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    Unreal. I had more grafts than him by a long shot and started out less bald.. My hair is still thin.. 3 months out from my latest FUE so hopefully this one is a success. Going to H and W first would be my dream if I could turn back the hands of time. They continue to present stellar results.
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    Hey guys 1 week post FUE I basically returned to a normal lifestyle which included walking around outside. i didn’t go for epic strolls or anything but I didn’t wear a hat (didn’t want to damage my grafts) and some days were inevitably sunnier than others. I assumed the warnings against sun exposure were limited to standing in the baking sun for 2+ hrs. But now I’m not so sure.
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    Patient in his mid to late 20’s traveled from New York to see Dr. Hasson about his hairline and frontal zone loss. Good donor with hair shaft diameter on the finer side. Dr. Hasson and team transplanted 4260 grafts to restore the hairline, frontal zone and a small portion of the mid-scalp. 938 were single hair grafts, the remaining 3322 were 2, 3 and 4 hair grafts. We did not always document and break down the singles from the larger grafts back in 2005. Still looking good nearly 13 years later as he approaches 40 years old. Placement shot taken 10 days post-op, we did not usually take immediate post-op shots back in 05. While his scar was good, he wanted to improve it even more. 312 FUE grafts were recently placed into it to further minimize. 18 were single hair grafts, 177 double’s, 117 were 3-4 hair grafts.
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    Hi JJ. Sent them to you privately.
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    Thanks @SWdan. This is what the crown looks like today.
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    Big Mike, there are careful considerations when trying to get repaired. Scar tissue can cause even more issues. You have to look for expert repair surgeon who can safely implant with skill to prevent ridging and cobblestoning. At this point, i would definitely let the area heal as much as it can for at least 12 months. This is hopefully to reduce further detrimental scar tissue and to let the area heal before if you do anything again. Has the doctor who did the procedure give any feedback or assurance? Tools do matter too, so definitely think about that. Definitely something to think about and feel free to PM if you’d like. I really hope you get things sorted and hope you still have more growth. It is definitely not easy and I hope the doctor who did the procedure stands by your side by the 12 month mark and does not drag this on beyond 18 months. Best wishes.
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    It looks like it's going to turn out great.
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    I think, based on the loss of density, your pattern will spread. You seem to have decent amount of donor hair with a certain texture that may help create natural hairlines if done properly. In it’s current state, you may be looking at a number of around at least 3000 grafts for front to back, but it can be quite risky at the moment as you have some native hairs that are weaker in the thinning areas. Even if you get a procedure, you will risk shockloss that may or may not return in these zones. That means that your current native hairs can also die in the process and you may not look like you had any progress a year later or possibly worse. are you on any meds? Rogaine and finasteride? If not, they may help regain some hairs and thicken existing hairs to help you avoid possible further recession. Due to the higher risk involved, it may be worthwhile to wait and see if you shed more hair, the less native hair in the zone where thinning is evident, the better it may be for a higher yielding procedure. It is really a tough decision to make. Aside from graft counts, you want to see if any doctor can do a density test in your donor. The number of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s 4’s etc hair grafts will play a big part in the outcome of density achieved. By looking at your side view pics and top scalp pics, the pattern looks somewhat diffuse. Based on the caliber and strength of your donor hair, you may or may not be a candidate for FUE, but rather FUT or vice versa. Best of luck with everything and I really hope your ultimate goals are addressed. I’d get a few free consults from docs to see what each doc says. Wish you the best.
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    Hello, A Result of 2500 Grafts, dense packing Hairline, Dr.Özgür Hairline Clinic Ankara. Manual FUE, sharp punch 0.8mm-0.9mm.
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    hdude46, The doctors have not been big fans of Rogaine over the years. While its impact can vary from patient to patient, for many who have used it we see some instability of the tissue. Without going into great detail, it can make the procedure more difficult and create some limitations. It has been shown to affect the collagen and some premature facial aging can also occur. In the end, Dr. Hasson would likely not feel the benefit is warranted versus the potential negative effects on the tissue in this case.
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    Smash those 2000 grafts out man, take it next level. Especially impressed with the crown improvement for such a small amount of grafts. This is looksmaxing at its best.
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    A few years ago we were known for more than just megasessions. Dense packing and H&W were synonymous. However as the word spread we found ourselves with more and more requests for "x" number of grafts per cm2 where it didn't make sense and would be irrational and irresponsible to deliver. Too many times I would receive virtual consultations that stated how many grafts per cm2 the patient wanted when they really had no idea what it meant. They would simply see the numbers posted on the forums and thought that what they read about one patient and their density would apply to them so that was what they wanted to, so come hell or high water they were intent on getting it. Usually these requests were from 21 year old kids or guys with aggressive loss or both and the only thing they truly cared about was high density, whether it made sense for them or not. I remember having to spend more and more time educating patients why 100 grafts per cm2 was not a good idea. We then made the conscious decision to stop pushing the ability to super dense pack as a reason to come to H&W. Fact is though, we literally defined what it is to dense pack. Back in 2002 Dr. Hasson went to the ISHRS conference in Chicago and brought one of his patients to show to the group. You have to remember that at this time the most that some clinics were doing was roughly 35 per cm2 and a lot of docs even considered this to be on the high end. Dr. Hasson's patient was the first known patient to receive 70 per cm2 in one pass. His photos are below. This sent shock waves through the conference and all sorts of claims were being made about how this was a "one off" result because of his perfect characteristics. A "fluke" is what was also thrown around so Dr. Hasson said, "Ok, we'll bring 25 more flukes to the conference in 2004 when it is in Vancouver". That is exactly what we did and to this date we are the only clinic in the world to ever bring in 25 patients to the ISHRS hair conference for peer review. This was to silence the critics and to show that we are the real deal, for megasessions, dense packing etc. Below is what was said by the then editor emeritus, Dr. Richard Shiel, of the ISHRS magazine that is sent out to over 700 member clinics. He was discussing the highlights of the event in the issue that came out just after the conference. To be clear and to better clarify the above quote, not ALL of the patients had 80 per cm2 and/or 5000 grafts in a single session because I was one of the patients highlighted but I was shown at the time because back then I was one of the more dramatic repair case turnarounds to be shown with 7500 grafts. Below are two more cases of dense packing and super dense packing. 60 per cm2, 8 months post-op performed 8 years ago. And this patient received 80 per cm2 and is shown one year post-op about 7 years ago. So, while we are MORE than happy to let some other clinics get the attention for dense packing don't think for a minute that we can't do it. Like I said, we literally defined what dense packing is and perform it regularly. Not only can most clinics NOT dense pack like we can there are very few clinics that can come close. Dr. Rahal is certainly among those that can.
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    Has anyone been to this clinic in Antalya. I have been offered 3500-4000 grafts for 2900 euro. Any recommendation or opinion would go a long way thanks