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    This is a very interesting question and I congratulate for your keen sense of observation. That boundary zone can be treated in accordance with two philosophies : the first is the "prudent", the most orthodox, taught everywhere and which consists in leaving one or two centimetres not exploited between the donor and recipient areas. There are two main reasons to act in this way : to not use hair potentially unstable and, furthermore, to not create scars in a zone potentially balding. This modus operandi presents however a big inconvenient, mostly when performing a second (or further) FUE : in fact, it creates a no man's land between the donor and recipient areas having an original density - which is often ungraceful, especially when the patient wears his hair very short - that resembles a halo all around the skull, often called fringe. The second philosophy, which I tend to apply when the patient wears his hair very short and/or it is about a second (or further) surgery, consists in ending the extraction in a progressive way, approaching the recipient area as much as possible. Obviously, it is difficult to be certain about the boundaries between the donor and recipient areas. However, at worst, we will have transferred a limited amount of unstable grafts. In this specific case, we were practically obliged because of the patient's safe donor limitations (more than 5000 FUE grafts already extracted). I never had the need to treat a scarring issue in that area but, if it happened, it would be simple to solve by transplanting some hairs taken from the lower area. Thank you for your comments, much appreciated. Medrol was prescribed to this patient.
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    Agree 100% with Jammerz, totally disagree with what 007 has said about your current look and previous look (just my opinion). Talk of second procedures is not helpful at 5 months. Please take advice from others who have had the procedure done.
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    No clinic will admit your transplant is subpar at only 5 months when the grafts in reality are only beginning to grow, remember everyone grows at different rates ,even if you have poor growth at the 7-8 month point you wont get any clinic to hold their hands up and say it's a failure .If at the year mark and there's not a satisfactory improvement I would expect Dr Erdogan to address your concerns and offer you a free touch up at the very least, whether you would accept it is another matter . I will have a look at my 5 month pics to compare to yours, hang in there I have seen cases where the growth doesn't really kick in til the 6 or 7 month, of course we can all understand your concern and hoping things improve for you .
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    Hey Mania1, you just can't get with the program, eh? And if that's not a shill signature, I don't know what is. C'mon mods, straighten out this idiot.
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    I think around one hour and a bit double 2 days
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    Tend to agree that rebuilding the forelock and closing off the hairline at the temple areas is probably going to be around the 3k mark. Unfortunately you have significant diffuse thinning and are quite far gone, it's quite likely that without finasteride you will hit a slick bald NW5 in the near future, you are surely going to be playing catchup without it. The smart choice for you is to read the studies on finasteride and talk to a few surgeons and doctors about it. It's not worth spending money on transplants in my opinion for someone in your situation that isn't on finasteride, and truthfully you haven't done your research properly if you're thinking about transplants but not finasteride. Finasteride is more helpful, is 100x cheaper, and is significantly less risky. By the way, the doctor saying he wasn't sure if he could see miniaturisation was either an absolute clown or likely just trying to get you into the office. You clearly have bad diffusing and miniaturisation across the scalp.
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    This case is obviously not a failure, neither is it a success .With the amount of grafts used to cover the frontal area, one would have expected more density .Asmed's signature if you like is dense packing using a lot more grafts than most clinics for the same area but in this case for whatever reason the result is below par compared to most of the results I have seen form them . How typical this is from the clinic I've no idea as normally the results the clinic post on here and patients own results look pretty damn good. The OP is taking the right approach and waiting til the 18th month mark ,in my case I did see an improvement after the 12 month mark,but I agree with some of the posters by 12 months you pretty much know if you're happy or not with the transplant . Dont see a major problem here as the result looks natural but most of us would want more density so hopefully Asmed will come up with a plan to achieve this .
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    Wow there's a lot going on here, I'll briefly answer some things mensioned. I was aware of the risks of doing a HT and I was well aware of how the HT procedure would be carried out at ASMED. I think people who enter in to a HT have some responsibility to do their own research. As for me doing a 2nd HT this may be something I would consider, however it would depend on cost and number of grafts required. I would be nervous using up a lot more grafts on the front 1/3 of my head. I roughly have 5000 grafts left in the bank based on my last consultation a year ago. I am now worried that it could be me who doesn't take well to a HT and I need more grafts than others to acheive the same result. I need to factor this in with future hair loss. My original plan was to make sure over time I end up with a good density at the front 1/3 and enough grafts in the bank to cover the back section as I loose more hair. If the end result many years down the line was subpar, I had run out of grafts and no other future options were available (I.e cloning etc) then I would shave my hair and go for micro pigmentation. This would give the illusion of a full thick head of hair cut very short. So until I am 100% sure I am seeing my final result from my 1st HT I am in no rush to make a decision on what is best to do next. When I look at my hair closely in the mirror there are still a lot of wirey hairs, this hairs and small fine hairs which look to be growing in. This tells me I am probably not seeing the final result. I've taken a photo of a random spot close up to try to show you guys what I see, I'm not sure if it will still look good on here once compressed. You need to zoom in to see each of the hairs.
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    No real problems with sleeping in the hotels. I don't generally sleep on planes anyway, so I was awake for 95% of my flights apart from nodding off for a few minutes here and there.
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    This is exactly what I thought when I saw the pictures. I am (a lot) more than slightly skeptical though. I think this was not a good idea at 20 and using grafts in the beard too. When I read the original post, I assumed he meant he had taken grafts from the beard. You definitely need to get on medication ASAP. I don't take it myself but you have forced your own hand by doing this. You can't afford any loss now. What did the doctor say was your overall donor count? Do you have a picture of the donor?