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    A little asymmetry can sometimes give a more natural appearance . There is also a good chance that you will want some additional grafting in the future to increase density and a adjustment could be done at that time also. However , if you think this is going to drive you crazy then insist that the doctor address the situation.
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    Malcolm, My experiences and opinions that I have posted above, are substantially in the same form as my original post and remain unchanged. Just to clarify, I returned from Greece and complained to Mendelsohn re grafts numbers that he quoted for at the consultation stage, and the amount that I actually received. The initial consultation, and later partial refund for the above, that Mendelsohn agreed to pay me took place at Mendelsohns apartment Stockport UK upon my return so obviously there was no result I never heard from Mendelsohn again. My opinion is based upon my experience and results that I had at that time, and I am perfectly entitled to share my experience and opinions as it is simply the truth. ej
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    You have no idea who the techs are or how long they have worked, or their level of education. My techs were very young girls who didn't speak a word of english and were singing along to Turkish pop music as they were extracting, it was a bizarre experience. Honestly do what you want, I deeply regret going with this clinic, I had not done my research. You get around 10 minutes with the doctor, no one but your coordinator speaks English, doctor does 4 other surgeries in parallel to maximise profit, he didn't even inspect the graft placement on the second day. And worst of all if something clearly isn't right they won't inspect you and just tell you to wait 15 months. Save up some more money and wait for Konoir mate, I wish I had.
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    @throwawayht111, I’m terribly sorry to hear of your disappointing hair transplant experiences, all three of them apparently. This is quite shocking to me in particular because Dr. Keene is one of our recommended hair transplant surgeons and a member of the Coalition of Indepemdent Hair Restoration Physicians. While even the best hair transplant surgeons have cases of less than stellar results, the photos you have shown are highly concerning. In order to help you and in order to keep this for unfair and safe for both patients and physicians, I ask that you send me a private message with your full name and all three dates of your procedures. I will then contact Dr. Keene to let her know that you have publicly posted your concerns and photos and ask her to reply with her side of the story. Please be sure you give her permission to do so as this is required to keep our community fair and safe to all. I will be looking for your private message But in the meantime, I will be contacting Dr. Keene to give her heads up about this topic so she can at least offer an initial reply until you give her full permission. Best wishes, Bill
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    Chris, thanks for presenting your experience and photos showing your hair transplant six months after your procedure. It does look like you’ve had a lot of existing natural hair and combined with the transplanted hair, it certainly looks nice and thick. As you know, you will still likely experience more growth and maturation over the next 6 to 12 months but, your hair is already so thick that like you said, if it doesn’t grow anymore you’d be happy. I look forward to seeing what it looks like in another six months or so. Best wishes, Bill
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    You should be admired for posting this information considering the sad state of affairs you have been through. I hope you can get it sorted, age is on your side. On a side note to others, homework homework and some more homework. The bad practices exist because some people do not do their homework. Good luck in your quest.
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    I didn't catch where you're located, but I feel I should suggest Dr. Gabel out of personal experience, as I think anyone will agree he is highly respected on these boards and is quite skilled at detailed hairline creation and natural-looking density. He is located in Oregon outside of Portland. To be fair there is generally a very good selection of excellent surgeons on the board though, so I don't want to solely plug one. If I remember right, Dr. Gabel charges about $5 per FUT graft and $7 per FUE graft up to 2,000 and then $6/graft after that. Don't completely quote me there though, you'd have to call them for their most updated pricing info!. Best of luck!
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    So I had the consultation with Erdogan. He said I will continue to lose through my entire crown and said I have a donor capacity of 8800, even though ice already used 2300 for my first surgery. He said even if I go completely bald I would need 8600 to cover the top of my head so I am lucky that way. He suggested we do a 5000 graft surgery to redo my hairline and throughout my entire crown and vertex and then I come back in the future as needed to do an additional 3000. My surgery is scheduled for October. Here are some pictures he took with a preliminary hairline. Hair is wet and brushed back to expose the hair loss.
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    I'll keep you guys updated next month once I have my consultation about what Erdogan says. And then if I do the procedure I'll probably come back and post the after pics too. Apparently I have some of the minor white spot scarring in the donor area but barely noticeable only my barber could tell and I get a 1.5 on the back.
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    It did feel like a mini vacation ASMED gives you a mushroom hat, its little off putting but I rolled it up and it looked like a fedora hat. I've seen many patients at the airport on the way back who had FUE done at other clinics (I assume) and none of them covered their head. I first covered it but once I was going through security check point (you actually go through at least 3 check points) they make you take off your hat so TSA (or whatever Turkish equivalent name is) can see what's under your hat (just for about 2-3 seconds). I then decided it's not worth wearing a hat so I took it off. Nobody really cares and you will never see these people ever in your life. I do recommend buying your own neck pillow. The one ASMED gives you is an air pillow and it runs out of air pretty quickly. I bought mine at the Istanbul airport on the way back, I think it was about $30 bucks. But you can probably get a good one cheaper on Amazon. Good luck.