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    Personally, I couldn’t imagine wounding my scalp over and over again with a dermaroller. But the theory sounds interesting and I would love to hear from people who actually had this done. Have any members or guests reading this post tried microneedling? If so, how do you feel about the results? And how many times have you had the procedure done? I am certain a one time procedure would do nothing but wound the scalp. But potentially after some time, maybe there was an affect? I look forward to hearing from people on this. Best wishes, Bill
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    This question comes up time and time again, it's one of those questions that will never stop being asked. I encourage all of you to take a few short minutes of your day to read the article. How Many Grafts Are Needed To Achieve Density In A Hair Transplant
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    I am doing this religiously on Mondays and Thursdays. I am also doing the big 3 along side it. Keeping tabs here (link below) monthly. next update just after Christmas, will be 3 months. I have 100% seen growth where there was non before in the frontal hairline. Keeping hopes up this growth continues as there are quite a bit of vellus hairs there. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52518-advice-por-favor-type-of-procedure-and-how-many-grafts/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-487775
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    Have a look on Hairlossexperiences there's a lot of examples of their work. Congratulations on your recent surgery with them by the way Trix dude you chose an outstanding clinic...there's only a handful of clinics worldwide I'd let operate on me and their one of them. Best wishes BN
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    I was waiting for this guy! I knew it was coming the moment I saw he had commented... It’s probably an exercise in futility but I’ll try anyway: 1) not all grafts are created equal. 2) different doctors = different results with same amount of grafts. 3) everybody has different goals and expectations. 4) head size is different from person to person sometimes it really does feel like you just plant the seed of doubt in people’s minds just to mess with them. I hope I’m wrong.
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    Nice article. In most recent years I have seen some doctors achieve unbelievable density in just one procedure. It is truly amazing. When I began my career the general thought was that a separation was required in between grafts to allow for grafts survival. They were, and still are, in the belief that grafts compete for blood supply. So, if you think of graft paper, and draw a dot at the end of each square, that would be similar to what was being done. Some do would do a random placing for more naturalness, but the separation would be there. That's why most can not achieve density in a single procedure. This is what a call a 1 dimensional drawing. But most recently I've noticed this changing. I call it three dimensional. Think of a 4 hair graft and placing a 3 hair graft right in front of it so that the hair shingles in such a way that it creates more density. Now, how many grafts? It depends on many factors that have already been outlined. Again, look at results before making any decisions.
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    Melvin, great topic. The answer to this question definitely does Barry so I appreciate you sharing this. For me, it took 9600 grafts to restore my hair too what it is now. Of course, I was a full-fledged Norwood 5K, borderline Norwood 6. Considering it takes about 25,000 follicular units to restore truth density on a scalp as bold as mine, I have pretty damn good results. For an adequate illusion of density should be consistent all over the top of the scalp, I would need about 12,500 grafts. That’s why my crown is still relatively thin although I know longer have a bald spot that’s for sure. But if I put another 3000 grafts and the crown, it would be pretty thick looking. Sometimes I think about going for it 🙂 Bill
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    Congrats on your HT too! i can't sleep on my back either, but i found out that sleeping in angle on my back was much more easier than lying absolutely horizontal. but i stayed almost 8 days at the clinic.
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    Hi Legend look forward to watching your progress ,a lot of people have enjoyed your posts and your unique way of putting things ,best of luck hopefully by next summer you won't have to worry about your hair and get on with your life .
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    good luck I'm behind you, i also a month after HT with cinik 4100 grafts, the last week my hair start to fall Like falling autumn At first, I was nervous and talked to the clinic and they told me it was normal I personally started doing sports after a month, of course, I had asked before Also takes their multivitamin and shampoo, cinik clinic staff are really nice and helpful with any questions Wishing you and me great success and holding fingers and follicles
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    Over 3 years since my 2500 graft transplant with Dr. Vories. Thought I would share a hair wet hair comparison. Apologies for the different variables such as hair length and lighting. Will post more pics if anyone is interested.
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    Well guys I’m at the Canada airport right now .. waiting to board my flight .. I barely had any swelling the last two days .. but damn just like u guys said .. day 3 is when the swelling gets bad .. I woked up today with my eyes swollen .. I can barely open them .. my head swolled up big time too .. I could barely fit my hat .. at the checkout counter at Canada air .. the attendant thought I was blind since I could barely see or open my eyes .. she was so helpful n Carried my bag for me n fasttrack me through the security line .. hahah, so funny ,, no one noticed that I just had a hair transplant ; they just thought I was blind .. well I’m about to board my flight .. thanks for the advice and support everyone, y’all my online balding buddies .. oh yeah .. my bank was able to get back my $1000 deposit from dr. Dieps office peace!
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    You had a full head of hair before the transplant and your forehead wasn't big either. The donor looks fine -- grow your hair slightly longer if it bothers you. I think you're being hypersensitive here. It's still early days - try not to critique it so much now, give it time.
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    Dang I think this is going to be a homerun especially with your donor characteristics when did u first start noticing sprouts? which package did u choose? The one where a tech does incisions or the doctor?
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    Looks very good . Especially your donor is very clean.
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    Looking good man! Thanks for the update. Less than 3 weeks for me until I fly out to see Dr C for my FUE. Did you have a dry scalp or any issues prior to the op?
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    Hi Superflash, almost three months behind, how is the progress; have all transplanted hairs fallen?