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    It is ironic yet true that when provocative topics are raised - we tend to get answers. Do you really think Dr. Erdogan would have EVER bothered to come here on the board and give his explanation of tech training at his facility if there wasn't a real reason to do so? Frankly, he should have a section about that on his website - since he's such the promoter, eh? Yet we only get a personal long explanation when enough doubt or noise was created. Let me tell you something; my entire extended family is in the healthcare industry (doctors/pharmacists/physician assistants/nurses) and I can tell you with absolute certainty they are just like anyone else. Certainly nothing more but often much less than the rest of the masses. Yea, they are usually very intelligent and take tests well - that's not everything. Bedside manner is relevant too - and truly wanting to heal. Plastic surgeons usually don't go into their field 'cause it's a 'calling' - it's detailed and demanding but very lucrative. Now, to the point. There are so many doctor's that are challenged on this website and we never get a clear answer. Oh, it will mess up my refund, I don't want to out my doctor, blah blah blah. Most of them have a rep on this board or I can guarantee you someone on their staff looking for mention's of their name on this forum. What do we normally get? An echo chamber and then mods begging for more info so they can open a dialogue with the doctor. I'd like to hear more about that. Website gets paid big bucks from doctor's and then I see alot of half-assed excuses about resolution. I often wonder what the story is behind the scenes (outside of the website mission statement). Case in point. I bet at least the vast majority of doctor's aren't showing the required work on this website they are supposed to be accountable for. Oh, but the moderator didn't keep up on that for the last 6 months - 'cause hey, I'm getting paid and I have to moderate all these posts and keep replies on topic. Doctor's should be required to interact on at least a limited basis here in order to stay recommended. In fact I saw a couple very nice/detailed and informative replies from Dr. Bhatti today - thank you doctor for your insight to a regular poster(s). I realize doctor's are busy but surely they can step up and reply to at least the most interesting questions on this forum. Many do, more need to do so. It's called good standard of care. Perhaps I'm most disappointed in newbies who don't use the search function and spend REAL time studying and reading months and months (years and years) of QUALITY and in-depth threads before they come on here and ask the same uninformed questions. It would be better to charge an initial small registration fee to post in order keep out utterly clueless that don't bother to really approach major surgery investigation with the respect it deserves. But what do I know? The majority in here are into hair porn and can't emotionally handle going bald as nature intended; it's flaccid and weak & I have no bloody use for it. Yet, here I am posting like an idiot!! ; )
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    *Lugano has been changed to Milan* Dr. Wong will be back in Milan and Rome Italy again this year for his annual visit. This trip will also include the much-anticipated return to the UK where he has not been in the last few years. He is excited to meet new prospective patients in London this year as well as returning to Rome and Milan. If you’d like to meet Dr. Wong and discover what he can do for you, reserve your spot visit here:https://hassonandwong.com/european-consultation/ You can learn more about his trip and also register here: https://hassonandwong.com/europe-2018-hair-transplant-consultations/ We expect high demand and there are a limited number of spots so don’t wait too long to sign up!
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    You won't lose any grafts at 7 days. Not even a concern - so get that out of your mind A HT study showed that grafts are 100 secure at 5 days. If you lost a graft prior, you would see a lot of blood. Not spot bleeding - but a steady stream for 30 or so seconds. So much so your partner would say, "shit, you're bleeding." If you didn't hear that - Or notice a stream of blood down your face, you're OK. If you did lose a grafts (or even a few) - nothing to worry about. Think about it. If I plucked a few hairs from your head, would you notice? No. I've had a HT so lets tackle your future concerns now Please print and put beside your mirror... you did not lose any grafts. I repeat. You did not lose any grafts yes, I know it does not look like 3000 grafts (normal) No, pimples will not damage your grafts That spot bleeding, it's normal. Just a scab - and no, you didn't damage grafts Yes, it's Ok you picked a scab and noticed spot bleeding. Yes, I know the areas is red. No you didn't damage any grafts when you bumped your head, it's OK. You didn't damage any grafts Yes, the right or left is growing slower. It's normal. Don't worry yes, it looks patchy. I know. Normal. stop comparing your result to other guys at 3, 6+ months. Some guys grow faster, some slower. Wait 15 months. yes, i know it's thin at 6 months. More to come! No, the hair product you used to style your hair did not damage the grafts No, it's not the final result at 9 months. Yes, you will get more density.
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    Your hair looks amazing , I have to admit if I had your hair pre- op I would have been more than happy and I wouldn't have taken the risk that the new hair-line would match your native density, I have seen similar low NW'S like you and they have been disasters when lowering the hair -line , Dr Bhatti did a great job .
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    I have already pointed out to Bill that Dr Yaman and Dr Bloxham have not shown any of their cases in at least 6 months, it begs the question is Dr Feller still recommended ? as he also doesn't present his work on here anymore . I was told by Bill that monthly updates by Docs have to be presented on a monthly basis . I asked Dr Erdogan 2 questions in response to the post he made recently , one regarding does he have enough time to properly supervise 4 different teams of techs when they are doing the extractions ? ,the second question was about the ambiguous advertising on his website regarding as to actually who does the extractions?, I haven't received a reply up to this point .
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    I say let him rant and obsess. It makes for great reading and obviously he can't stop himself from posting. The replies are great as well - informative too. It's his process - great theatre!
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    Dear Mr. Ivery22, The first course of action is to not have a procedure at this time. You should give the medication time to do what it is going to do. In other words, your scalp may thicken considerably in the next nine to fifteen months, which in turn will reduce the number of grafts you may need to a desirable result. I will caution you, however, in that one procedure is not going to restore the density you have lost as there is not enough hair in the donor region to replace every hair you've lost with any hope of maintaining a healthy appearance. The donor region would have to be severely depleted to get so much hair, and at that point, your true "lost" density will remain lost. Your pattern of loss is that of a NW6 but your loss is diffused which is why your continued use of finasteride may reduce and reverse much of your loss. You are a very good surgical candidate, however, so when the time comes you can have a very pleasant result that will have fuller coverage and added density. Your benefit is that the sides of your scalp are still quite strong and your temple points are very well defined so all of the grafts moved can be used to concentrate on the top and the back.
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    I've never prescribed this specific medicament to my patients so I would tend to not give a definitive answer about it. However, I consider that in general it is always preferable to perform surgery on a less inflamed area - even if the patient is on medical treatment.
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    Look, you need to chill out! You are judging your result at 5 months like your transplant has failed. You are not being respectful to ASMED and giving your transplant and body the time it needs to recover and flourish. You have a long journey ahead of you and you are making it a very stressful and unpleasant time for yourself. I'm not interested in bitching about ASMED because my transplant has not finished growing in yet. I'm going to continue doing what I have been doing, enjoying my life and not stress about it. Life is too short and there is too much fun to be had out there. I suggest you do the same
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    There are many recommended clinic which have the doc do all the work. Out of my head: - Keser - Lupnazula - Konior - Hei?tmann - Kaan - HLC I am sure I have missed a lot. Anyway: Depending of your amount of loss, one this might be not the best way to got. This Setup is for smaller cases e. g. hairline as #grafts / day is very limited and fatigue Plays a big role.
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    Sean, have you tried micro needling to improve your skin texture? It has helped me quite a bit.