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    Forum Discussions, Blogs and Sharing since 1999
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    • Interesting take! Of course I sure hope this surgery doesn’t come at to great a cost to my native hair haha. I think what you’re referring to is shock loss and yeah that’s always a possibility to a varying degree with each case/how a persons body reacts to the trauma of surgery. To your point of transplanted hair accelerating native hair loss…I think that’d be hard to tell for real. In the sense of, after a year especially, what is hair loss due to natural progression versus hair loss due to transplanted hair “stealing blood supply” from native hair? It’s impossible to know what one would look like without surgery and it’s further complicated by the fact that hair cycles are already super long/uneven. I think your point is why a lot of people say it takes like 18 months to really assess where you’re at/what the ultimate affect was. This^ is how I’d wear my hair presurgery.  As noted, I have a relatively decent amount of it! It’s thick as far as mpb standards go, darker, and my donor area is strong (still got 4000 grafts for potential future surgeries). That said you can see the combover here (any shorter and it’s obvious), that my bangs are thinning out, etc. For example if I were to push my hair back (compare to my pre surgery pics above) in this picture you could see into my mid scalp/as far back as where I had hair transplanted in. Ultimately your point is largely why I wanted to save up enough to go to a top clinic like H&W so that I could get as much benefit while having a skilled enough surgeon to minimize native interference. If I can maintain the appearance of the picture I posted in this reply 5-7 years from now I’ll be super happy. I wasn’t necessarily going for a brand new look, but rather to buy more time with my existing look as loss inevitably progresses until I need more work to maintain what I feel I need now to be confident. I’m sure that in 18 months my loss would’ve kept progressing to a point I was unhappy with (already was truth be told!) and I didn’t want to wait to find out.
    • It came out of blue, there’s no further context. That makes me angry because if I was in an argument with him then at least it would make sense. But I don’t know this RTC guy, I don’t know why he’s so hostile to me and using racial slurs.    I feel violated. I shared personal info in other threads, clearly he has seen it and out of blue attacked me.   Also just for the record, I was researching this clinic that I didn’t even want to mention but one poster showed interest in the results I posted and wanted to know the name. I only posted anonymous results of donor area and results asking if it was overharvested and if it was a good result. That is it. It’s not like I am shilling for the clinic, I literally have gone back and edited out the clinic name few days ago because I didn’t want a single soul going there thinking I am recommending them. I don’t want that on my conscience.  I am booked with Dr Dogan Turan that’s recommended by this forum. I didn’t go with the clinic I am researching because I couldn’t take that risk.  Like I said it’s clear hatred against me and I don’t even know why. I have only tried to help people here, I literally was being welcoming to the new guy who felt unwelcome and suddenly “enjoy habibi”  What the hell what is this 
    • I think you’re insanely paranoid thinking some random white dude from Ohio is pretending not to have heard of some obscure supposed slur concerning Arabs.  Even more so to extrapolate that my ignorance of that term means I dislike Pakistanis. I’ve met maybe 2-3 Pakistanis in my life - and only in passing - and had no issues with them. You have a real problem with attacking people that have not attacked you. And now you’re bringing up slavery from 150+ years ago which my ancestors fought a war to end ultimately…. So, to get this straight, an obscure supposed slur directed at you - though one that isn’t actually related to your ethnic group - makes you think of slavery in the US from 150+ years ago. And somehow that is also similar to the “black experience” today too. I think I’ll leave it to the rest of the members of this (hopefully sane) forum to reads this back and forth to determine who’s responding in good faith and who isn’t here. 
    • I think it’s obviously poor taste and you’re not necessarily crazy. Agree with the other poster about gate keeping/only select clinics getting hive mind approval etc. With no context further than what you’ve posted, it appears to be a derogatory reference to the implication that a lot of hair clinics in the Middle East/India are a lower quality/cost option that people disproportionately come away from with a sub optimal result relative to western clinics (counter point: Eugenix is in India and there are many brilliant results coming out of there, Turkey, etc.) To me, this^ actually is a relevant, material (not inherently racial) point of discussion as people (of all races) come here for research from a place of little knowledge often and should be aware of hair mills (worldwide) that rope people in by advertising a good result online for a seemingly relative bargain price. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with acknowledging that reality if it saves good folks the trouble/heartache of a botched transplant they traveled far for. Of course, there’s a more sensitive way to do that and this person chose not to. The vast majority of this board is very friendly/empathetic/supportive, etc. On some level we’re all here due to an insecurity we have and the desire to do something about it. I would hope that’d ultimately be a unifying commonality on the whole for us. People have varying levels of sensitivity and if this bothered you it’s worth bringing up. I for one as a white guy would not be offended if an Indian/middle easterner wanted to rip on dumbass Mayo skins wasting their money at Bosley when they could easily travel to India/the Middle East and potentially get a better result for a fraction of the price at one of the good clinics, but my sensibilities don’t outweigh someone who is potentially upset by the matter to the point of not coming here.
    • Why are you defending it then? I am not Middle Eastern and I don’t know why this term was used against me in a condescending manner when I have no exchange with RTC guy. Then Z joined because I had an argument with him A racial term used to describe middle eastern people that work in liquor stores. Example is Apu from the Simpson's cartoon. Look at that habibi.   So clearly you didn’t Google well enough or just didn’t want to admit it. Why are you defending him?    So if it’s not racist term then it’s an insulting term. Is that behaviour OK? You know what I think? I think you know full well what this means. I think it hit a nerve with you and this is why you’re defending him because you’re no different than him. I think you’re a racist as well against Muslims and Pakistanis and that’s why you are defending him.    The audacity that you’re making this about me and making me the bad guy. Like I said the black experience, reminds me of that old film about plantations and black guys, there was this black guy who was subjected to abuse and even his black family was scolding him due to years of racism being OK and accepted. I wish I could remember the name now, that’s how I am starting to feel.   But now it’s up to Melvin what he thinks. I have saved this thread just in case. 
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