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    With your age and level of loss, and without Finasteride, you will continue to lose what is left on top. A HT into the front and midsection may very well accelerate the loss (permanent shock loss) in that area and you may end up back where you started. If you go down the HT road, you will need a lot of grafts over multiple procedures. Donor management is going to be key. You need a long term plan with a conservative approach. I think you already know all of this. In your case, I’d recommend you consult with Dr Wong. Probably strip to start, and then FUE down the road.
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond Since21. Okay i will look into speaking with Nadimi. 💞💞
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    I think your donor area looks good, even I didn't pay attention on it.
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    In my opinion your donor looks fine, you have to remember that you’re talking to guys who are essentially trained to know what to look for. The general public wouldn’t look twice at your donor.
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    1300 grafts FUT for this case...This guy must be a butcher. Never go there again. If you have the laxity left, I would recommend another FUT - Hattingen - Hasson and Wong - Feriduni If you decide for FUE, I would go with specialists for diffused thing and use implanter pen or do work by themself - Lorenzo - Freitas - Lupanzula Good luck
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    Great opinion as usual Jean. I actually think that looks better than if it were mega dense. More natural. There is usually some thinning in these areas in men anyway. I have seen other work where it is denser than the native hair behind it and it looks silly when cut short. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, medication or otherwise, so I would rather err on the side of caution.
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    To be fair, 75% or more of the surgeons recommended on here virtually never do temple point work, or very minor tweaks rather than full restoration. Patient posted results would be much preferred than just clinic posted for a recommendation, but at least off the basis of these cases and the appearances of the post-ops there are surgeons that don't deserve it as much as Alcaide seems to. I'd be more inclined than usual to trust the standard of work here because of the BHR association also. But should be mentioned that Spanish hair makes a gigantic difference, especially in this hairline case I don't think the density is particularly high but it appears better because of his hair quality, especially at the temple closure areas I can tell it is quite thin but it still looks natural.
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    He’s kinda done for .. only has around 2500 grafts left .. he’s stuck now .. no money or refund or do over can recover the grafts he lost .. n he’s going to need everyone of them hairs .. poor kid .. prime of his life n he has to deal with this ..