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    Dr. Dorin performed this hairline restoration via FUT.A total of 3329 grafts transplanted in two session consisting of 886 singles, 2162 doubles, and 281 threes. PRP and Liposomal ATP spray used as bio-adjuncts.
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    Hi True, Dr. Arocha follows guiding principles such as the DaVinci Rule of Thirds when determining where to place the hairline. The patient is thrilled with his new, natural-looking hairline. Thanks for looking and taking the time to comment.
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    Well I'm OK with mine ?
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    Is thininng confined to the crown? You stated this was caused by an anxiety disorder, so is this not male pattern baldness? If it's not genetic hair loss then it will probably come back if you give it time. Are you presently taking any preventative medication such as finasteride ( brand name propecia)? It works very well at preserving the crown and often grows some hair back in that region. I'd consult a physician about obtaining a prescription for it ASAP if you aren't currently taking that medication. I would advise against a surgical hair transplant until your hair loss is stabilized, your thinning is minimal and it isn't definitive if it is caused by male pattern baldness. So start taking finasteride and re-evaluate your hair in about six months, take pictures and compare, a year from now after being on the medication, if your condition remains unchanged or improved, then I would advise against a surgical solution and think medication is sufficient. But you won't know until you try it out.
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    Appreciate your comments nhp, gas, vin - Yes FUE is more expensive than FUT - an FUE session is typically a longer procedure due to the dynamic of the process but usually clocks in around 8- 9 hours. Both method results develop by about 9 - 12 months. OH
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    You could move 1k grafts to your nose technically, so yes, this is achievable. Its finding a good doc that will do it that will be the challenge.
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    Such amazing work Dr Dorin! Does FUE cost more than strip? How long does it take?
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    Very natural! EVen the frontal swirl is nicely reproduced.
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    Wow. Very impressive. It doesn’t hurt that you have great hair! Very nice result.