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    I'm having a procedure done with ASMED in a couple of weeks and, like many of you, wanted a better idea of my chances of having a satisfactory result. Since there have been many differing opinions on here concerning this clinic lately (and while it's a little tough to quantify something like this), I figured I'd try to tackle the question mathematically/statistically to produce a more definitive answer. Methodology for Analysis: First, I went through the French, Italian, and English hair loss forums (i.e., international, Belli Capelli, and this forum, respectively), and looked through every result that was posted within the last 2 years (I went back to around September 2016). I recorded the approximate date (to the nearest month) that the surgery was performed and assigned a score for the result based on the pictures that were posted. The ranking criteria were as follows: - Great = A score of 4 = The result of the transplant was a very thick, natural looking head of hair; in my opinion, no further surgical intervention is required. - Good = A score of 3 = The result of the transplant was a major improvement over the pre-operative state, but not perfect; while the hair is generally thick, a minor touch-up may be required to achieve the optimal result. - Mediocre = A score of 2 = The result of the transplant was a modest to moderate improvement over the pre-operative state; a second procedure of a similar magnitude will likely be required to achieve patient satisfaction. - Poor = A score of 1 = A complete botch job. The scalp looks effectively the same or worse than it did before surgery. A second operation is absolutely required (and possibly a third) if there's any hope of salvaging the situation. - Inconclusive = No score = The result could not be determined due to the fact that the surgery was performed too recently (less than approximately 5 months ago) or the fact that the user did not continue to post their results/pictures beyond a few days/weeks/months. There are some rare cases where a patient experienced a good result by the 5 or 6 month point and I felt comfortable including them in the analysis despite the fact that their hair has not fully matured. Caveats: - While there are many clinic-posted results in all three forums, I only included those from the Italian forum in this analysis (in other words, I only included patient-posted results from the French and English forums). Why did I do this? First, in the French and English forums, there was no indication as to when the clinic-posted surgeries were performed. Second, the doctor likely only posted his best results, leading to a form of selection bias. When patients post their own results, from start to finish, selection bias is less likely. Third, I wanted to make sure I didn't double-count, so each patient had to have a unique identifier (and it was hard to assign one for clinic-posted results; for patient-posted results, on the other hand, I could differentiate them with their user names). Please note that the omission of clinic-posted results might skew the results in such a way as to make them seem slightly more negative than they actually are. - I realize that the ratings I assigned to each result are subjective. I can't think of a way to do this in a truly objective way, as one person's "good" might be another's "mediocre." For this reason, I'm willing to provide user names via PM in case there are any doubts concerning my judgment. Analysis: The chart below shows my findings from the three forums, combined, within the specified date range. I removed the user names and replaced them with patient numbers to maintain anonymity. As I mentioned above, if anyone wants to see the user names associated with the patient numbers in order to check me (or compare your judgments with my own), I can send them to you via PM. Assigned Patient Number Surgery Date Result Rating 1 Sep-16 4 2 Oct-16 3 3 Oct-16 3 4 Oct-16 3 5 Nov-16 4 6 1-Nov 4 7 Nov-16 4 8 Nov-16 N/A 9 Nov-16 3 10 Dec-16 4 11 Jan-17 2 12 Feb-17 4 13 Feb-17 4 14 Feb-17 4 15 Feb-17 3 16 Feb-17 N/A 17 Feb-17 4 18 Feb-17 4 19 Feb-17 3 20 Mar-17 3 21 Mar-17 4 22 Mar-17 N/A 23 Apr-17 4 24 Apr-17 N/A 25 May-17 3 26 May-17 3 27 Jun-17 2 28 Jun-17 N/A 29 Jul-17 4 30 Jul-17 4 31 Jul-17 3 32 Jul-17 3 33 Jul-17 2 34 Jul-17 2 35 Jul-17 N/A 36 Aug-17 4 37 Aug-17 3 38 Aug-17 N/A 39 Sep-17 3 40 Sep-17 N/A 41 Sep-17 2 42 Oct-17 4 43 Oct-17 2 44 Oct-17 4 45 Oct-17 4 46 Oct-17 4 47 Oct-17 N/A 48 Nov-17 4 49 Nov-17 3 50 Nov-17 2 51 Nov-17 N/A 52 Nov-17 4 53 Nov-17 3 54 Dec-17 4 55 Dec-17 4 56 Dec-17 3 57 Dec-17 2 58 Dec-17 4 59 Dec-17 3 60 Dec-17 2 61 Dec-17 N/A 62 Dec-17 N/A 63 Jan-18 4 64 Jan-18 3 65 Jan-18 3 66 Jan-18 2 67 Jan-18 N/A 68 Jan-18 N/A 69 Feb-18 4 70 Feb-18 4 71 Mar-18 2 72 Mar-18 4 73 Mar-18 3 74 Mar-18 2 75 May-18 3 76 May-18 4 77 May-18 N/A 78 Jun-18 N/A 79 Jul-18 4 80 Jul-18 N/A 81 Jul-18 N/A 82 Jul-18 N/A 83 Jul-18 N/A 84 Aug-18 N/A 85 Sep-18 N/A 86 Sep-18 N/A 87 Sep-18 N/A 88 Sep-18 N/A 89 Sep-18 N/A 90 Oct-18 N/A 91 Oct-18 N/A 92 Oct-18 N/A 93 Oct-18 N/A 94 Oct-18 N/A 95 Oct-18 N/A 96 Oct-18 N/A 97 Nov-18 N/A 98 Nov-18 N/A 99 Nov-18 N/A 100 Nov-18 N/A As you can see, I looked through 100 patient reviews between the three forums. Out of the 100, only 63 were conclusive. Out of the 63: - 48% were great - 33% were good - 19% percent were mediocre - 0% were poor For me, a result of good or great is acceptable. Here's some more useful data: - There is an 81% chance of an acceptable (i.e., good or great) result - Margin of error is 12% (with a confidence level of 95%)* - Average is 3.3 (a result between good and great) - Median is 3 (a good result) - Mode is 4 (a great result) - Standard deviation is 0.771 * I calculated margin of error by assuming that ASMED performs 4 surgeries per day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, yielding a total population of 2,080 surgeries performed within this time frame (and, as shown above, a sample size of 63 patients). I want to stress, again, that I excluded all clinic-posted results from the French and English forums, so outcomes may actually be better than what is posted above. Another question that was recently raised was whether or not quality from this clinic has decreased over time. In order to determine if this is the case, I plotted the results from above against time (see the plot below) and inserted a best-fit trend line (including a projection into the future, assuming the same trends continue to hold). It does appear that there has been a slight degradation in quality for surgeries performed between September of 2016 and June of this year. It looks like this degradation may have been caused by a cluster of negative reviews made by patients who had surgery between August and December of 2017 (though there were also many successful surgeries that occurred around this time as well). I might do another analysis looking further back into the past to see if this trend remains the same, or if the second half of 2017 was a blip. I don't know about you guys, but this made me feel a bit more confident about my upcoming surgery. Any thoughts?
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    Well! I did it. About 8 hours of surgery and I now have a much better hairline and a few less thousand euros than I did before. The meds are starting to wear off now and my head feels like it has been kicked (although it could be worse and I imagine before tomorrow morning it will feel worse too). My hairline, as I mentioned in my other post, is now like my 24 year old hairline which is not a straight one but I do not think a straight one would suit me and I have never had one anyway, even as a teenager. It really suits my face. There is almost no redness and no swelling (as yet). I haven't seen the incision yet and need to go back in the morning tomorrow for the first wash and for them to examine everything. They have a team of techs who do the implants and they are really good. Three work on you at once and so it doesn't take that long. It is quite boring though. I fell asleep at one point. You get lunch at around 13:30. The pain is actually getting worse and I have a bit of buyer's remorse now for the second time today (the first time being when I was sitting in the chair and I just thought "you look good with your head shaved, why are you doing this? It is so extreme"). Still haven't decided if I will upload pics or not (and I won't have any until tomorrow anyway) but if you have any questions, queries or well wishes, I am all ears.
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    I enjoy seeing clinic posts at the end of the month, which seems to be when a small wave of them usually come in. However, my patience for poor photography is waning and I believe very good photography should be required by physicians that are posting their results when they are recommended. I am not talking about patients. They can post poor photos if they want. We do not deserve anything from them and anything they provide is a generous bonus. I am talking about clinics. I know that the moderators give the clinics requirements for posting photos and I encourage them to hold the clinics to it. We have cell phones today that can take excellent photos in good lighting, yet a lot of the photos posted lately look like they were taken with potatoes. I caution the readers to not consider clinics who post poor photos, because if there is low attention to detail in documentation and marketing, there is a chance that there will be low attention to detail on the operating table. All the best, Spanker
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    Spanker great post, I couldn’t agree more. Another thing I hate that a few unnamed clinics do on this site is not use the same backdrop for the before and afters. I don’t understand why this concept is so hard to understand
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    Oh yeah , n why u being so shy about posting ur post surgery pics .. u don’t have a problem talking about masterbation issues but shy about current pics ? We all bros here.. ain’t no one going to criticize u ..
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    Yes, in germany before and after pics on you website are not allowed. You will find a lot of patient reports on a domestic site (alopezie.de), but to see this part of the forum you have to register.
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    You playing with fire here. The warning signs are shouting. This is not something you would want to chance. You only have one scalp and limited donar supply. From my own analysis i think Erdogan is one these doctors who doesnt actually care what the patients new hairline looks like after surgery aslong as the patient has had 5000 grafts placed. Hair grafts are meant to be angled closely to the scalp to give a natural look. If angles are wrongly placed like some of the results on here you get a see thru hairline giving a low density look. This is a big scam in the hair restoration industry. By placing grafts at the wrong angle, requires more hair grafts overall per cm. More money for the doctor and clinic. Touch ups are calculated into the 2.5euro charge because they know they will have lots of unhappy patients. Thats a warning sign alone.
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    Understood, but I think prospective patients should probably do their homework before they go in for a surgery. There aren't many of them. Also, those who are complaining tend to get emotional about their situation and exaggerate (saying that they were "botched" or a "failure" instead of acknowledging that there's been at least some improvement and that they're disappointed because reality didn't meet their expectations). Additionally, as far as the shape of the hairline is concerned....from what I've read, patients are asked if they approve of the proposed hairline and have the option to request a change. When I go, I'll be bringing pictures of what I used to look like so that the doctor and I can use them as reference for what a natural hairline on my head looks like. According to whom? Aren't hairs supposed to grow vertically? From what I've seen, this isn't what's happening. The mods seem to jump in when a patient starts complaining about their own results on someone else's thread (the moderators didn't shut down these individuals' original progress threads). For example: Person A creates a thread and says they're not currently happy with their growth. Person B then comes on Person A's thread and says "Yeah, your result sucks! So does mine! A lot of people are saying theirs suck too! This must be because of clinic negligence!" There are a lot of things wrong with this kind of post -- first, it draws attention away from Person A's result and experience. Second, Person B is judging Person A's result with a bias caused by his own bad result. Third, it draws overgeneralized conclusions about the clinic without providing evidence and leads to a bandwagon effect for the minority of dissatisfied patients. This gives the impression that there are more unhappy patients than there actually are. As far as the "agenda" is concerned, here's an explanation. The patient does not have an agenda when they first go to the clinic. However, once they decide that they've had an unsatisfactory result, they get very upset about it and choose to channel their anger toward the clinic by attacking its reputation on other threads.
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    Lord Baldwin thanks for taking time out and doing full analysis. You have to remember the average patients is not to clued up on what sort of result to expect. Some are pleased to have hair again on head, you have to remember that. The point what most of these unhappy patients are making is that they received botched jobs. Multi hair grafts within hairline, Hairlines being horizontal and un natural, Hair grafts growing vertically from scalp and not getting the full coverage with density. Many results getting passed off as good, if a professional in the field was to look at new hairline they would class it as botched. Asmed is over quoting and planting more grafts then required depleting donar area. Patients will never get a good density of hair if hair grafts are growing vertically. Also i find it disgusting that mods are banning patients who have shared unhappy experience saying they have agenda with clinic, if they had agenda with clinic why would they of gone with clinic in first place. They are unhappy patients who have to live with a bad hair transplant.
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    Thanks! I'm a numbers guy (and kind of a nerd), so finding actual numerical representations for the clinic's results helps put various individual reviews in perspective.
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    Seasonal sheds are a thing, and you'll notice with time that they are cyclical. There are times when my hair is thinner than others, but it's all a natural part of the hair growth cycle, so don't panic when you see this happen. It's all normal and to be expected.
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    amazing results! Would love to see pics of the patient at 3 or 4 months. Can only hope mine are anywhere close.
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    Thank you dear @Melvin-Moderator for reviewing the case and appreciating the job. It is only 6 months post procedure. He has grown many but still there are at least 20-30% more hair to grow. The final outcome would be much better. Yes, once the hair has grown, anything can be done upon the surface. That won't affect the hair growth.
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    No, not all were below the neckline. We know how to extract the beard grafts above the neckline and going into the cheek and the side locks. Soon, we will be posting cases where we have taken grafts mostly from the beard. Experience over thousands of cases of beard extraction with smallest and sharpest punches ensures a very minimal "technical" scar on the face which most patients can carry without any issue. In the index case, we have also taken from side locks. In ageing skin, due to skin laxity, the tiny scars become non noticeable. It is only 6 months for the scars. The scars would be remodelling till 1 year. Please find the pics of the beard extraction and follow ups in sequence: Pic 1: Immediately after the first procedure, 2500 grafts were extracted. Pics 2 and 3: After one month of the extraction. Pics 4, 5 and 6: Immediately after extraction in second sitting, 1500 were extracted Pics 7 and 8: After 2 months of first sitting Pics 9 and 10: After 6 months of first sitting
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    On average, 1 in 8 follicles is in telogen state at any time. It is in a resting state with no hair. That means some of the doubles, look like singles when they are extracted. The 2nd follicle in the graft is in telogen. So a graft with a single hair but two follicles can easily be mistaken for a single and implanted in the hairline. It is also possible for a triple to have two follicles in telogen. You need a high powered microscope to see the telogen follicles, and you need to examine every graft that goes into the hairline very carefully. Many FUE-only clinics do not have microscopes. It is normally not an issue for FUT surgeries because every graft is separated and sorted under a high powered microscope. Even with skilled technicians at the microscope, it’s possible to miss a few. I don’t think having a few doubles in the hairline makes a significant cosmetic impact, however, having a lot of them does tend to create a tree-trunk effect and make the hairline seem less natural.