr. Erdogan claim to carry out the entire procedure himself. Once again, you made an assumption which could have been easily clarified with simple research or questions posed to your coordinator. I asked my coordinator these questions prior to my surgery and she explained every aspect of the process to me, in detail. You weren't mislead....you just didn't ask questions and made unsafe assumptions about what the experience would be like. Finally, with respect to HT0416's hairline shape....buddy, you really need to take some responsibility for this. Why didn't you ask Dr. Erdogan to change the hairline before surgery began if you didn't like it? I asked the doctor like 3 different times to modify my hairline before I gave them the go-ahead to proceed, and he was happy to make the adjustments for me each time. You are responsible for taking an active role in your own hairline design. Don't just leave it up to the doctor to make that determination and then whine about it later, when you had ample opportunity to make a change.
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    Jean, name calling is totally uncalled for, there’s no reason to behave in such an aggressive manner. I understand tensions are high and you may find some opinions disrespectful, but under no circumstance should you resort to cursing or name calling. That’s not how we conduct conversations or discussions on this forum. Everyone, I know there’s two sides, those of you who feel one way and those who feel another. I will be discussing the response with Bill and Pat, honestly I found his response yo be enlightening and what he said made sense. However, I would like to know about the other surgeons. Just so you know, we do not recommend clinics we recommend doctors. So, we don’t technically recommend ASMED clinic we recommend Dr. Erdogan, so anyone who is visiting our site and choosing Dr. Erdogan, should be having incisions made by Dr. Erdogan regardless. Also, it could be that those surgeons are very talented and may even end up being recommended at some point. We need more information. Be patient. Also, Payam how can I demand answers from Dr. Erdogan, when I’ve asked you now three times to update us with your progress and you’ve ignored me every time. How is this being fair?
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    Why don't everyone calm down a little bit. No name calling, no racism, no absurd analogies and comparisons. While the response of Erdogan was a little generic, there was still a lot of information in it. - INFO about new doctors - INFO about tech training and educational background - INFO about the general medical setup during surgery @Mick50 asked some resonable quesions (about the background of the new surgoens) which could be expanded towards more info about the education of the staff and so on. Would be also interesting to hear, if the set-up is really as described by Erdogan. Maybe the newer patients can confirm it.
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    Bro are you calling me a piece of shit or Payam? Because if it's me, frankly, you should apologize... it's completely unjustified. Explain to me what is vindictive about my opinion? Other then my endless studying into all of these results, including Erdogan's, I have nothing vested in these clinics so it's impossible for me to have a vindictive bone in my body for Asmed. My opinion is based on the number of cases I have read on here and on other forums of the mixed results from this particular clinic... I would also say the same about a few other clinics who have constantly mixed results if they were to come up as well. You can show your immaturity by calling people idiots and whatnot because they see the average results Asmed have had posted on the net in the last year but you can't change the fact that we can and will see them and have the right to have an opinion on those results. I'm actually going through a lot of research to find the right surgeon so in fact my opinion isn't without merit, sure it's not as experienced as yours at this point but that does not make it any less valid in its own right. What I stated is simply from evidence I have, not just made up stats etc, I've read a number of poor case results from Asmed that I have seen on this forum and a couple of others, just within the last year or so, it's not a good sign. As I stated *previously* all clinics have a few average results but the fact is for the eye to see... due to the Asmed doing so many hair transplants everyday they have a higher yield (see what I did there) of average results that have been posted online, it's simple mathematics. I understand you had a good result, congrats, I think I commented on your post months ago in regards to it but you seem so worked up about this situation you attacked me for my mere opinion on him needing to move on and chalk it up to an average result. His result plus a number of other average to poor Asmed results I have read on the net has helped me take Erdogan off my list of surgeons I will be going with... explain to me what is wrong with that and what gives you the right to have a go at me? I have even advised the guy to stop the constant posting in this thread and others with negative things to say about Asmed... and yet you ignored that and attacked my opinion? I'm disappointed in you as a senior member of this forum talking to me and even Payam like that, it's not in keeping with the etiquette of this place. Grow up bro you are better than that.
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    Do you seriously think any surgeon has 100% great results? This is delusional and clearly not the case. No surgeon on earth has a 100% success rate, no matter how skilled they are. Also, a mediocre result isn't a "failure," nor is it a success. It's partial progress on a hair restoration journey. Is it the desirable outcome? Of course not, but you keep throwing around the word "failure" like you had Sanjar41's result. Some people don't assimilate their grafts properly. It's a medical fact. That being said, my point was only that you were drawing conclusions without any supporting evidence. You don't know that it was because of the technicians; it could have been one or several of any number of factors, including your own physiological response. To compare this, flippantly, to elves stealing your grafts is ridiculous. Regarding the hairline, it is your hair on your head. Therefore, you always have a say. It isn't about "overruling a decision;" it's about working with the doctor to produce a shape that you like, since you're ultimately the one who needs to be happy with it. Also, where are you getting 25% failure from? You just made that number up.
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    Dr. Erdogan's Response: "In response to your e-mail, I have complied the following details regarding our philosophy and procedures at Asmed in light of our mutual respect and collaboration over the years. Please feel free to share any part of this letter or all of it as you deem appropriate without altering its sense. As the Medical Director of the Asmed Surgical Medical Center, I am proud to announce the opening of our new clinic in Istanbul, Turkey and am pleased to be able to offer our patients the latest in state-of-the art equipment, facilities and patient services along with an enhanced team of surgeons that are trained in hair restoration surgery as well as the complementary fields of dermatology and surgical anatomy. Our new hair restoration surgeons are professor Alp Bayramoglu, M.D., Phd and Mehmet Goker, M.D. As the largest hair restoration clinic in the world, our aim has always been to render the maximum in quality, comfort and results to our patients when determining operational procedure and policy-making. In all fields of medicine, there is always a choice to be made that renders the outcome of the procedure or treatment the most positive for the patient, and this is the choice that the physician follows. It is also the reason that we have decided to enrich the patient outcome and experience with additional expert surgeons and a new facility with advanced precision equipment that gives us with all the tools needed to provide the patient with a positive experience. As Medical Director of the Asmed Surgical Medical Center and operating within the laws and procedural policies outlined by the Turkish Health Ministry for the role of surgical assistants in surgical procedures, I have determined that the team approach is best suited to the field of hair restoration. At Asmed we select specific surgical teams for each patient based on the technical difficulty of the procedure and on the patient’s individual characteristics, thus customizing the surgical experience for each patient with an ideal match. Each surgical team is composed of one of the three expert surgeons on staff, an anesthesiologist and five licensed surgical assistants who have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the hair restoration field for those performing extractions and a minimum of 3 years for those performing placements. Additionally, all surgical assistants are required to perform 10,000 extractions and placements on the KE-Head, a life-like model prior to performing either on a live patient where they begun with 50 grafts and gradually increase according to their performance. Even before surgery begins, the surgeon’s role is extensive and includes the evaluation of the patient’s donor area to establish the miniaturization ratio and DUPA, density, calculated density, the caliber of the hair and donor capacity. Subsequently, the surgeon determines the number of grafts per square centimeter required for the procedure followed by a graft distribution plan and other recipient area calculations. Finally, Coverage Value calculations are made to ensure the precision of the surgical plan and proper homogenization. The surgeon’s calculations are verified both manually and through the use of the KE-BOT, a robot that scans the entire scalp’s surface in detail for the accuracy of the data. The surgeon finally establishes the frontline design in conjunction with the patient’s goals and desires. Once surgery has commenced, properly trained and licensed surgical assistants begin extractions according to the surgeon’s extraction plan. The surgical assistants, with the support of a stereoscopic microscope, are also responsible for the quality control of the grafts, the selection of single hair grafts for the frontline and temples and graft cleaning. Additionally, they are responsible for controlling the hair per graft average and documenting the speed of the extractions, both with the use of the Graft Calculator application. In the successive phase of surgery, one of the surgeons performs incisions before placing begins by the surgical assistants who are entrusted with executing the surgeons placing plan, regulating the proper graft depth control and determining the K.E.E.P. (Koray Erdogan Embedding Placer) caliber and type (left or right). Typically, I perform incisions for a maximum of 6 surgeries per day as I have always done, while the other staff surgeons perform incisions for additional surgeries on mostly Turkish patients. The surgeon oversees the team throughout the procedure and makes adjustments to the surgical plan if required. Post-operatively, the team surgeon is responsible for all monitoring. Hair restoration procedures are long and tedious, and as a result, concentration and accuracy can be affected by fatigue and strain. It is for this reason that I consider a well-selected surgical team to be the perfect model for hair restoration surgical procedures. The results are self-evident both for the patient and for the team. Delegated responsibilities provide optimum surgical outcomes for the patient and relaxed attentive team members whose precision is top notch. I have been using this model without alteration since 2003 and the results have been documented. The new clinic has not changed us, it has just changed what we can offer the patient...positive results with the utmost care, comfort, precision and artistry. All my best wishes for a successful New Year! Koray Erdogan, MD"
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    It’s hard to say, we don’t even know what his results look like recently. The last results I saw probably a month ago or so looked decent imo just needed a little more density on one side. Dr. Erdogan, has expressed a willingness to do a free touch-up for all of his patients. However, it is clear that Payam is not interested in this at all. I don’t know what Payam wants to do, he hasn’t really spoken about what he’s going to do moving forward. IMO any surgeon in our list can add density and slightly refine the hairline. It’s not that bad. I’ve asked Payam at least twice to update us on his progress, which for some reason he ignores.
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    Stuff works wonders, I am seeing similar results (but also using and doing other things in conjunction) which I am documenting in my own post. I think like most meds you have to stay on it to continue benefits so at some point you'll have to decide weather its worth it or not. I personally do not want to be taking this forever o we shall see. Maybe at some point discontinue daily and take weekly or something like that. The issue with meds is the longer you use the more the chance of side effects. Enjoy it while it lasts! as far as hair falling out that's normal.
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    Ok I’ll avoid using a certain persons name this time: Someone who spends ten grand on a surgical procedure in a Turkey without reading a single patient review or questions whether a doctor is doing all surgical work when it isn’t explicitly mentioned anywhere and is actually implied otherwise is probably not worth taking seriously on their opinions of hair transplants, or anything of great importance at all for that matter. A person who does this and on top of that doesn’t believe in statistics, ignores them or doesn’t apply them universally is probably an idiot/dishonest person, and should be listened to with extreme skepticism. A person who does this and doesn’t think it’s racist/sexist/ageist to keep mentioning “young Turkish girls” in a derogatory fashion, or that mentioning them as having low intelligence as racist is all the above plus a rather shitty person. Maybe someone should tell PFG FC that the the two hundredish mil they spent on Mbappe was all a waste, didn’t they realise he’s only 20 years old!? Add to that telling people on the other forum “you will be butchered” if you go to ASMED, yeah, it all does add up to a fairly shitty, dishonest, vindictive, and untrustworthy person that I wouldn’t recommend anyone take too seriously. Not mentioning names this time of course, because we are all being civil here, because of course telling people they will be “butchered” going to this clinic is oh so civil and reasoned.
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    It would be interesting to see Dr Konior and Dr Nadimi repair work. Hopefully some folks post this. I do know that Dr Wong does some sound repairs. You might want to get a consult to see what he says. age 20 is really young to get a procedure like this done. Most docs do not even take on young patients that have mpb unless it is a scar or burn repair or aome case of traction alopecia. Best of luck!
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    Yes it's pretty much a generic response as his last one was on here ,my impression is Dr Erdogan seems to be expanding and becoming less hands on at he same time . OK he has hired 2 Docs help out which is fair enough ,an obvious question is what experience do they have training etc ? does he have examples of their work ? where did they work before ? these are the questions someone needs to ask if they have been told another Doc will be performing the incisions [presuming they are told] be they Turkish patients or foreign patients Ok Dr Erdogan says he will still be performing the incisions on foreign patients, anyone who goes there needs to make sure that happens, as I have noticed on the new website Dr Erdogans name isn't even mentioned it just says a Doctor will perform the incisions so I would just double check that point so no nasty shocks on the day of the surgery . If the points I have raised are made clear and no ambiguity well basically same as before ,each patient must decide if the Asmed model is for them or they want the Doc whos name is above the door to be more hands on . Possibly Melvin or Bill could enquire as the background of the 2 new Doctors as I'm sure there are Turkish potential patients who speak English and use this site .
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    Because it's mostly copy paste of his previous responses, except the part where he admits that he doesn't even do the incisions anymore, but it's "mostly for turkish patients" so I guess he will get another free pass.
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    Donor looks good actually. This is probably going to be a really good result from Asmed... congrats to you.
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    Because there isn't much that any negative posters can respond to that. Everything he has said is honest. He is completely open with his methods and processes they follow. What more of a response could you ask for? He does everything he can to assure a great result and experience. I take my hat off to him for replying in such a detailed manner.
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    Melvin, if the issues remain, what would be Payam’s remedy? It’s likely he would need another procedure of some sort to get adequate density and lateral angulation in frontal areas, but it comes with greater risks to scar tissue already formed / deprived tissue for recipient zone. If not done right, it can cause ridging and cobblestoning plus further shockloss. SMP would be a repetitive procedure for the rest of his life and costly long term. Shaving head is safe idea but with head shaved there may be loss of densities and scarring present. At the end of the day, is a shaved head the goal after such a procedure? What surgeon from the HTN list can his repair needs be taken care of or good starting point for consult? In a case like this, is there any remedy? In the end, Payam is obviously going through this, and would obviously like to get his situation resolved so he can move forward. What did Dr Erdogan say he is willing to do to remedy this case and what are the next steps? I read a lot of the recent posts, but may have missed it. Some of the North American doctors, even recommended ones from this forum, have voiced concerns going to Turkey due to different surgical protocols. Could there be elevated higher risks involved with certain surgical protocols? Hopefully, this situation is resolved soon as obviously it is concerning for many parties.
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    Asmed are aware of my issues with my ht and i also consulted with 4 surgeons 2 in person and 2 over email. All 4 surgeons tell me i have lots of multi hair grafts within hairline, my hairline is un naturally straight and i have alot of grafts at the wrong angles which is a failed transplant. I am still waiting for Dr Erdogan response but he fails to give me any response unless i book a flight to turkey to have a live consultation. Keysersoze shared a similar story to me we briefly spoke in chat. I dont believe i went out my way in forcing him not to go asmed nor anyone else who has messaged me.
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    Payam, How about posting an update of your results. Everyone is assuming your results are bad, but really you haven't posted an update in quite some time. I think in fairness you should post some pictures of the front, left, right and top down angle. I would also include the crown since you had grafts put in the crown. You are a week shy of 10 months if I am not mistaken. In the end, I hope that you will try not to focus on the negative and perhaps focus on remedying or improving your situation. Whether it's through another surgery or SMP and shave, whatever it is that you choose I hope that you ultimately find happiness.
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    I can't recommend him strongly enough. I think he creates some of the softest, most natural hairlines I've seen. I also admire Bisanga's hairline as well. Similar to Dr K's in their refinement. Between the two, for me it would come down to geography in relation to where I lived. That said, I can only comment on the experience I had with Dr. K, and you will like his hands-on approach. I don't think the guy ever sleeps. If you email him at 4am his time, it's not unusual to receive an immediate reply from him. He's incredibly responsive to all your questions and concerns.
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    Two days is better, in my opinion, no one should transplant more than 1,500 a day by FUE. It is a labor intensive procedure that should not be rushed. With two days, the grafts will be out of the body for a shorter period of time, which increases the likelihood of a better yield.
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    The hairline looks natural and already thickening up tremendously. To be honest, this has all the makings of a home-run. You may definitely end up going on the hall of fame. Happy for you man, now wheres my proper 12 whiskey lol.
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    I did read your post, and that statement is logically meaningless. From a certain perspective (like if we looked at every patient's head with a microscope), 100% could be considered "failures." Again, with every procedure and every surgeon, there is a distribution curve. Some people have poor results, some people have great results, and the majority of people lie somewhere in the middle (in this case, somewhere between "good" and "great"). Do you think any surgeon would come online and say "yeah, my practice sometimes has poor results, too?" Of course not. That would be bad for business. But then again, they'd be right about *usual* (i.e., common) causes of poor results. Usual causes...not the only causes. Yes, the patient has a responsibility to tell the doctor what he/she wants. If a woman went for a breast augmentation surgery, told the doctor to do whatever, and then got mad because he gave her DDs and they were too big, she shares some responsibility for not telling him what she wanted. I'm done responding on this thread. It's clear that you're not able to be objective or reasonable about this. I've given my 2 cents.
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    Hey Mate, Looking great. I think the best idea would be to go away for a month, not even think about it and then come back and see the improvements. It will look even better when you see the difference from a month ago. Try not to obsess day to day over it, as you can see what that does to some forum members..not a good road to go down. I was told that i can use product (i had u-fue) but only on the areas outwith the recipient zone. I have managed to style my hair pretty much as normal.
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    Looking really good so far. Looks like you’re on the way to a great result!
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    Very good progress man! 👍
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    How have things progressed for you at 6 months?
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    1st, I truly understand your points of what kicked your hair loss, and it is perfectly normal that medical conditions would kickstart your baldness (or speed it up) -I think your bald pattern is probably been drawn, you are probably going to lose the hair in your upper part of your head, doubt you are going to recess even more on sides. so likely you are NW 5A or 6 -Whatever the clinic you are going for, have online consultation 1st and say all about your medical conditions. The high profile doctors cares about their reputation and would give you a good advise whether to go for surgery or not, better than any of us. I think you are likely be able to get the surgery -if medically cleared for it- but if you tune down your expectations. Might have some limited crown coverage. -I am happy you are smart enough to avoid FUE in your case,right choice. And that limit your option significantly. -Hasson & Wong are the best for you, if you can afford them then you go for them. -If too expensive I would say Rahal or Hattingen, both do mega sessions and have great results. -Contact all 3, you lose nothing from that.
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    Looks great at the moment, but I think even at 6 months will look even better
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    Erdogan should no longer be recommended on this site imo. Uses too many grafts & it is a lottery whether you will get a good team or not.
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    Honestly bro you seen like a really nice guy and you've been very civil in your responses so i don't want to cause offense, but try to see it from mine and other guys with subpar results perspective. You have some serious selection bias mentioning some of the better results, what about me, webhandler, rwethereyet, balderboulder, planetstephen? And those are just the recent unacceptable results, I'm not mentioning the sub par ones. I was unhappy about their methods yes because I was deceived into thinking I was getting a personal experience, they should have a disclaimer on their site saying they have multiple patients in parallel and erdogan only pops in for the incisions, the rest of the surgery he "monitors" on some grainy CCTV feed from his throne room.. seriously it's absurd people are giving him a free pass on this.
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    Don't forget the people who post about what a useless thread it is while contributing absolutely nothing to the discussion, those are the real MVPs
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    Lewis Hamilton wears some kind of system when out and about. During races it appears his hatural hair which is really quite thin. Andros Townsend has clearly done something which I suspect is a high quality system. It appears too dense to be natural and with no signs of donor depletion or scars. Beckham has been using concealers for years and shows no evidence of transplants. He's got quite fine hair which comes across as thin when it's short and in harsh light. He's probably on finasteride.
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    That’s fair, these questions are fair and should be asked. Let’s stay on track though and ask the relevant questions that need answers. What’s the maximum surgeries per day? How are you supervising these surgeries whilst maintaining the quality? How much time are you spending with each patient on average? What are the training certifications or educational background of the techs? These are the relevant questions.
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    With your age and level of loss, and without Finasteride, you will continue to lose what is left on top. A HT into the front and midsection may very well accelerate the loss (permanent shock loss) in that area and you may end up back where you started. If you go down the HT road, you will need a lot of grafts over multiple procedures. Donor management is going to be key. You need a long term plan with a conservative approach. I think you already know all of this. In your case, I’d recommend you consult with Dr Wong. Probably strip to start, and then FUE down the road.
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    Are some of the pics prior to plucking? I think your hair looks good either way dude. Plucked looks slightly better (a bit more masculine) but in the seemingly non-lucked pics i think it still looks really good. If it bothers you lasering them out is probably best option. Could also wait until you lose more hair and then have them transplanted to a better spot.
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    Finasteride is generally a very safe drug and really the only "silver bullet" we have to fight hair loss currently. Further, millions of men take the 5 MG dose daily (for BPH issues) without issue. Although side effects do happen, at such a low dose my initial thought is that your issues are possibly psychosomatic--which is pretty common. I had similar concerns which caused me to delay starting the drug for approximately 6 months, which I now regret. I would suggest a very slow taper (the smallest possible dose you can cut, once a week) and go from there. Important not to consciously think about the side effects as the placebo effect can be very strong. With such a small dose and short half-life it's unlikely that enough of the drug will even be in your system to give you physical issues. If you do still have issues, there's still hope. For example, Melvin the moderator doesn't use a DHT blocker and his hair looks great. Though, you'll need to be prepared for the possibility of more extensive restoration surgery sooner rather than later. Hope this helps.
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    Conor McGregor is that you ? haha jk. Looking great man, thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. You definitely are a fast grower.
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    Not sure what's relevant about how many people have "inboxed you asking for help". So let me guess, your view of an easily repairable density issue is putting another 2,000 grafts into an inch of hairline when this guy has already had 4,000 taken out? :rolleyes: His pic from 12-3-17 does not show a massive strip of damage....and micro-needling/laser can significantly clear up any issues versus chasing density issues.