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    Time to ask for a refund then as its obviously aa failure after 5 months. Let us know what the doc says!
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    Hi HTN community. Thank you all for valuable information and support that I have received during my 1stFUE hair transplant with Eugenix. I am pretty much satisfied with my results, considering the fact that I was NW6 and had weak donor area. For my complete 1stHT journey you may click below link. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/49922-6000-grafts-with-eugenix-gurgaon/?tab=comments#comment-461261 Now I am considering my 2nd hair transplant to cover my crown area which remained empty after 1stHT. As an informed patient, I mailed my pictures to few doctors including Dr. Bhatti to get second opinion. According to Dr. Bhatti there are not enough grafts left on my head to go for second procedure. Then I went to Eugenix to let DR. Pradeep physically examine by donor area. He was pretty confident that he can take out 1000 grafts from the back of my head and 1000 to 1500 grafts from my beard to give decent coverage to my crown area. I was thrilled. Soon I will be going for my 2ndHT to be performed at Eugenix. Will keep you updated.
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    haha thanks, Hope that you get a great result. Started following your progress. keep updating.
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    I think ur going to have a killer result given your minimal loss
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    Hi all! My name is Towers, I'm from Barcelona, Spain, I'm 31 years old and last June 28th, 2018 I got a hair transplant in Turkey. I have recorded the whole process of my video operation and I have edited it on YouTube. Also, I am uploading a video every time I complete a month of the operation so that the result can be seen. I wanted to ignore the name of the clinic to maintain neutrality. At first, I was going to graft 4.200 grafts but when they were finishing the operation, they gave me the possibility to extract 400 more grafts and be able to put more density. My main concern was the crown area. They could put hair on the crown area and on the front line. The choice of the clinic was complicated, it took 4 months to choose. During the clinic election I was taking "Minoxidil" "Saw Palmetto" "Vitaminas Xplendor" "Shampoo anti fall voluminizador EBERS" "Ampoules of placental plant SALERM" and "Peppermint oil". I have stopped the fall of my native hair, it is much stronger and brighter and the result right now is very good. I leave some pictures of my condition 4 months before going to surgery: I put some videos of my evolution, I understand that many do not understand Spanish but you can see the state and evolution of my hair: Video of my first month: Video of my second month: Video of my third month: Video of my fourt month: Video of my fifth month: Evolution of my firsts 4 months: I want to know your opinion about my evolution, what do you think ?! Sorry about my bad english and the use of translator Regards!!
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    LOL! Maybe provide us with more pics/documentation so we can help more. Take a pic under the same lighting of the same area every 2-4 weeks and post it so we can provide more feedback. Otherwise its just us guessing what's happening.
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    Looks very good for only 3-months, and not having it completely shed, lucky you! 👍
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    I'm exactly at 5 months today. Here are some pics
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    I would think that a pointy head would be worse as there would be more surface area to cover.
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    Not sure, call around. Many offer dermabrasion which involves a skin-resurfacing rotating device to sand out layers of skin. I recall my wife getting this done months apart to remove spots that she got after pregnancy. It was effective. You need to check what it will take to get it done. I am certain they can offer a lot more than just chemical related treatments. Or, perhaps, they can guide you in the right direction.
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    I mean you could always just causally send it and say you meant to send it to someone else 😉
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    Dr Pradeep Sethi of India is in United Kingdom, London and Manchester for next few days. He would be happy to meet people who would like to have a meeting in person with him over a cup of coffee. The following numbers can be contacted for scheduling the meeting. 1. Amit : +44 7988 203749 2. Dr. Narender Sharma: +44 7719 572528
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    jj51702- Thanks for the compliment on Dr. Panine's patients results. Dr. Panine uses a motorized hand held machine and the punch size used was .8mm. The patients best quality hair was in the occipital region. The patient is presently on Finasteride 1mg. All the grafts were done in one day. literalno and Triple7 thank for the nice comments.
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    Detailed write up. I do disagree with some of it. To say that there is less skill involved than a nose job or breast reduction is an opinion I am not sure i agree with, as this would assume that you know what it takes to do these three surgeries very well, and at 28 years old, there is a good chance you have not significant experience in all three to learn them well. Sure, a hair transplant can be done easily enough, and is tried by many, but to do it really well...there are just a handful of top tier surgeons IMO. I would not minimize the skill level that it takes the be a an elite HT doc. Transplantation is more that graft survival. A lot of it is art and I am sure that you can appreciate that. You are very right, lighting and angles in photos can be deceptive and create expectations that will not be lived up to. I feel like these sites are important for patients to see results from both the docs and the patients. That is why I would NOT go to doc that doesnt have an online presence from patients and his or her clinic. The doc, also, will find a LOT of benefit from marketing on a site like this. Assume that the doc averages 2500 grafts a case. He does surgery 4 days a week and takes 6 weeks vacation per year, and because of his excellent global reputation from a site like this he is able to charge $1 more per graft, this means that his practice will bring in $460,000 per year more. So, if they have no interest in internet marketing, IMO, they are either not an elite surgeon OR they are poor businessmen.
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    You’re back. Like clockwork!! Maybe your’re growing slow because of stress/anxiety. You’ve been coming on this board every month with the same tale...4,000 grafts, over 13,000 hairs, wavy, high sides, just look at these pictures of people who aren’t me!, how fucked are you poor NW7 guys? Sure glad that’s not me! Oh no, what if it IS me? The stress is killing me!! I need to whack off and change my username! Every month people tell you to calm down and be patient. You can’t manage to do it. No wonder you’re going bald. Now please, for your own good, and the good of humanity, calm down and wait 7 g-d damn months Melvin, you should change your name to Saint Melvin!!
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    As a fellow Sydney -sider who has had 2 HT's I'd suggest you look overseas. Seriously. I just went through their gallery page on their website and it only has a few examples, none of which feature the hairline (the most important part!), and all of the pics are of only the top of their head. It's a very strange results gallery. Hair transplants should be taken seriously, they are permanent - I mean had my last one messed up - so please do some more research, see what results you like, and take time to think about it.
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    Thank you dear one for your continued trust. Like the first one, this one would also give you a great outcome in terms of growth, coverage and naturalness while maintaining the cosmesis of the donor area.
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    Hi guys. I got my second HT done at Eugenix yesterday by Dr. Arika and her expert team. This time I was more informed and less anxious by the way things worked. The day started with usual pre HT photo shoots followed by head wash any trimming of donor and recipient area. My frontal hairs and side burns were left untouched so that I may easily wear cap afterwards. Surgery started at around 11 am with Dr. Arika making slith marks. Though I had weak donor area, it was decided to use more of head hairs as compared to beard hairs as they need to fill crown area. Total 2400 slith marks were made by her in the beginning. Followed by around 1500 grafts extraction from head and around 900 grafts from beard. At the end another 100 grafts were extracted from head to fill the gap between grafts already planted and slith marks were made simultaneously. The entire procedure was performed with DHT technique in which grafts are transplanted simultaneously at the time of extraction. The entire procedure got finished by 6.30 pm. Sending you my pics post HT for expert opinions. Thanks
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    In our experience...virtually every single patient who had experiences like described in this video...who had their surgery in the US...the prospective patient rarely met the doctor who was going to do the surgery, never saw a result of a similar type of head that they had, and at best saw one or 2 professionally done advertisements...not patient interview videos or forum posts... While I have used this analogy and gotten grief from forum audiences before...I do think its valid. If you are buying a car...more than likely you look at several magazines and consumer oriented forums, and you actually go sit in the car and probably ask someone other than the salesman what kind of issues, good or bad, they've had with that car before you purchase. It's not hard, probably takes an hour or 2. Just do at least that amount of research before you let someone sell you a hair transplant! The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6q04DIw3Xg Dr. Lindsey
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