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  2. We share much more ‘hair-transplantation’ results as many clinics don’t share . Because we trust the quality of our results. byhairclinic in istanbul turkey You can visit our web site to see our hair transplant results www.byhairclinic.com
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  4. Try getting consult from Dr Mwamba in brussels and Dr Bisanga. They do have some AA cases they can probably show you to see if it is similar to your hair loss. Get ideas and consult from bunch of surgeons. Best of luck
  5. Thank you for this. It’s definitely harder finding qualified doctors that are know for AA transplants. In the mean time I will keep saving up.
  6. Here are some recent samples of dark-skinned clients. Thanks for looking!
  7. Here are some samples of how SMP can help conceal the horseshoe pattern that becomes obvious with crown hair loss. Thanks for looking!
  8. There is quite a difference in donor scarring in the two pictures. As Melvin mentioned, scarring can vary somewhat between different people but do you know what size punch was used in your first procedure in 2013? Considering Debs1982 had 5000 grafts in his first procedure, the state of his donor area is pretty impressive imo.
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  10. Hi all, We just received updated photos from this particular patient a couple of days ago, so I wanted to share. This update is just four months after his beard transplant procedure. Will continue to update as we see him in for follow-ups.
  11. Yes, Dr. Arocha does that on occasion in patients with limited scalp donor. The beard is the next best donor to use for scalp since the anlagen growth phase lasts about a year - not quite as good as scalp, which is two to six years.
  12. Hi LonelyGraft, The patient had very nice density and it will not be missed from that particular area. Doc took some from the side, but had he needed more grafts, he would have continued advancing toward the temporal area. Thank you!
  13. Haha that is a strange way to look at it, Turkey has some top doctors well respected in this field and is a beautiful country which as I say millions of people each year visit and the worst thing which happens to them is sunburn, also isnt Mexico one of the main murder hotspots in the world because of its gangs and cartels so using your logic as it borders America we should stay clear and avoid the states. Anyway stick to what you know if that's how you feel but dont think you should advise people to stay clear of a country if you haven't experienced it
  14. for my part i try to be as clear as possible i don't have any interest in telling things that are not true. Thanx for your words, i apreciate it!
  15. Crimes can happen anywhere. Watch video of young bloggers visiting Turkey. Turkey is a tourist destination. I was more alert in costa rica where bandits were known to rob tourists in A town called Jaco. wherever you go, just be aware of your surroundings- best of luck
  16. There is a Paid membership process to be part of forums or organizations dealing with the hair industry. He needs to be approved and pay funds to a be part of this. I guess he is doing well since he is booked out quite long.
  17. Turkey borders Syria, Iraq and Iran - that is more than enough information for me.The government has an alert out for Turkey travel, and that is enough for me. Risk your life if you will to save a few bucks.
  18. Its a valid point my man, I know since the person in question is no longer there also lets see what they come back with and how important they see it as being in repairing the issue and confidence in their potential customers. But fully understand the opportunity cost of the resources. Will keep you all in the loop with what happens.
  19. Dust, thank you for more Information especially regarding the pricing structure to clarify and validate your points on that end. I agree with your concerns this far, lets hold out for another 2-3 months and re-evaluate the concerns at hand overall. Then, It will pretty much will confirm if healing timelines were different for everyone or if something was wrong as expressed earlier, by you, the patient. For now, in the meantime, try to keep yourself healthy and keep your hopes up at least. I am hoping it resolves for you somehow. Eat healthy and do as much as you can to relax. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  20. Happy growing pal, you looked to have healed well Keep in touch and I look forward to following your journey. Surgeon Representative and Patient Advisor for Dr.Arshad. Dylan@hairdr.co.uk
  21. You've been given excellent advice. I would also say that you may want to use hair fibers as well. This will disguise the thinning completely.
  22. Every one heals differently, by your own admission, you had previously done the same thing. You're doing yourself a huge disservice by convincing yourself of doom, when you don't know yet. Give it some time. At a minimum 6 months. Theres nothing else to say, only time will tell.
  23. If they did a poor job the first time, why trust them again to repair it to your satisfaction? It’s time to cut your losses. Don’t throw good money after bad. You have a finite amount of resources to harvest and you are squandering those visiting this clinic.
  24. Dazed I sometimes worry about Americans and your preconceptions of the wider world, turkey has had incidents like everywhere else in the world but is still 99% safe. It draws millions of tourists from all round the world each year including myself who has been around 8 times and know it to be a great country with great people. I would think you have more chance of being shot in the us than any thing happen to you in Turkey and I bet the statistics back that up. Go Turkey see what you think taste the food, enjoy the culture dont just read an article and try and get people to avoid it!
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