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    I bet you can't wait! Work looks great! What did Dr. Cinik say about your hairloss future? Any reserves in your donor area just in case? Enjoy the next few days as the scabs come off and you get to see your hair...then the shed starts! This journey is like a rollercoaster but you'll be so happy at the end of the ride!! Happy growing man!
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    Good for you for taking action man! Will be following your progress as work and healing looks good from looking at your post-op photos. Happy Growing!
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    No, there’s really no evidence that Acell does anything. My hair grew just fine without it. I havent heard of the amniofill injection, I would need to see some evidence of it working before spending $600. You can start using concealer pretty much once the grafts shed around 3-4 weeks depending.
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    @Legend007 Work looks fantastic! I love how you were blunt and to-the-point with your questions to the doctor and his staff, you are the patient and spendings thousands of $ and have every right to be no matter the reputation of the clinic, it shows a well-informed and knowledgeable patient. Looking forward to following your progress! Happy growing!
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    Is it normal to have 10,500 grafts at your disposal (without using BH)? Seems like you lucked out and are on the high end of the distribution. Results looks fantastic btw.
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    Hey man, looks good and well packed, although, to be honest it looks from your photos like much more than 2,300 grafts for such a large area covered, is 2,300 true?
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    Work looks clean. I’m looking forward to seeing how your journey goes and wish you good luck mate! Happy growing
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    Conor McGregor is that you ? haha jk. Looking great man, thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. You definitely are a fast grower.
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    Hey I'm going to catch up with all of my progress on this blog over the next few days. At 3 months I had an explosion of growth - so much popping that seemed miraculous due to the hellish ugly duckling period I went through. The 2 month photos are really really bad.
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    Ha, well to be honest I suspect Diep has good enough aesthetic sense to avoid filling in the crown with a virtually bald frontal area. Most surgeons would suggest (and I think Diep would similarly) that a first procedure in a case like yours will be dedicated to the hairline, and a subsequent to the crown. Many Diep FUE cases over the 2500 graft mark so certainly possible he will be able to get more grafts. FUT certainly worth considering if the amount of grafts Diep thinks he can get is considerably above that with FUE. A thick crown with a frontal area as bald as yours would be immediately strange looking and give away an unnatural appearance to the average person, Ultimately in your case even if it takes a few procedures you likely will have the ability to cover both the crown and hairline.
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    I would strongly consider Erdogan for FUE as he's suited to 5000 graft megasessions and could comfortably cover both the crown and the frontal area in a single surgery. Alternatively I would request FUT from Diep and look to have the largest session he and your donor can provide. 2500 grafts will cover the frontal area and rebuild the hairline, but you're not going to get both crown and hairline coverage. I would expect that as you lose more hair in the future you are almost certainly going to want a second surgery down the track also (even if its 5-10 years) no matter what you do. The reality is that you're not far away from being slick bald and its going to take a significantly larger amount of grafts to cover your scalp with than 2500 grafts. Very few men have a thick crown with a completely bald frontal area, so focusing purely on the crown would not look natural, especially as you lose your forelock. I don't believe for a second that your hairloss is stabilised either. Very obvious norwood 5 pattern, people do not just stop losing hair indefinitely when they're thinning throughout this area. I suspect that the only reason you're noticing less hair fall because you've already lost 85% of it at this point. That shampoo you bought should be fine. The active ingredient is obviously the ketoconazole so beyond that it would just be preference in terms of how it makes your hair look.
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    Asmed is honestly turning into a factory. The results are getting worse and worse. I'm so glad I pulled the plug on going with them this year. The hairlines look so artificial. I'm getting a quote with Freitas in the next couple of weeks, I'm sure it will be close to double but I will sleep well knowing that it will be a realistic results.