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    @MsLia Frankly, you sound like a paid representative coming here to defend your doctor rather than a genuine patient. If you are a genuine patient however, I do apologize. But, instead of huffing and puffing and hurling insults at people who are sharing their genuine opinions, why don’t you create a new topic to share your genuine experience with actual photos before, during and after surgery? Then perhaps we can reevaluate his technique and results and see for ourselves that he is doing state of the art work. That’s your claim right? So why don’t you create a new topic and show us your procedure and results and that will speak many more volumes then your words which are not going to be taking this seriously without photos. As Melvin said, that’s the only kind of post we are going to accept from you next. Your first post was very abrasive and attacking so frankly, anybody who responded to you in a less than friendly way is not doing anything wrong considering how you approached this community. You can’t come here guns a blazing and then expect the moderators to defend you when someone is nasty back to you. So now it’s time for you to put up or shut up. Let’s see those before and after photos of your own scalp. And let’s see photos of your scalp immediately after surgery as well. For the record, it is possible that this doctor is doing follicular unit hair transplantation. Perhaps, he’s just trying to be slick with marketing by renaming FUE to HUE which contains his last name. But it makes me wonder what that even stands for any means… Hueber unit extraction? God, I hope I don’t have any Hueber units in my head to be extracted ?. But like I said, perhaps he just put a fancy name on it because of a tool or device he uses and even though that’s technically inaccurate and deceptive at best, it doesn’t necessarily mean his technique isn’t viable. So, I will give you some benefit of the doubt since you claim you are so happy but it is now up to you to prove to this community that your results are genuine and top-notch. Let’s see those before and after pictures. Best Regards, Bill
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    It looks good so far, zero scabs. I feel like your line is very similar to mine. Looks great!
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    I know most have seen this success story from Nader, I know it’s just one story but damn I’d kill to have this transplant.
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    I don’t believe there is any particular hate on Mexico or any other surgical tourism destination. However, there isn’t many top tier doctors in that area that are well known, with the exception of Dr. Nader.
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    The main concern with going for medical tourism outside of the west is accountability of doctors to medical boards and the ability to pursue legal action if something goes awry and needs rectifying. Something to consider.
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    And maybe you could get your 2 friends who had HT's in on this too. You DO want to prove with actual patient testimonials and factual pictures to us just how good the Dr is, right?
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    Let me back up a bit here. 10 years ago I rushed into a transplant. I was thinning in the front but had a full head of hair everywhere else. I chose the closest doc who was just a dermatologist in okc. Dr Blaine Lehr who no longer does HT's. I just paid $3 a graft and basically got what I paid for. Results where sub par. Fast forward to 2017 and noticed my hair in front, on top and crown thinning drastically. I then decided to have a second ht , this time researching way more. I chose Arocha in Houston and felt comfortable with the consultation and procedure. To answer your question, I still would have had a ht at a 6 since I've always had great hair and the thought of going bald was not an option.
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    Actually, I don't think I'm a 6. I have some balding in the crown but not enough to be a 6. I personally think I'm around a 4. I do plan on having my crown done but I'm going to wait a while on that. on the fut question I read that somewhere where it had to do with the groupings but what do I know.
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    I suspected my nw scale was around a 4 but asked Arocha at my consultation. If I remember correctly I think he said 5/6 which I was shocked to hear since I have thick and somewhat curly hair. My sides are very thick and high , so the balding doesn't appear to be as bad as it is. Maybe I was in denial . Arocha stated that after the transplant I would be a 3.
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    You need workers in your entire frontal 3rd and I dont believ that 3000 grafts would be out of line.
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    He has been more respectful than you have, in fact you have openly made audacious statements about our forum and our members. You are the one coming on here making bold statements. The only post that will be approved moving forward will be a legitimate thread of your results as previously requested. Warm regards- Melvin
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    Says the guy with no track record on this forum who drags out a 5 month old topic for his first ever post.
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    I have also had in-person consultations with H&W and Rahal. Just a little advice....Tara at Rahal is fantastic, H&W reps not so much, but you MUST see Dr. Rahal and Dr. Hasson in person before you make your decision. The docs will ultimately make the final call on your HT strategy and it will likely differ drastically from what you were originally told in the consultation (especially at H&W). Very frustrating and you may end up very disappointed!