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    That’s very good advice, I wish I could clean up my diet and avoid the sugars etc... I also went on two holidays and got pretty tanned 3 months post op, I must say I’ve been really relaxed and not stressed about my hair at all and it’s growing fine so far, be patient mate as the growth starts around month 3 and you will notice differences almost weekly
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    I would say follow Dr. Instructions but also add fraction coconut oil daily to massage scalp and help prevent dry skin. Avoid sun exposure for a month or so more, wear a hat if you're outside and exposed to the elements. Diet, I'm a big believer that the cleaner the didt, the better the results (no artificial or added sugars, no grains, more veggies and fruit). And most importantly relax and let it take its time to grow.
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    It very well could be. I had the same whispy hairs growing around the 2 month mark. Fingers crossed for you ?
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    Temple points can often be reconstructed and look great (like in the example above) but aren't always necessary. I would trust Dr Rahal's advice and keep in mind that your surgical plan was tailored to your specific needs. You're unique and the plan is too. I would resist the temptation to compare yourself to anybody else and remember why you chose Dr Rahal to begin with.
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    It's looking good, very natural. Always great to see HT veterans swinging by with an update!
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    You are very early to see any growth at all, considering hair growth phases you will start seeing growth at the 3 or 3 1/2 month mark.
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    No one can really give any meaningful opinions without pics. Sometimes a patient will complain that a doc doesn't do something or wont do something, but when it is drawn out, the doc is right and it's completely ridiculous and unrealistic. Dr. Rahal does temple points, so there has to be a reason he doesn't want to do yours. They are definitely hard to do. A lot of how they look is dependent of donor characteristics. White skin and course dark donor are hard to pull off nice temple points.
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    i definitely need them because the space between my eyebrows and temples i 4cm +. How are yours looking so far? I am getting my hairline advanced and really think i should get my temples done as well, but my hair is kind of course so I'm thrown off. Does anyone have any examples, besides the one above? I believe I will need more advancement than the one above. Pictures will come the day of my procedure in August
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    Great progress so far - for only four months. Worst part is over. Sit back and watch them hairs sprout. You will be amazed how things will improve over only a few weeks. Over the moon for you, hope you stay on track.
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    Excellent growth for 4 months, the best months are around the corner. Please keep us updated with your progress.
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    Wow amazing growth! It keeps getting better. ?
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    Congratulations! looks fantastic .. especially at only 6 months out
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    Fantastic result, great hairline design and density you must be thrilled. Please keep us updated on your progress happy growing.