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  2. I have done a live Q&A on my channel and decided to give my opinion on your case. Starts from 2:37
  3. Do you usually grow out your hair as long as shown in the photo above? Or do you trim it down to a buzz? Wouldn't keeping very short hide the lack of density?
  4. Month 5 update. Well, the magic has begun. The density boost between month 4 and 5 has been night and day. I am already at a point where I can convincingly style the front of my hair with reasonable density. It’s only been 5 months and I already am thrilled with the early results. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in another 3-4 months.
  5. This is incorrect. Finasteride inhibits testosterone from converting to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Testosterone levels are not lowered, in fact a small increase of testosterone has been noticed among users of finasteride. Go to a clinic that does both FUT and FUE. That way you know they will perform the procedure that is right for you, not just the one they are more comfortable with.
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  7. Really excellent and informative write up. Impeccable work as we have come to expect from Eugenix. They covered a lot of ground with a good amount of grafts 👌 very nice indeed. Looking forward to this one ☝️
  8. Hey Everyone, Thanks for the well wishes ! Apologies for the delay in the update. I have been busy at work after getting back to the states from India so I was unable to follow up on my post. Today marks 16 days after my hair transplant with Eugenix in India and I have to say that I am super happy with the density and coverage after the scabs have come off, especially looking at how bare my scalp was before surgery(NW 6). In total we were able to get around 5050 grafts(3500 from the scalp and 1550 from the beard). The Eugenix team pretty much took care of everything while I was in India and the entire experience was a 10/10, the clinic provided some of the best service I have ever received. I wanted to give a special shout-out to both Anil and Dr. Shishir who took wonderful care of me and were super informative throughout the procedure. Additionally, the team of techs was fantastic. If you are considering Eugenix, do not hesitate to book with them! I ended up staying in India for an additional week after the procedure and the clinic picked me up from the hotel everyday for dressing and eventually the headwash before my trip back to the states. Day 1 I was picked up from the hotel in the morning around 930 AM . Once I got to the clinic, I was asked to fill out forms and was tested for any allergies to the local anesthetic. Once that was complete, Dr Arika drew the hairline and I was prepped for surgery. I opted for a v-shaped hairline because that is how my natural hairline was before I had started thinning. The local anesthetic was painful but once that was complete it was smooth sailing. Dr. Arika performed the incisions and the crucial extractions. At the end of the first day the team was able to extract and implant around 2000 grafts mostly in the midscalp . The rest of the surgery(hairline and crown) was planned to be completed the next day. Day 2 I arrived at the clinic at around 930 AM and was given local anesthetic. Dr Arika performed the rest of the incisions for slits, and then an additional 1500 grafts were extracted from my scalp. Most of the hairs that had been extracted were multi hair grafts so Dr Shishir had to cut and make single grafts for the hairline. Once that was complete, Dr Arika implanted the hairline. I am very happy that I went with Eugenix because as most people know some clinics do not have the expertise or tools to cut doubles and triples and people are left with an unnatural hairline. After that, I was given local anesthetic in my beard area and then Dr. Shishir extracted around 1550 grafts from my beard which were mostly implanted in the crown area. Adding pictures before surgery, immediately after surgery, and 16 days after surgery. Please excuse the blur work lol. As you will see, some of the hairs have begun shedding in the mid-scalp. The donor is also healing quite nicely I will be updating this thread on a monthly basis. Please let me know if you have any questions or are considering traveling to India from the USA during the pandemic! Current Regiment 1 mg Finasteride 2x a week 1 mL Minox daily to be started 30 days after procedure
  9. thank you John for the reply. My list looks a bit similar to OPs only a bit shorter and I'm waiting on the same doctor to provide cost and answers to some questions that I had.. (coincidence). Vera made it to my top choice after reading a couple of threads where the doctor performs some of the surgeries, but now after comparing my research results with this site, I think I have to redo my research. Right now, at a high level, the doctors you just listed are pretty even, except for Bicer who actually gets hands dirty. I'm going to start talking with them and see where it leads. Hopefully Pekiner returns my messages. i'm a norwood 6, a couple of years ago I went to south america and I ended in a hair mill,got around 3k grafts but their techniques were ackward. I had FUE doe. I need probably close to 4k grafts on the crown and vertex areas. Thanks again sir Javhair
  10. If your looking at Turkey consider Dr Bicer, HLC, Pekiner, Keser and Yaman and Demirsoy if you want/need the most affordable. Stay away from the plethora of “hair mills” Only consider ASMED if you choose the top option, And yes that is the correct Dr Bicer you mentioned.
  11. I have had x2 FUT and also x3 FUE procedures. Both definitely have there place depending on individual need. Infact what I’m seeing is more combo transplants where both FUT/FUE are done at the same time. Dr Bisanga does these particularly well. Or for those wanting to maximise their donor area to the full and go for a large FUT session then Hattingen could be considered.
  12. and just to be on the same page, is the complete name Ozlem Bicer? is this your choice, thank you in advance. https://www.ozlembicer.com/who-is-ozlem-bicer/
  13. I am new here, been researching for quite a while on who to go with. My choices were Dr Acar (Cosmedica), and Vera Clinic. These two were probably top two of my choices, basing this on results, they way I was approached with questions and information but it is tough to get a conversation going with someone from Turkey, I think that's what derailed some of the other doctors/clinic from OP's list. I did not approach Dr. Bicer, I will now. OP - please keep updating this forum. I noticed April 1st is the last time someone posted here.
  14. As a guy who has had 2 fue procedures I can tell you that fut is not an outdated technique at all. Go look at any patient in real life who has had 4-5000 or more grafts extracted with fue and you will be able to see a clear visual impact on the donor. Fut results in higher yield, healthier grafts, and more lifetime grafts. my advice is to go to a doctor that performs and excels at both. Fut only or fue only clinics will be biased in their technique. The fact is that each case must be tailored individually per patient needs.
  15. You should go with a doctor you trust and will be the best fit for you. Money shouldn't be the main deciding factor as you could end up with a result you hate and then half to get repair work done. Hair transplants have been around decades here in the US and there is a lot of competition, so much in fact that you'll see the term "hair mill" used globally since it's such a big business. The strip method or FUT is extremely effective and many top doctors use it to this day. I myself have had 2 FUT procedures with excellent results. There's pros and cons to both FUT and FUE which should be evaluated with whomever you choose to go to. FUT has been around before FUE but that doesn't make it outdated. If you want to see outdated, search Juris Flap and you'll see an outdated method.
  16. I’m definitely not the best person to talk about Fin. All I can say is it’s literally the only thing that will help retain your hair. Check out some of the forums threads, there are literally hundreds. It’s up to you of course but most people are fine taking it. Others may get sides and then stop or switch to topical. I don’t take it as I was ok accepting my Norwood 6 and besides it would have had contra-indications with other meds I took. Its worth considering and definitely researching some more. From what I can see from your pics is you have a limited amount of hair to retain. If you do consider it then definitely talk to your own Dr/GP.
  17. @gillenator not OP, but I had a HT on my crown and 7 months post surgery got a pretty red sunburn on my crown. Do you think this could affect crown growth, or by 7 months it will have no effect?
  18. Finasteride will affect my testosterone which might affect my mood but I love my energy levels! D.....I'm always hyper and happy, going to the gym perhaps it's due to my testosterone. Lower T level is a huge problem for many men, once depression settles in nothing really matters in life. I personally witnessed that. Does finasteride worth it? If T=leves don't drop that much, I mean, I would love to hear your opinion about it
  19. I had to google dark root spray: https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/3393261/balding-man-receding-hairline-tip/ Apparently they are available in different colours: https://www.google.ca/search?q=dark+root+spray&lr=&sxsrf=ALeKk03F7dN-PMZp4VsRzrekP-YcNQYYyw:1627856839193&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiKp5Sl75DyAhWUbs0KHZybAWYQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1408&bih=587
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