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    Forum Discussions, Blogs and Sharing since 1999
    Created by and for Patients

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    • Thank you, @ciaus some good points there, and yes the mind can conjure up many things and make them seem real. This ties in with your thoughts too @Maz_a, I appreciate the human reflection, its extremely valid. I hate sitting on the fence, as Im usually quite a decision maker but the potential health aspect has slowed down the process somewhat. I was about to buy some finisteride a while back when it showed a few links to do research before buying and thats when the doubt set in. There are many shady sites peddling fear I agree, but these two seem pretty solid and I would say aimed at the minority. https://www.propeciahelp.com/ & https://www.pfsfoundation.org/  The facts and case studies are an eyeopener, and not what I wanted to read in a way. 
    • Right, I meant to say is affiliated, sorry! Responding at 7 am and the mind is still a bit sluggish 😄
    • Doctor prescribed it to me and I got it from boots. The cost for 28 5mg tablets was Eur 16; which I think is very good value.
    • Day 11:  Scabbing Pretty Much Gone/Lots of Donor Area Discomfort Showered, lathered up regular shampoo, applied to scalp, did not rinse off shampoo. Put on shower cap. Set timer for 20 minutes on my phone. Hopped back in shower. Massaged receipient and donor area for ~5 minutes never staying in one spot for too long. Put head under shower and rinsed off shampoo. Massaging more under the shower. Upon existing shower, plenty scabs left in receipient site (I don't have a picture of this). Upon touching receipient site, scabs were clearly loose, but not dislodging from folicle. I found it best at this point to remove the scabs while the hair was still wet and the scabs soften to feather them out with wet finger using the sink and being in front of the mirror. In doing so, the scabs balled up and were either picked up by the finger or were pushed to the forehead so that I could wipe them off. Took about 7 minutes, but just about all of it came out. Now I have the clearest view of the work done yet. As you can see, most of the scabbing is gone. From this angle, things look generally good. Here is a closer look at the all important hairline. Again, from this angle, things look generally good. I do still feel the hairline is too much of a line. All I can do is wait for the signature Dr. Diep stairstep hairline to fill out. So here are side views of the receipeint area. See how within the rows, the grafts are densely packed in relation to each other within the same row? That close packing within the same row is unnatural. The row spacing is wide in relation to each subsequent row? Unnatural as well. The good news is I can see some growth out of the grafts and natural hair during this now 2nd week. So that is good. Here is a shot from day 5 after I shaved off what was left of my hair just to prove that statement is true (or am I seeing things?). Also, discomfort in my donor site is killing me right now. And I do feel my donor area pictures aren't showing what I see in the mirror. Will work on better pictures of the donor site in the next update.  
    • @Dumbo Thank you for the update and photos. I for one have been waiting for this one. 1845 grafts is a reasonably conservative graft count considering the area that was covered in your recipient that can be seen in your first post. This shows that despite not having excessive loss, there were signs of decline and miniaturisation a little deeper into your frontal area that was taken into account and addressed. Still further months of maturation and settling. Congratulations. I have added some side by side images to better be able to appreciate your improvement.
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