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    Most in the industry want to wait on most young guys to have an idea what the pattern is going to be. I would wait until they are 18? Then visit with your PCP or a Doctor in a Hair restoration practice. It is likely they will be introduced to all medical therapies, (which, in my opinion), is the right thing to do. Either the meds will work or they won't. There are options either way. Right now, understanding how complicated hereditary conditions are, I would not worry about it.
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    A few things about your case. You are demarcating down on the donor area. It is likely that finateride is helping. Pls cotinue. I would consider adding Rogaine, Laser and PRP. These work in different ways and are thus, synergistic when used simultaneously. The second thing I would encourage you to do is to let your hair grow longer and then revisit with the doctor(s). I know of some that would not touch you at this particular time because you can see right through the native hair and see scalp. They may be under the impression that you are experiencing global thinning. You have a big pattern. 3000 placed diffusely through the front and top as you've drawn and discussed with others so far will give you a little bit more density but not "full" looking density. My suggestion would be to concentrate the 3000 grafts towards the front and just blend a bit to the middle area. (If youi look at the way advanced patterns lose hair, you'll notice that the majority keep the most density in the front, medium density in the middle and emptier in the back. You could consider SMP down the road for the crown or for the entire head depending on the outome). My last comment, and it's a combination of observation and the comments you've made. If you are planning on keeping the hair short, why consider transplants? Why not SMP? To me, doing transplants means that you care considering growing the hair out. So, perhaps start with SMP and see if you are satisfied. You can always add grafts depending on the outome of the medical therapy, (if you decide to take that route) which typicall takes a full year to truly assess results. If the meds give you great results, you may have other options at that point. If not too successful, the only thing you did was waste a year. With regards to Dutesteride, I learned early that they decided no to go through trials because their outcome was not any better than Propecia. Propecia is 1 mg while Dutesteride is 5 mg. While I undestand the concept of splitting the pill and all of that, why take the risk of potentially more side effects if it has been documented that the results are not any better. It seems, by the photo you have provided, that you are maintaining the hair in the perimeter because of the medication. Who put you on that? Did they take photos at the time to keep track? If so, go back to them and review the photos and see what has happened since then. This should give you an idea of how successful the medication has been for you.
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    Thanks for the feedback Farsan, I'm delighted with the result the team I had were amazing. I'm sure the same goes for you buddy as their standards are the highest. Hope you everything is going well for you buddy!!!
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    In my opinion, do not take dutasteride unless you consult with a physician. Durasteride is a powerful drug that removes almost all of the DHT from your body. DHT is still necessary to have as a man. Furthermore, you’ve already lost the majority of your hair. Unfortunately, it’s little too late to regain that lost hair without surgical intervention. Moreover, dutasteride is not FDA approved to treat hair loss, it went through clinical trials, but was never approved. Long term what are the effects of completely inhibiting DHT? No one knows for sure.
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    Hey, great youve I’ve been on fin to help slow down the progression of loss. You could consider moving up to DUTasteride to throw everything and the kitchen sink at helping maintain what you’ve got especially if intending to go down the FUE route. great surgeons / clinics mentioned and they are consistent with large FUE. Realistic numbers for the area you want want to cover. Get in house assessments and go from there. Rome wasn’t built in a day so take your time and meet Drs. best spex
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    Norwood II and yes you should start medication therapy, the sooner you start the more hair you save in the long run.
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    Just to clarify, it was NOT the previously transplanted hair which was subject to the mentioned hair loss. My surgeon even advised me that I would likely face a second transplant with the years to come. This was outlined to me prior to commencement. As known, a transplant does not prevent from further receding, which in my case was mainly linked to medication. There was a slight problem with the first HT where the left front turned out to have a better density than the right side. But this was very minor. I have opted for the second transplant based on the problem that my existing hair behind the new hairline receded. But again this was something which I knew would soon or later occur. In my case there was still plenty of donor hair available and I am pretty satisfied with the given result so far. Keep in mind that that I have had only 2430 grafts taken when I have had my first HT. That was enough to reinstate the hairline and to fill a bit of the crown area.
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    You divided the numbers the wrong way. It's roughly $0.42 per graft. Math: £1300 for 4000 grafts = £0.325 per graft All hair transplants come with some risk. The question is how much risk you want to trade off for price. I wouldn't have any procedure with a clinic if I couldn't see consistently good independent reviews. There are doctors in Turkey who perform relatively cheap HT's that have some good reviews on this forums, like Dr Demirsoy and Dr Resul Yaman ( €1.25 - €1.50 per graft).
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    I kept mine a secret. I just wore hats - appropriate ones depending on the situation - and told everyone I have an unsightly scar and embarrassed to show it.
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    Yep. Sounds like a seasonal shed for sure. Spex has a good thread on this if you wanna search "Spex seasonal shed" in the search engine. Once you know this, you'll find it really helps relieve a lot of the anxiety around it when it happens since you'll know what's most likely occurring and that it's temporary.
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    I've worked with a great number of surgeons these past 25 years. Some are brilliant with absolutely no bedside manners. Others would put grafts on a broomstick if they could with amazing bedside manners. Check results, naturalness and the density they typically achieve with one procedure. I noticed Dr. B Arocha is listed as one of the recommended doctors on the site. Hundreds of photos. If you go to the bottom of the page you will find interactive videos. I tend to think that most patients call the practice that is local to them. Please do lots of research before moving forward.
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    With only 2589 grafts, this is wow. Some folks do not even get this woth 4000 grafts. amazin
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    Honestly. I think you might be too bald to really be an ideal patient. Looking at the donor area you could maybe get light coverage with a high hairline, or have a huge bald spot on top and some passable thin hairline at the front. But in my opinion none would really be a good look and truthfully you would look better just embracing your baldness rather than a week hairline that just detracts from someone overall look. Now if you have a lot of body hair and money. Dr. U could probably get you some passible looking results. But no hair is better looking than some sickly looking thin fuzz or awkward looking things. Look honestly at what you have...we all kind of have trouble seeing reality when we look at ourselves. Then look at norwood 6-7 results. It is pretty impossible unless you have a superb donor supply and thick diameter hair. I honestly see some of these hairlines they put on guys...you know, with the hairline staring way far back because of too much loss. Why the patient my like it, 90% of the time in the eyes of the rest of the world, these results look silly and he poor guy would be 20k richer and look so much better if he just buzzed it off. Please don't be one of those guys who end up as roadkill on the HT superhighway. I hate to sound harsh, but the good looking results are usually restoring at worst a Norwood 5 to a 2/3. I have learned anyone here can find a surgeon willing to take his money. From the early 20's fool who blows thorough his donor supply to have a goofy looking hairline so low it makes him look feminine to the baldy who ends up wit a fuzzy widows peak 3 inches back from where it might have looked decent. Tread lightly and do your research. Donor, density, caliber, graft survival. Then when you know what is possible,,,,pick a surgeon who might be a good fit.