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    Hi Guys, Most of of you are familiar with my story, but some of you new guys may be wondering how I got started. The truth is, I started off researching just like most of you, luckily I found this forum that gave me the tools and confidence to pull the trigger and start my hair loss journey. I wanted to let you guys know that we will start posting informative videos on YouTube. I encourage you guys to watch and share this video with anyone interested in getting a hair transplant and seeing a real result from a real patient.. If you guys have any suggestions for topics please let me know.
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    Personally, if you’re not gonna treat the hair loss, you should buzz your head. Ultimately, that’s accepting your hair loss in a manner that lowers the contrast. It’s all about contrast, this is why guys who shave their head look better growing a beard, because now there is something that diverts attention from the bald head and brings the attention back to the persons face. Obviously, if someone is happy sporting the Dr. Phil or hell even a comb over not much I can say, I personally wouldn’t do it, but if it makes them happy it’s fine by me 😊
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    bro awesome video. i support all your content as always my friend
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    Looks really good grown out Melvin. How many grafts was that total?
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    Honestly bro i have a feeling based on your pics this is gonna be one of those monster results we all dream of
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    Well done Melvin, video delivered with transparency & honesty, as it should be.
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    Melvin, what a phenomenal video and even more outstanding transformation. I guess I didn’t realize that you had that much hair restored given how thick your hair is today. I look forward to seeing some of your next videos since I know you’ll be doing many including answering several hot topic hair loss questions. We are all looking forward to it 🙂 Bill
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    Both her and Konior cap their FUE at 2000 grafts. They think anything more jeopardizes the donor area and that grafts are less likely to survive. They also think it’s in the patients best interest to preserve more donor for potential surgeries in the future. I got 1800 from Nadimi and I’m a NW4/5. I’m just 3 months out and I’m starting to see growth. I’m so happy and really glad I didn’t panic and try to get the problem solved with a 5000 bad grafts somewhere else. I’m in my mid 30s.
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    Hi Payam, After reading through your thread I believe Dr Konoir would be the best option for you and I believe you should let Dr Konoir make the choice between FUT and FUE after looking in person at your hair. If Fue was chosen and after extracting a few grafts, If it became apparently at that stage FUT would be a better option then surgery could then be switched to FUT hopefully. I really feel you should let your scalp heal and not undertake another surgery for as long as possible leaving it at least another couple of years or more; but get an in person consultation in a year or two, so you know where you are for your own peace of mind. Wishing you well and I don’t think your situation is as bad as you feel it is, I really believe your HT will improve over the coming months; as for me the thickening of the hairs and then the more natural appearance of the hairs after 8 months made a huge difference (putting aside the doubles and triples you say are in the hairline). But given your starting point and 2600 grafts used on just the front I understand your concerns but hang in there. Where you mentioned about “going slow” “being meticulous” and “doing things over two days” I had 2150 grafts on a bald head and my HT was booked in from the start for two full 9 hour days which I was glad about, as an example on the first day of my HT my doctor started to implant hairs to the hairline and elsewhere, but after some incisions I was bleeding more than normal (due to my body’s make up) on the hairline, on the second day the bleeding was normal on the hairline.
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    No, not all were below the neckline. We know how to extract the beard grafts above the neckline and going into the cheek and the side locks. Soon, we will be posting cases where we have taken grafts mostly from the beard. Experience over thousands of cases of beard extraction with smallest and sharpest punches ensures a very minimal "technical" scar on the face which most patients can carry without any issue. In the index case, we have also taken from side locks. In ageing skin, due to skin laxity, the tiny scars become non noticeable. It is only 6 months for the scars. The scars would be remodelling till 1 year. Please find the pics of the beard extraction and follow ups in sequence: Pic 1: Immediately after the first procedure, 2500 grafts were extracted. Pics 2 and 3: After one month of the extraction. Pics 4, 5 and 6: Immediately after extraction in second sitting, 1500 were extracted Pics 7 and 8: After 2 months of first sitting Pics 9 and 10: After 6 months of first sitting
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    the results look fantastic.. Are these doctors recommended on this forum ?