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    Well shifty , I think u just debunked redarmy’s theory .. that is one bald vampire .. u can stop hanging upside down now redarmy..
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    I couldn’t agree more with many of your statements. I feel the same way regarding my 20s and now a good portion of my 30s. It definitely hit home when you described losing hair as a teen. I went through that too and that feeling of helplessness as a high school student losing hair cannot be described.
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    Good call Pete, boy did that have a different message that certainly wasn’t the case LOL.
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    You might want to edit that second paragraph Bill
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    I'm not sure why people are just saying go to India. What the hell does that mean? LOL do they have a magic wand in India that allows you to transplant hair you don't have as a class 7?? Come on man. @MohanSingh I was around the same age when I had my hair transplant, and I have a good idea of your expectations. I'm not trying to be negative but I highly doubt you will be happy with the result at 28. Your hair loss is aggressive, you have no donor hair and at best you can get a little hair on top. You don't have enough grafts to create your temple points, as in the examples above. And that's one of the main problems... Your temple points are essentially gone. So while you can possibly transplant the hairline, though very thin, your hair transplant will look like a hair system simply because you don't have enough donor hair for the temple points. It's how I can spot, and now you can to, hair systems. Were just not able to create temple points. Have you thought of FUE and SMP combo. You can shave your head in the FUE will give that prickly feeling, adding to the naturalness. When done right can't tell. Plus the shaved head look is in now. I know it's not perfect, but it's better than nothing. Or you can just say hell with it and shave your head.
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    OK, seeing you pics and regarding your age: You are not (!) a diffused thinner. Your crown is huge and almost slick bald. The front and mid is diffused, but so heavily that is it clear that all of this is lost after the transplant. You should plan as if this hair isn't there. My recommendation: 0) Think about medication 1) Check your family history. If there is there is a risk going towards NW6+ you should not have a transplant 2) Shave and consider SMP or Trico. Maybe you like yourself with short hair. 3) Go to reputable clinics H&W (If you are in North America) and Hattingen (if you are in Europe) who offer strip and FUE. You have to have a personal consultation. Options FUT: But most likely leave the crown open. + Chance for best coverage and classic hairstyle - Fall back (Shaving) in case of further loss / poor growth is difficult FUE with SMP: Kind of less is more. More evenly distributed with less density but the option for a shorter hairstyle. Good luck P.S. Hattingen has an own section with tons of patient reports in a domestic forum, but you need to register as it is not allowed to publish before and after pictures in many EU countries: https://www.alopezie.de/foren/transplant/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=14&
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    Hey all ., just to let y’all know I’m not going to be too active on my own thread it’s already stressful worrying about future hairloss n now have to worry about if the transplant hair will grow or not .. so I’m just going to let the process take care of itself .. I hardly look in the mirror to check if new hairs are growing n stuff .. so far things are going fine .. I’m fortunate to have enough hair to cover up the transplant . So no one knows I got anything done .. been wearing a hat at work n stuff however . Thank goodness I look good in a hat .. so the ugly duckling stage hasn’t been difficult .. I should be able to tough it out. It’s been no big deal .. I’ve been through more difficult things in life , so this is no big deal to me .. The hairs have just started to shed .. I’ve been brushing it the last few days to get the transplanted hairs to fall out, to prepare for new growth .. some of my native hairs have started to grow also , so hopefully that is a good sign .. the redness isn’t too bad , skin texture is okay .. still needs more time to heal .. hopefully things turn out well .. Pics are at one month ..
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    Until u show me a picture of a bald vampire .. then his theory is legit .. hang upside down for one year n regrow ur hair.. then come back here n prove us all wrong . Thanks (‘.^)
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    IMO I would consult with good plastic surgeons. Which is beyond the scope of a lot of knowledge in this forum and/or not most hair transplant doctors specialty. Because you’re not really doing a hair transplant at this point. And the main thing is skin appearance. Nadimi, like others said seems like a good idea to start with or atleast discuss with. But I’d discuss with others.
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    It’s hard to say, the length of your hair and flash photography isn’t the best for presenting donor pictures. Try to let your hair grow out for a month then retake pictures in natural lighting.
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    Happy New Year to all! Hope everyone a successful journey if getting a transplant. Hope those that got transplants and are in need of repairs are repaired soon.
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    Happy new year everyone!
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    5000 grafts is not only OUTRAGEOUS at your current stage of loss, but quoting you that number of grafts is obviously an attempt to maximize the money he can make. DR. Erdogan can certainly afford to charge less per graft when he would practically rape someone by nearly doubling the amount of grafts needed. I have seen so much garbage behavior from this doctor . He has no ethical judgement to be quoting people this number of grafts at this stage of loss when there are so many examples of cases that have much more loss than you and have required a lot less grafts to still achieve dense packing. I can site several examples of how Erdogan apparently does not care about his patients . That clinic was built to maximize profits. There is not an honest surgeon around that would back up Dr. Erdogan in this case and what you were quoted. Although it is certainly your choice, I suggest you not proceed with Erdogan and proceed with caution going to Turkay whatsoever. It would normally be a big gamble for you to go there. After seeing what you were quoted, I would advise you to stay away. I am going to copy and paste a previous reply I gave to someone else who asked about Dr. Doganay and Dr.Erdogan to me.... Where do you live ? I would highly suggest not going to Turkey, but that is my personal opinion. I have no stake in telling you that. I don't promote anyone. I have seen a few bad results and unhappy patients from your mentioned doctor recently.Here is just one recent post . It seems the doctor was not honest with that patient. I can understand a bad result here and there since a HT has risk, but being dishonest or even ignoring a patient like Dr. Erdogan has is inexcusable to me. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.co...turkey-14.html Regarding Dr. Erdogan, I have had several people I know and know about go to him and had a terrible experience in which hair was taken out of the safe zone and fell out after the transplant. I had read and seen prior to that point that people stated he did that in some threads . It makes sense. I recently saw he did a FUE with 10000 grafts on a young guy ! Along that line, he typically does huge procedures on young people during "megasessions" (which some say are not wise for everyone) and with very low hairlines on people that have no business having them done. He uses hairlines that are destined to fail because he cannot yet determine the loss pattern at their young age and stage of loss. One can only wonder how these will turn out in the future. Sure, someone will get lucky and get a good result , but I don't want to risk it myself. Do you ? The super large amount of grafts done with FUE only promote the chance of a bad outcome. Most of the results posted are immediately post op when you can see the hairline well. Some will post shortly after it starts growing. Just because it grew for a while does not mean it is not going to fall out soon or later, especially when considering the large number of FUE grafts done there, the megasessions, and the fact hair is taken from outside of the safe zone. I can show you posts where people were happy with their results from an FUE and then later it fell out.Ever notice how many people disappear after the first photos never to be seen again and have no more follow up ? People viewing them online see the results in the way they want to see them and the way they are advertised to be taken. Erdogan takes cash payment under the table which is shady in itself. The people I know had problems as I mentioned. Once their hair fell out after surgery , they contacted the clinic respectfully and none of them got one single reply. One guy replied for up to a year. It was never possible to speak to the doctor nor were any calls returned ever. it was clear they were intentionally forgotten about. After all, what could be done on the other side of the world ? Prior to the surgery they always got responses . People who have that done to them are often ashamed and embarrassed.They often don't want to make it known that happened to them even though it would be in the best interest of people seeking advice and this forum. I personally feel that a doctor who ignores one single patient after surgery or is shown to be dishonest one time should be removed from this site and the society completely. There is a user "DELM" who recently posted a similar story on here and people said to post pictures or it didn't happen. Although it would be nice, that is the problem. There is never enough proof for people sometimes. On the contrary , do you think the doctor is going to advertise bad results? They operate on several patients a day. That is a ton a year. Why are there not even more photos of great outcomes than there are ?? Regardless, the story of Delm sounds similar to the stories I know are true and have seen. Sometimes people will even blame the victim and say it is their fault when they post bad results, so many people just avoid saying anything bad on the forum at all. You have to look at it from the victim's point of view also. This site is also filled with reps of doctors who chime in and try to smooth things over , some of which have attacked people who have told the truth at times. They are compensated to represent the doctors. it costs the doctors to do this also. I know of another case in which someone booked with Dr. Erdogan , got their flight, and was given a deadline by which to make their surgery deposit and buy their plane ticket. Before the deposit deadline arrived, the clinic emailed them and informed them that their appointment was cancelled in order to get another patient in that time slot instead. When the guy said he already had his plane ticket paid for and could not change it, they never responded to him again after a long time of trying. He was stuck with his ticket and had wasted all that time and money. They obviously do not care about people based on those situations. It seems they do care about money. They built a nice ,new clinic to attract people . It also allows as many people as possible to come through there like a mill. As a result, they perform several surgeries a day and at least a couple at the same time. People think they are having a surgery by the doctor when it is actually done primarily by an entire team of technicians. The ONLY thing the doctor does is draw the hairline and make incisions. Then he goes to another patient. Of course they do not advertise that fact. He even has a video out showing him doing graft removal but the story of a recent patient even verifies he does not do that...false advertising. As a result of having the techs do the work in that fashion, it is pot luck who will be doing a procedure on you and you have no way to choose who works on you.One person may get a good result and another a terrible one. Why ? A new tech, a bad tech, a different tech , a tech that did a poor job ? Who knows what was done or who did it. But once you leave with a problem, you are all alone and will get no help as in the cases I have outlined. Some people are not even good candidates for an FUE procedure and this can only be determined by an in person evaluation from a credible and honest surgeon. Most people seem to go to Erdogan after getting a consultation online. They are told they are a good candidate that way . Do you think they are going to cancel their surgery when they get there after finding out the opposite or even be told by the clinic to cancel it so they can lose that money at the time of the surgery because they are actually not a good FUE candidate ? You are obviously free to choose whoever you want to go to. I am merely giving you the information I know about because you asked me to. I would suggest you not go to Turkey and risk bad things happening that you will be stuck to face on your own when there are still doctors in various locations who will perform the entire surgery by themselves with only the assistance of techs and who will only perform your surgery on that particular day. Those doctors will also be there for you to address after care and any problems or questions that arise. There are some who will even communicate with you personally and who value their reputation as surgeons enough not to ignore patients nor dump them after surgery. You can see them prior to having surgery if you ever do in the future and get a truthful evaluation of what is best for you. Too many people are excited to get every hair back when they see they are losing some and places like Dr. Erdogan merely take advantage of that fact. Good luck to you with whatever you end up doing. I hope you get a great result if you choose move forward !