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  2. Lennney

    Fue or fut for me????

    First of all, @Dr Blake Bloxham is the MVP with the response! I agree with looking into using body hair as a supplement to whatever HT you ultimately go with. If I were you, to help you decide FUE v FUT, I would look at similar demographic patients and what hairstyle you would wear if you had the hair for it. There are definitely pros and cons to both procedures, but the scarring with FUE really is minimal, and less noticeable while FUT may (potentially) get you better HT results. I think the advice Dr. Blake mentioned about "unpredictable curving" is something you should pay attention to. Address the issue with all docs you reach out to. Your case is a little more complicated than others, so it is imperative you spend that much more time researching and collecting information.
  3. Toms

    Dr Bisanga or Dr John

    @Raphael84 Thank you for the temple point examples, both results look excellent.
  4. This is a horrible thing to say to someone considering its completely unfounded, to believe this you have to have very poor skills of observation when looking at post-op results. Surprising considering how long you've been here, this comment says more about you than it does the OP. I've had others mention the same to me about this surgeon but few seem to want to openly admit it for whatever reason. The density placed in this case and others by him is visibly significantly less than any of the top surgeons. The damage to his donor is very clear too, and placement angles of grafts do not look precise. Neb clearly has a good sense (better than most here) of observational standards, HnW certainly a top notch option for future repair work also and I'd trust them to clean up the mess.
  5. My questions is very centric and basic to solve my case (see last topic: fue or fut for me): As a patient or as HT specialist what would you do or recommend: 1600 FUE GRAFTS OR 2300 FUT & FUE GRAFTS for a 42 year old hispanic man with a 55 to 60 graft density in 5 to 6 Norwood focussing 1300 or 1800 grafts on the crown and the rest to cover frontal density?????????????? Note: if the doctor cannot get more than 1600 for getting something for the front then use that 1600 for the crown. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I am not bashing your post, you are entitled to your opinion as long as it is based on facts, if you have any e-mail exchanges with the clinic which shows that prices are double to that of Dr. Bhatti then please present it here. I myself will take Eugenix to task if that is the case, it is simply not true in my own experience. I am simply trying to set records straight if there are any incorrect suggestions in above posts (not just yours). Again, if you have documentation to prove that Eugenix is twice as expensive then please share, I will ask Dr. Sethi to explain the same. Now some other posts have called genuine patients as agents of Eugenix, even in my case I am a physician working here in US and earn amongst the top 1% of this country, i do not need to live on anyone's commissions and expense. I simply am a happy patient who is overjoyed by results given to me by such expert and dedicated HT specialists like Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Arika. I am happy to share my experience anytime someone asks for it, only intention being that I want those patient's to have same or similar results like mine, if few lives are made happy and content by this..... then my real duty as a physician in pointing a patient in right direction is accomplished. That is just the essence of being a healer for me. Again I agree with @Melvin-Moderator, no need for more toxicity here. I do respect all recommended clinics here, if those doctors who rejected me for HT may have done so due to their own experience or wisdom. (I am not a HT expert), I respect that and I moved on, without bashing them ever (but documenting that a high HT like me has limited number of surgeons who are confident enough to take up my case and achieve such results...... which is fine). Good luck to everyone in their search, lets keep the discussion civil without unjust insinuations.
  7. I never mentioned this. This is irrelevant. Majority of the members do not hold medical science degrees and can still post their experiences. I completely agree that you can and should feel encouraged to post your truthful experiences. I only ask why so late because you 1. don't seem to have a presence on this site and 2. it is very "odd" to not establish who you are and your journey (even slight mention). These two things combined don't make a lot of sense, and seem off. - But you still didn't mention why. You don't have to of course, but I thought it was a simple question which could be easily addressed in a non-hostile way. This doesn't make sense. Is it necessary that a post be paid if you want to help another human being [with hair loss and HT goals]? No, not necessary. I, and most other members are not paid and yet we all want to help others. Point 2 : "false representation" and Point 3: "paid/compensated" If this is promotional material, it should probably be in the clinic area I mentioned earlier. That's my only concern. The rationale is: 1. If a clinic "goes undercover", it does so with the risk of loosing goodwill it has built up over the years. 2. Disclosure of bias is Paramount. This really should go without saying. No one is saying a clinic should not post results. I'm just saying that disclosing too much is better than to be perceived as withholding something.
  8. Yeah, the first rule after transplantation is to be patient. I got 2800 scalp grafts only. They still keep on growing even after 7 months. Looking forward to a full density hair line. 😊
  9. Thought the same thing but Dr. K assured me they were just moist crusts
  10. My questions is very centric and basic to solve my case (see last topic: fue or fut for me): As a patient or as HT specialist what would you do or recommend: 1600 FUE GRAFTS OR 2300 FUT & FUE GRAFTS for a 42 year old hispanic man with a 55 to 60 graft density in 5 to 6 Norwood focussing 1300 or 1800 grafts on the crown and the rest to cover frontal density?????????????? Note: if the doctor cannot get more than 1600 for getting something for the front then use that 1600 for the crown. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. lol. You can clearly see those same stray hairs in the same location in the pre-op and directly post-op photos, he's just done a bad job of shaving them in the one you're looking at. They also look nothing like hair fibers, and you can clearly see from the closeups in the hairline there are no fibers. Look particularly at the first photo, you see those stray long hairs quite far below where the transplanted hairline was placed.
  12. Today
  13. Good 7 month results. how many grafts ? Were Beard grafts implanted or scalp only ? I am also Dr. Bhatti's 2019 patient waiting for my results each and every day very patiently thanks for sharing !
  14. I got a lot of zits from the mineral oil I was applying as part of my post-op care. After the 6 weeks were up, I stopped and so did the zits. I'm conflicted on the zits = baby hairs thing. I pluck and thread my eyebrows and I don't get a zit every time a new hair sprouts. I think the zits may relate to your (over?) use of minoxidil and anything else you put into your hair. I know some users recommend forms of coconut oil... My oily skin would turn into the moon if I tried anything like it.
  15. Lenney, First of all i dont have to study medical science to post something about a procedure i underwent in order to get strong background information. Second, i can post anything as long as its not a lie and false presentation or any such nature, anytime i want. It could be after six months or even one year. Third, is it necessary that a post should be paid/compensated if you are really trying to help another human being to reach better health services?
  16. I’m not implying anything by saying this, but I’ve never seen crusts like that.
  17. Day 11 Crusts are mostly gone and sutures are out. The nurse practitioner who removed them was very complimentary towards the quality of the sutures and incision. Updated pics attached. The grafted hairs in front have grown a little, gonna miss these lil guys! I'm mostly going out without a hat at this point, but I'll wear a hoodie for safety when it gets windy. I don't think anyone has glanced at my hairline or suspected anything.
  18. @abixx Is there any reason you chose to post the results now, instead of earlier? Based on your new account and little (very typical) background information, is this a paid/compensated promotional post? If so, I think it should be in the "Results By Clinic" section with a disclaimer instead of the "by patients".
  19. Lennney

    Dr Bhatti Vs Eugenix

    @Melvin-Moderator Thanks for clarifying, I checked the recommendation page, and it listed name of the surgeon, their profile, the address(es), and the clinic. I mistakenly thought clinics were recommended, but it's the doctor and the clinic(s) they work at. It's an important distinction, and is very transparent. Thank you.
  20. Well I think I can comment on this thread as I went to a cheap clinic in Turkey 4.5 years ago and only paid 1750 pounds for 4200 FUE grafts including 3 nights hotel and airport transfers , I have had a great result considering my starting point NW 5-6 ..I often think was I just lucky or are there unknown clinics in Turkey turning out similar results hard to know for sure I guess.
  21. Cool ..my mistake ...
  22. @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia Thank you again for the compliments and I have to say that I am pretty jealous of that mane of yours. 🙌🏻 I personally think that a little thinning throughout the scalp comes across as very natural. That being said I totally understand when someone isn’t completely happy with their own appearance. I, like everybody else here, have elected to have a surgery (or want to) that will add nothing to my life but a sense of well being. I slept through the PRP injections so I can’t really speak to what it was like but Dr Arocha did say that they scattered it throughout my entire scalp, which only makes sense. Well done on that beautiful mop of hair on that head, though. Your doctors did right by you. I would say if you can stand the pain of the injections then go for it. I said a little higher up in the thread that I’ve seen a lot of doctors call it quackery but there are A LOT of reputable doctors who use it and I believe to great effect. All the best.
  23. Gabreille Nelson Mukhia

    Fue or fut for me????

    There are factors that need to be discussed accurately prior to you going for the procedure: 1. What is your expectation from this procedure? You must have a very clear expectation as "satisfaction" is the product being delivered to you in the long term. 2. How is the density in your beard? Are you okay with the doctors extracting the donor from your beard? 3. If extremely small and sharp punches are used, the scarring is minimal. Also the doctors must be very discreet in the extraction and make it look uniform. Planning is perfection. 4. Do you want to have the coverage of your entire scalp in a single sitting or over two sittings? Because that will also determine how many grafts can be extracted from the scalp. The doctors cannot afford to make too many wounds on your scalp donor in a single sitting. They must spread it out to extract with regards to the full potential of your donor availability. 5. Medicines could also help thicken your hair. But it is a option and you can choose to opt for it. You choice depends on your body's reaction to the medications. You should get a fair idea of the look and density the doctors can give you and compare it to your expectations. Thereafter, you should take each step carefully further into your hair restoration journey. There are so many Senior members in this forum with ample knowledge to guide you. Wish you the best in your journey.
  24. Gabreille Nelson Mukhia

    Post hair transplant care

    The post hair transplant care is very simple: 1. Spray saline water on your recipient area for every 2 hours periodically for approximately 7 days. The saline water keeps the scalp clean, moisturized and free of infections. It also soothes itching to some extent which one experiences when the skin is exfoliating or healing. Since one is not allowed to wash the scalp or touch it. 2. Take antibiotics, antacids and painkillers for 3 times a day for 7 days. 3. Wash the donor area with Betadine scrub (antiseptic solution) and spray it off with saline water. Apply Fucidin cream after the washing and drying of the donor area. 4. Sleep in the right posture. Usually the mind is aware and the body follows suite. You cannot run the recipient area while sleeping. It can be difficult for patients who have had he frontal as well as the crown area done at the same time. 5. Remain away from dust or polluted areas for at least 7 days. Wear a surgical cap and a loose baseball cap or a bandana for 7 days when leaving an enclosed safe environment. 6. Stay away from pets and children who could accidentally rub the recipient area. 7. Avoid heavy exercises. 8. Avoid staying in a reading position with the head tilted forward. It could cause he anaesthetic fluid to come down towards the face due to gravitation and cause swelling. The swelling shall persist for a day or two if it appears. However, it can be avoided by continuously pushing the fluid away from the center of the eyebrows towards the cheekbones wherein the fluid gets absorbed or distributed this reducing swelling. The swelling is not painful. 9. Head wash should be done after a specified time, approx 7 days. 10. Eat healthy. Have a good intake of proteins. 11. Manage stress. It is not possible to avoid stress but one must learn to prioritize and deflect. 12. Stay happy and share pictures with the doctor everyday or check up with the doctor every day. 13. Opt for any measure suitable to prevent further progression of baldness on the pre existing hair.
  25. Thank you very much, Spex What is it about alcohol, smoking and cocaine/drug use that could hurt results? At what point after a hair transplant are the grafts considered "embedded" and as strong as the other native hairs?
  26. I apologize on behalf of the person who has used such demeaning words in Hindi to you sir @Ashishmehta... he has been downright slanderous... I feel so sad that you had to tolerate such abrasiveness on our behalf. I do realise that you are a respected individual of your community. Your results are awesome and I applaud your classy reaction to him. Thank you sir.
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