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    40K a year? If you could make 200k a year, I would betcha you would go for it. I could be wrong, and if I am then you are a better human than I am. Bottom line is supply and demand. Price is set by how much consumers are willing to pay. Absolutely nothing wrong with the Surgeons charging that much if consumers are willing to pay. That’s the world we live in unless you want to relocate to a communist nation. I would also love to know where in the US is 40k a year comfortable?
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    Barbaric? What are you talking about? Have you ever seen a C-section before? Or maybe Open heart surgery? Brain surgery to cut out tumors? If you think an elective FUT strip procedure is barbaric, then I wonder what you think of the others I mentioned. What about LASIK where they cut a flap in your eyeball, lift it, and then zap away at your eyeball using a laser. Get real man, FUT is nowhere near barbaric. Is it gruesome, sure, but it works with minimal risk of any king of injury or complication, and there are plenty of more gruesome medical procedure. Calling this form of modern medicane that transforms the lives of many men for the better is extremely disrespectful to the surgeons out there who make it happen.
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    I don’t know much about the other clinic you’ve mentioned, but I do know Dr. Devroye is an excellent doctor. With that said, consult with as many doctors possible. This way you can gather as many professional opinions as possible. Additionally, more isn’t always better. Just because a clinic can do a large strip shouldn’t influence your decision. There is a larger risk with doing mega-sessions, if for any reason the results aren’t what you expected you will have little recourse to correct the issue because of the large portion of the donor that was used.
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    I like Dr. Devroye, he’s an excellent choice and has provided several examples of FUT+FUE. If you want to maximize your donor there’s really no other way.
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    Try some toppik legend, Im sure people don’t look at you and think you’re balding, but you know it so it makes you self conscious. You need something to give you volume, either a hair fiber or volumizer. You can definitely make your hair look good, just gonna take an extra effort.
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    Sure. I did FUE procedure. 1400 grafts. I went to LA Hair Clinic in Pasadena CA. Jacques Abrahamian did the procedure.
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    Transection rates are significantly lower with strip than FUE especially when a single bladed instrument is used to harvest the donor. I’m surprised that you don’t know this. For whatever reason, you have developed a real negative and dim view of strip. You are entitled to your opinion of course. But be careful not to peddle misinformation around the forum. Bill
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    Your donor looks pretty strong so at least you'll have good ammo to work with. Because your hair loss is pretty severe, I would advise a very conservative hairline so you can get max coverage, you want to save as many grafts as possible in case you need a second procedure. A good doctor can design a very nice receding hairline for you. Something like this
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    5000 follicles is a good number, with 3000 can reconstruct the entire front, and the remaining 2000 strengthen the mid scalp .. the crown you have diffuse but not serious yet.
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    I showed my girlfriend an operation of FUT and she cringed and asked why anyone would do that. It is barbaric. You are cutting a chunk of FLESH out of somebodies head when you can do a less invasive method of extracting grafts singularly. Dr's are making complete BANK off of hair transplants with some charging up to 10$ per graft, that is insane. It comes down to morals and how rich people feel they need to be. Honestly, if I could perform hair transplant surgery, I would do it making a comfortable living of 40K a year just so people could enjoy their lives without having a chunk of their head cut out and being able to enjoy a full head of hair. Its not fair some people are born and for the rest of their lives enjoying a full head of hair where as other people bald, society demands appearance and Dr's quite literally take advantage of peoples insecurities. No reason in this world a Dr has to make that much money off of other peoples insecurities. Any Dr morally could take the time to perform a surgery FUE, making sure the grafts were properly harvested and placed correctly to insure good growth at a reasonable rate. Money greed is a horrible thing and honestly a shame.
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    This is the dream. Those 7 week pics are the quickest growth I have ever seen.
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    Tremendous early growth it appears.
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    Hey superflash, congratulations on your first hair transplant with Dr. Cinik! The work looks great! Super clean. ???
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    Reynosa has quieted down quite a bit over the last few months, but I believe if you had any trouble it would be more of bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time which is most likely slim to none.Also I don't think it's common knowledge on the street that some Nader patents are carrying large amounts of cash or any would-be holdup men are reading this forum to find out. lol I brought cash both trips, I was a little uneasy but that 10% discount made it worth the risk to me. I taped the cash around my ankle & carried a dummy wallet with a few bucks in it just in case I had to hand it over. Everything went smoothly & at no time did I ever feel I was in the least amount of danger either trip. Good Luck with what ever you choose.
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    Hi Guys, Below is my 7 month update. I always seem to have a slow start and a really good finish to the months, this past week the density has improved. The left is still lagging behind though so I'm really hoping that catches up, at 7 months though I'm unsure as to how much more of an improvement I can get?? I will update again at 8 months.