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  2. much of a waiting list for Lorenzo?
  3. I just got a daily care shampoo & 2 of the green line about 45e total. Lasted me 6 months
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys, I really appreciate it! The problem with Doctor D is that he only works with a micro motor which scares me since my last experience and since I do not have too much donor hair left with my very low hair density. What makes me wonder is the difference of hair needed for the frontal area, Doctor D said 500 Grafts, Doctor C 800/900 Grafts and Doctor B 1200 Grafts @VicTNYC I really have no photo because I used to hide these areas. I attached 2 photos 2 months after the procedure (but my hair is dry and I was on 0,25 Mg Finasterid E3d since several months) @Phil36fromaus I totally agree with your opinion of a conservative approach since I did not figure out yet how to stop the hairloss atm. Both trouble me, the donor and the hairline I have to use topic every day in the front otherwise it looks terrible with dry hair. I have no grown out photos. The donor looks worst at a hair length of 0,9 - 1,3 cm. If it is longer than 1,3cm than it is okay but I always prefer a more short hair cut. The barber said (pics have been taken one day after the barber visit) that below the donor it is 4mm, 7mm on the scar and 4mm on the sides around the scar, so he did a pretty good job for blending it in. I dont know if it makes sense to reveal the name of the doctors here publicly since some of them are here on the forum. Therefore I do not want to reveal their names and end up that I am unable to receive a correction from anyone or not from the preffered surgeon. I opt more for BHT first since it doesnt have to be renewed every year like SMP. SMP would be my last solution if the BHT fails to the job. Would be BHT a better solution for the donor scar than head hair? My Body Hair is much more dark and thicker than the donor hair. I will ask each doc for some photos of similar cases. Price is not the determining factor, I will not repeat the same mistake as in the first place this is why I am posting and asking you here and only visiting the most recommended surgeons in western europe. @ILtrooper I know that I am lucky given the fact that a technician performed the job although a doctor has been promised, never the less I have to pay a repair procedure which will probably cost me more than 7000,-€ at minimum. As I said SMP will be last solution due to the highest costs of renewing it every year
  5. Sounds like you’re UK based, you may want to consider Spain, Belgium & Turkey - don’t limit your search because it’s local, you may need to travel to find the right surgeon for you.
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  7. Not any more. I used finasteride for a few years but wasn't a great responder unfortunately.
  8. Hello Finally i made my har transplantation with dr. Tayfun in Istanbul and i would like to share with you my photos and need opinions in the transplantation
  9. Surgeon is Dr Vila (see above post) native density is approx 80 graphs cm2, the red line was from another consultation in the UK and it’s not entirely to my liking but purely a guide, my aim for the consultation was to make sure I was a suitable candidate for a HT. I’m UK based and always accepted I was going to travel to get the right surgeon for me.
  10. Scheduled with Dr Vila early 2019 who worked with Dr Lorenzo for nine years and did his transplants, has set up her own practice in Madrid a few months ago. I’ve been told that 78-80 grafts cm2 is completely unrealistic. I sort of agree as my donor area is currently 80.
  11. No problem. Attached you can find some more pictures (preop 1st FUE, preop 2nd FUE, 1 year postop 2nd FUE). Unfortunately we do not have a picture preop of short hair, therefor also a picture intra-op of the first FUE. The microscopical view with the DermLite shows the Y-shaped scar in detail. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Glad to help!
  12. Very good outcome, nice to see before & after photos taken at the same angle & lighting.
  13. You don’t hear about them very often, but some are still undergoing synthetic hair transplant surgery and ending up with a scalp full of disgusting and painful sores that take a long time to heal and never heal as long as they continue getting synthetic hair transplants. There are all kinds of problems with the years but many don’t know about it. They think they can obtain an unlimited donor supply because it’s not your real hair. But how does it really look and what are the dangers? View “Synthetic Hair Transplants Vs. Surgical Hair Restoration” and share your thoughts below. Best wishes, Bill
  14. How to select a top hair transplant surgeon is the most crucial component in ensuring you get the best result. In fact, we always encourage those looking into the procedure to research all surgeons they are considering. Recently, we published an article siding a few of the things you should look for in a surgeon. You can see it at “How To Select a Top Hair Transplant Surgeon”. You are encouraged to read the above article and then share some of The proponents that you look for in a surgeon and that you would recommend others do too. Your thoughts? Bill
  15. Hi! I just went through surgery for fixing my hairline at a hair restoration clinic in Gothenburg called "Nordic Hair Clinic". The clinic is quite unknown in the international market as far as I am aware but I had a really good experience talking to the staff and the clinic is right where I live so I can always go by and get help and have continuous check ups. Have a look at my photos and tell me what you think about the surgery. I got a lot to say about it but I guess you can ask specific questions about what you want to know before I write a wall of text. General information about me: I am 24 years old in February. Relatively thick blonde hair. I haven't eaten any medical supplements for hair loss. Info about the surgery: The surgery was performed the 12th of december 2018. They harvested 3000 grafts and inserted them in the hairline. The technicians worked in a team of 3. The one making the incisions has over 15 years of experience in the field. Cost: 53,000 Swedish crowns. (5149€) Best regards.
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    crown area

    I was talking with the clinic and they say the donor looks excellent, like we almost never touched it, so that good news and we can use 2500 grafts or even more for the mid scalp+crown. probably will do it in 2 months, so it will be about 12.5 months post the HT. attached some pictures of the mid scalp+crown area. what do you think guys cause that redness? kinda painful and itching.
  17. I think you have not seen video properly, see video properly from 4:21s.
  18. I am also looking for this kind of hair restoration.
  19. Hey everyone - I'm a male and just turned 28 a little over a month ago and really need some advice on the hair transplant process. I've had a Norwood 7 since I was 26 and I've been balding since I was about 22 or 23 years old. Right Now I am looking for a hair transplant in India/Turkey. some doctors suggest me FUE and some suggest for FUT. Please reply which method is best for Grade 7 baldness.
  20. Thanks. Will get some more pics. Maybe get the wife to take some as my last pic was a selfie and that messes with the angles. I am on 1mg of fin and I will continue for sure . No sides excepts I noticed I am no longer getting up in the night to pee five times. I think my bladder was enlarged . Any weak areas. Only if you really go over it in detail maybe one spot but you don't notice. I didn't lose any native hair. I thought I had shock loss but this was just my natural balding head when the grafts came out. Lorenzo said he had no worries about shock loss at all and said percentage wise it would not happen. I wish I had the breakdown for you guys. I may ask for him. I have very very fine hair is what Lorenzo said.
  21. Dr Gabel is another that seems to produce consistent and quality results, congrats mate, happy growing and thanks for sharing.
  22. wow it''s already looking great man, awesome, congrats on the growth thus far and much more to come! Also I must say Dr Shapiro really produces quality results.
  23. hey mate, as long as you don't do a caloric deficit that is too extreme your body should adjust just fine, also get plenty of sleep so it has time to adjust while your at rest.
  24. the hole in the middle of your hairline is concerning, surely that's not something that should be considered ok.
  25. Hey man, great write-up, and great results thus far, happy for you!
  26. As I stated in the other thread, good luck and happy growing Legend, takes photos of the entire process, H&W sound like a good clinic to go with.
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