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    Just reached the 2 week mark! Thanks @lukeyb1687 and @alex79 Yes, that's why I'm posting them here ?
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    Looks good. Congratulations . I hope you will get some great results . You need to be though more patient next 4 months.
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    This is like the anecdotal stories of men who wear hairpieces and the person they sleep with every night never notices. Sure buddy - okay. I'm sure she's a very observant woman in real life. This is typical of the WORST type of posting on this website in my opinion. Yes, the results are very good but the hyperbolic 'copy' in your headline actually makes your clinic appear to be a bit schlocky. Again, great results but I don't see the need for the extra 'copy' about the gf. Maybe I'm being a bit of a pisser though.
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    Enjoy the shed my friend! Keep photos (either here or for your self) as it's really fun to go back and see the progress
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    Get a consult with Dr Arocha as good guy but also cast your net and get consults with a few other surgeons too in order to compare. Its part of the process! Regards SPEX
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    I live in Texas and went out of state. Don't let geography be an obstacle, it's worth it to travel for the right doctor.
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    Dr. Arocha, is recommended by this community however, you shouldn't limit your search by geographic location alone. In fact, you should try and consult with several doctors before making a selection. Always go by results and not convenience. Our full list of recommended surgeons Warm regards- Melvin