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    Hi Jan, From the photos that you have posted, it does look like your hair loss pattern has been quite stable at a Norwood 5A for many years. But it is also important to remember that hair loss is progressive so having a good idea of where your hair loss will pattern will be in the distant future is important. As far as cost is concerned, here is how I look at it. Once you have found a few Doctors that you have full confidence in, it shouldn't matter who you end up going to. What matters is that you have total confidence in their ability to carry out your hair transplant. Saving a few thousand euros/dollars, etc, is obviously an added bonus but that feeling of total confidence in your decision should always come first. So take your time with thinking this over and you'll have your answer when there no longer is any doubt. Don't pull the trigger before you are absolutely sure. Finally, it doesn't look like your hair is really that fine. I would say it is around medium-fine. This has its benefits, as blond and medium fine hair produces very natural looking hairlines. In my opinion, blonde haired patients require lower density in the hairline for a result to look natural so you have that going for you as well. I hope this helps.
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    Already I attached Dr. Resul certificate of operation at my public topic and already send private message to Bill & Melvin as per their request including this certificate & my personal data. let's wait Dr. Yamen response & see his ability to solve my issue which will reflect his capabilities for patient care after surgery and ability to bear his responsibility toward my surgery failure . This will be practical case for Dr. Yamen to Prove his medical ethics & professionalism
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    Looks great man, better than i do at almost 6 months so you should be super happy with this progress
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    Can we delete our posts? Happy to delete mine so it doesn't detract from the thread. Thanks
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    interested to hear what the forum says about your situation. I’m in a similar situation (27, class 5ish, on meds) I bet asmed gave you the 5000graft special? You may want to think about rebuilding the frontal 3rd and seeing how that turns out. then address the crown later? idk
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    4 months update, what do you guys think? i made my hair shorter. Hop it will be good
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    Good for you man, and good luck!
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    Thanks Delancey, The strip is taken from the boney bit at the bottom of the skull (occipital hump I think it is called). I think you can stray a cm or two from this area (above and below) and would guess he picked the highest density part in this region. He told me the strip was an average 2.7cm wide.. I did do a couple of months scalp exercises in advance. He did say my density was 80 at the back and 60 at the sides. What I lack in density I make up for in caliber. Dr K recommends Nadimi and Gabel to people unwilling to accept his waiting list.