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    Huh? Based on your assessment, Hypothetically speaking So you take 5k grafts from me and 1k grows, which would equal to having 1k hairs more than I had before up front, but I am out of 4K grafts and ontop of that those 1k grafts have poor density, which now looks worse than it did before because of that and this procedure isn’t considered a failure?
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    Depends if the failure is acceptable or not. Say, the supersonic jet concorde in its 34 years of existence, has only one airplane crash in its entire history. But if that crash percentage is acceptable, that would mean one plane malfunctioning in the US airspace everyday.
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    So you think below average is acceptable? With 3600 grafts his head should be covered with hair at this stage. Hair line is weak and density is poor. See the video. What do you consider a normal distribution? Find me one case who had this poor growth at 8 months and ended up having drastic improvement in following fee months. When you say slow grower. How much slower the growth has to be. Unless the grafts underwent hibernation I don't think it's the case of slow growth. But I really hope I am wrong for payams sake. There's a major room for improvement and only time will tell how it will end up. This is just my opinion and I could be wrong.
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    hi bill, i always look for your advice in these posts but are all your FUE/FUTS right in this? You are telling him to stick with FUE but then explain why FUE can damage hair follicles but follow that by saying FUE is ok? Lol maybe I'm just confused.
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    Belgium or Switzerland! Do not do it in the UK
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    Dont restrict yourself to your closest City. Research, Research , Research! Regards Spex
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    If anyone has any questions about transplants in Turkey I can help, I am an associate in the UK and work with a clinic in Istanbul. We can answer any questions and have real clients in the UK who can talk to you about their surgery in Istanbul. We offer a complete price package and can arrange everything for you. If you are concerned about surgery abroad do not hesitate to contact me with your questions x Jo
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    Not sure about Manchester but I will tell you that in the States. you can expect to pay anywhere between $3.75 - $5.00 per graft for FUT and $6 - $9 for FUE. That being said.......... Throughout my career I've helped a number of surgeons. Recently I've noticed that most patients will call a practice, ask for pricing and, as soon as they get the info, they hang up. Call the next practice.....and this continues until the patient hears what he wants to hear. This eventually leads to the patient going with a physician that is giving away the work. 1. This devalues his practice and 2, the entire industry suffers because the work is crap. It is important to remember that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten. I truly appreciate the fact that you said "reputable surgeon." Here you need to be careful. There are recognizable names out there but the work is no good. Like I often say, if you've been doing it wrong for 30 years, you will continue doing it wrong. I would encourage you to look at results. If the doctor is good, he will have hundreds of photos available. Watch out for sites that have a handful of photos. There is an awesome list of doctors in this site that you can review. Go to arochahairrestoration.com. Here is a website with a good number of before and after photos. Dr. Gabel in Oregon is another doctor you can research. Good luck.
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    Extractions fully performed by techs and motorised punch, along with multiple patients a day. Add his to the list of clinics such as Lorenzo, Erdogan and Feriduni's that do better work than 99% of clinics in which the doctor performs extractions.